As The Rain falls

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a boy one day on his way home from school walks past an abandoned little girl. He walks back and takes her in because of circumstances. Little did he know his actions alone would drag him into the
world of demons and angels during a great war. Now he must protect the girl alone or with help he must defend her at all cost while staying alive.

Submitted: November 27, 2017

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Submitted: November 27, 2017



The door was wide open and as soon as I turn the corner I instantly freeze and my face loses all sense of emotion. With my blank expression I walk forward and look at Emily's motion less body. I kneel down and check her pulse. This dark aura rushes out of my body stronger by the second while I pick her body up and take her outside to the courtyard. There I lay her down in front of the school then I see and dark shadow standing on top of a light pole….smiling. He mouths some words that I make out to You killed her. One last burst of dark aura emerges from within me and I stand up. I look up at him with my emotionless face and instantly jump at him throwing a punch. He easily dodges the punch and knees me right in the  stomach into the sky. I spit out blood as I am launched upwards, then stop myself mid air. I dive straight down as he looks up at me ready to kill me with this red ball of light in his hand. As I dive down I can see Emily's body and that pushes me even further. I dive down at twice the speed and right before I hit into him I vanish to the left and hit him with a kick that launches him off the pole and into the school building. I now stand atop the pole and changed into the weird form I did previously, when fighting those first demons. Though this time I could feel all of the power from this form. The countless emotions tied with this form push my power to greater heights. The demon hovers out of the hole in the wall and just starts to laugh.

“Ha,ha,ha,ha,ha,ha,ha,ha,ha,he,he. Do you actually think you can kill me, keep dreaming kid. Since you managed to land a lucky hit on me I'll let you know something. You know that little bitch, well dead bitch over there. The reason she’s dead is because she's your “girlfriend”. But that's not all….. right before I sucked the life out of her eyes she mumbled something under her breath. But you clearly couldn't help her now, could you?”

When he says all of this my previously emotionless face is full of anger. I hover up into the air and put my hands together in front of me. When I do this a blinding light emerges from in between my hands until I pull them apart. When I pull them apart a sword emerges from my palms. The sword shines silver and has this menacing aura that makes the demon flinch.  I hold the sword up in front of me with one hand and get ready to strike him with all of my power. I pull back the sword to my side and hunch down, as soon as I do this a powerful aura this time Red and black completely covers me. A few seconds later I rush out of the smoke like aura and hit the demon with a barrage of attacks. He blocks some but takes some as well. He's doing all of this while attacking me and moving backwards. While we do this the air around us starts darkening and clouds roll over us and the school. Rain starts pouring down along with thunder and lightning strikes. The demon manages to parry me and pushes me backwards. He then stands still and readies an attack, it's the same red ball or energy he was previously going to use. The ball hovers over his palm as he holds his hand up. He then smiles sinisterly and lightly throws the ball towards me. When he does this the ball moves at blinding speeds and I try to fly aways from it. But the ball is tracking me and I eventually turn around and with my sword slice the energy ball in half. This instead makes the ball explode and the energy sends me spiralling towards the ground. When I hit the ground the demon rushes me and starts punching me over and over again. My energy is completely gone and he knows it to.

“Hey boy, just like I said before you didn't think you could kill me  did you? He,he,he,he,he,he. Die!!”


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