Pull the trigger

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A story that shows how a life can be change by the things people create

Submitted: November 27, 2017

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Submitted: November 27, 2017



Pull The Trigger

As tears roll down his puffy checks, leaving cool patths of anger in their wake. He thinks about all the things he could have done differently. What if he'd never gone to afghanistan. Would he still be looking down but seeing nothing.

He thinks about the accident all the time. Everyday he'll break down crying wishing he could take back those steps on that fateful day. It's crazy to think that a tiny piece of metal can change a man's life forever. He remembers the day vividly.

The commanding officer called him into his tent and ordered him to take a box of rice to a nearby village. He was hesitant at first because he knew about all the landmines sitting out there waiting for someone just like him to stand on them. But he was never one to go against a superior officer's orders.

As he made his way to the small village he saw something glittering in the dirt of the dry dessert. 'What is it,' he thought. He heard a faint click. BOOM! A landmine exploded, blowing his legs clean off. He was lucky he didn't die but now he has to live with the pain of never being able to walk again.

He slowly opens his drawers and pulls out a gun. He always thought using it but up until now it has only ever been a distant thought. Today he wants to use it. He wants to die. He can't take life like this anymore. He holds the gun to his head ready to pull th trigger. He has lost everything, his legs, his happiness, his life.

Apart from his once a week visits from his sister, Isabelle, he is all alone. Why shouldn't he do it, he has nothing, his life is pointless, if he dies no one will care. After all he's just a burden now.

Suddenly the door flies open and Isabelle walks in. She stops dead in her tracks as her eyes meet with the cold metal dath trap. The shock all to much for her, she can only stand and stare. As tears begin to pool in her eyes on the brink of escape. She finally opens her mouth and out comes a screeching noise, "Stop, please Stop, Don't  do it I need you."

He slowly lowers the gun, sinking back inti  his wheelchair. Thinking of Isabelle who has stayed with him through out all of this. He can't give up now if not for himself for her. He is still so young.

A week later his sister comes in with a large box. She has hardly left his side since the incident last week. " I have a superise for you," she says with tears as tears rush down her face. Opening the box she pulls out to prosthetic legs. "Why don't you try them out." she says with emotional excitement.

Tears gush down his face. He looks down to finally something lieing where his old legs did. Now he can finally se the start of the rest of his life. 

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