The Family Ties part 6; Sins of the Father

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The mystery continues

Submitted: November 27, 2017

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Submitted: November 27, 2017




Alexander Tilkrit married Esther knowing he would never be faithful. Although Esther was beautiful and much younger he simply couldn’t help himself. He was a very handsome man and attracting women came very easily for him. He did love Esther but ultimately, he was unfulfilled. Alexander had a mistress named Mya less than an hour away from his home with Esther. He was also seeing a very young woman named Gloria with whom he would have two children. Eventually he would father another child with Mya’s cousin. Alexander believed for a long time that Esther was clueless, he assumed that because she was a woman and a house wife that she was naive. His sexist way of thinking would eventually be his undoing.

He had a childhood best friend named Oscar Drake. Oscar started the construction company that Alexander would work for. Oscar would later do business with men involved in organized crime. He began opening other businesses throughout Minnesota. Through these businesses he would launder money for the mob. Oscar became wealthy and successful and he maintained a very close friendship with Alexander.

Esther suspicions of cheating started shortly after they were married. Alexander had a million reasons to be away from home. Hanging out with friends or family he would claim but, Esther knew better. One night she decided to follow Alexander when he said he was checking on a construction site. In the next town he pulled up to a house in residential area and knocked on the door, a woman answered. Soon Esther decided to get out of her car to get a better look at the woman. She nearly burst into tears when she looked in the window. She saw a thin young girl and a boy no older than three. The little girl called him dad and Esther sat down and couldn’t move. Esther lost track of time of how long she sat there and cried. She didn’t confront Alexander, she got in her car and drove home.

She never told Alexander about that night and that would not be the only time Esther caught her husband with another woman. Alexander would later get into an accident at work and when Esther was called to the hospital another woman was already there. A different woman than the one before and she had a child in her arms. Esther could take it no more, she went into the hospital room and the shock on Alexander’s face was priceless. She began beating him viciously with her purse screaming and crying. She didn’t care about the other woman running out, she didn’t matter to Esther. By the time security arrived Esther felt she needed to be admitted, she was having a nervous breakdown.

Esther decided it was time for payback, while Alexander was in the hospital she went to Oscar’s house. Although reluctant Esther cheated on her husband with Oscar and nearly two months later she would discover she was pregnant. Esther and Alexander’s marriage became more and more strained, but she didn’t leave him. He never found out about her affair or that Alvin and Albert were not his sons. Oscar agreed to keep the secret because of his relationship with Alexander and his illegal dealings with organized crime. The twins would be safer with Alexander in case things went wrong. Things, of course did go wrong.

By the time the twins were fifteen Oscar had been discovered in his indoor pool floating face down. Alexander was devastated over the loss of his childhood friend. He knew that his drowning was no accident, but he would never be able to prove it. He always knew the men Oscar was dealing with would hurt or kill him one day. In Oscar’s will he left Alexander half a million dollars. Oscar had never got around to changing his will to leave money to Esther for his children. Alexander never told Esther about the money, he hid the money in the floor boards underneath their bed. His intentions were good, he wanted to split the money to give to all his children. However, right before Alvin and Albert went off to college Esther discovered the money.

She thought carefully before confronting Alexander. Where the money came from she didn’t know or care, all she knew was he was hiding it from her. At first, she thought about simply taking the money and leave but when she over heard Alexander on the phone speaking to one of his women, she kicked the phone out his hand. A screaming match ensued, Alexander told Esther that he was leaving her.

“I’m getting older Esther, it’s time we both tried to be happy” he said.

He was leaving Her, after all the cheating, the lies and bastard children. He was leaving Her. It was in this moment that Esther decided to kill Alexander. She didn’t know how or when, but she knew he was not going to walk away from this marriage. He was not going to take the money and leave, there was no way in hell. Alexander told Esther he would wait at least six months before leaving, so the twins would be settled in their college life. He wasn’t going to live for six more months. Esther already figured the best way would be poison. Every time the twins would call she make certain to imply that Alexander was becoming forgetful. She would sound worried about his behavior saying he was becoming irritable and violent. She even began giving herself bruises to make it more authentic.

When a blessing came in the form of a blizzard Esther knew this was the time. Not only could she take the money and disappear she could use the blizzard to make it seem like she could possibly be dead.  It had been less then three months since the twins left for school. She managed to convince Alvin that she was terribly afraid of Alexander and he now had dementia. Alexander was becoming quite forgetful and it wasn’t too hard to believe. Esther poisoned him at the dinner table for three days straight. At nearly seventy years old Alexander was dead. Years later she would regret involving Alvin and later Albert in her scheme. She regretted not giving Alvin half of the money like she promised. Mostly she regretted not leaving Alexander when she discovered he had other women and children.

Now Esther stands in a dark backyard in the snow back in Minnesota watching Alvin’s house. A car pulls up and a man and woman walk up to the door. She has never seen her grandson Archer, but she recognized Amelia. What on earth was she doing here? Does Amelia know who I am? Esther thought. She was worried things seem to be going in a way she couldn’t predict. She had come to far to turn back. She had to get that money. Everyone who knew where it would be was now in one spot.


To Be Continued…



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