The Emperor Penguin Pals

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It has been well documented that male Emperor penguins in Antarctica huddle together all winter long to keep their eggs warm while female penguins are away finding food. What goes on in the heads
of the huddled penguins all that time? This story about two penguins BlubberKing and Fatso, loved by both kids and kidults, sheds some light on this amazing penguin behaviour.

Submitted: November 27, 2017

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Submitted: November 27, 2017



All the male Emperor penguins of the community were huddled together to keep themselves warm. One of the strongest blizzards of the season was blowing their minds away.



But blizzard or no blizzard, BlubberKing hummed happily. In a few more months’ time, all the female penguins of the community would return from their food-collecting trip.


BlubberKing missed his wife so much. She was the mother of the little penguin egg that he was balancing on his feet.

That’s what the male penguins of this community do all winter, you see. Their big fat bellies reach their feet and even cover the egg resting on their feet, thus, keeping it warm. Their wives don’t mind their fat, sagging bellies.


The strong male penguins stood in the huddle, facing the extreme winter months, and hoping for the best.

Fatso was BlubberKing’s best buddy. In the huddle, he was standing to BlubberKing’s right.

“So what are you going to name your baby when it hatches in the spring? I am going crazy thinking of names!”, said Fatso.


“Umm…I have a name in mind. But, promise not to tell anyone yet!”, replied BlubberKing.


“Ooh! Tell me!”


“Well…umm..I’ve been thinking.. about Bruce for a boy or Gina for a girl?”


“Blubby!!! Those are no penguin names! Those are human names! Whatever is the matter with you?”


“Fatso, listen please! I know they are human names, but what is in a name?! Look at SnowyFresh over there. He’s the least fresh penguin I have known my entire life! I mean, he smells like armpits all over!”


“I am not convinced, Blubby and no one else will be. Everybody will think you went crazy or something!”


“Cmon Fatso! What about BigFlippers? He pays you to scratch his back- his flippers are so tiny!”


“Alright, you didn’t have to remind me of that. I know names are not such a big deal. But why human? Why not fish names? Or whale names? Whales have the coolest names!”


“I thought of human names..well..because…humans live long..and they are so much smarter.. You know, I want my little one to be smarter than any of us!”


“Oh alright alright! The name I had thought for my baby doesn’t sound so nice any more.”


“What had you thought of??”


“Umm.. Peppermint McFrost..” Fatso had only whispered this, but the penguin on his right heard him. He spread it all through the huddle and soon all the penguins were laughing at him.

“Oh Fatso, you are such a numbskull!”, BlubberKing said.


“Whatever”, Fatso mumbled under his breath. All the penguins were glad for a good laugh as it made them feel warmer.

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