The Lost and Found

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Submitted: November 28, 2017



The Lost and Found


By Natalie Grace Stembridge











Once upon a time in a small country called Poland, there lived a poor couple who were expecting their first child.  They anxiously counted down the months until the long awaited day arrived. 

On this blessed day two beautiful twins were born.  The couple named one Anya and the other one they named Katya.  The couple were overjoyed with the gift of the twin baby girls. 

Not even two weeks later, the countryside was struck by famine.  The couple realized that they had to give one of the girls away.  They knew that they would never be able to provide for the whole family. 

The queen of Poland heard of their predicament and traveled to their humble dwelling.  She explained that she was willing to take in one of the girls.  Queen Evangeline chose Katya as the one who she would adopt.  Katya’s parents sadly but thankfully handed her to her new mother. 

The famine lasted twenty long years.  Katya grew up in the palace learning how to act like nobility, while her sister, Anya, grew up in a small cottage.  As Katya was practicing being a great lady, Anya was helping others as well as her family. 

These two girls blossomed into beautiful young women.

One day as Anya was working in the garden, she saw a dark horse ride up, whose rider was cloaked in darkness.  Suddenly a terrible wail filled the air.  Anya rushed into the cottage.  All she could see was her mother, wailing and rocking herself back and forth on the bed.  As the man walked out the door he looked over his shoulder and sadly told them that he was sorry for their loss.  Confused, she glanced toward her mother and back at the man.  Anya looked the man straight in the eye and said, “What is going on?”  The man told Anya that her mother should explain.

Once Anya’s mother had calmed down enough to talk, she explained that while he was fixing machinery, Anya’s father had fallen off a ladder, resulting in a fatal broken neck. 

The days and months following were very hard for Anya and her mother.  Out of nowhere, Anya’s mother became ill.  The only reason explaining her illness was because her heart was broken.









Katya sat in bed slowly preparing herself for what the day was to hold.  Today was the day that she was to go into the country to find a loyal, humble, young girl to bring back to the palace.  This young girl would have the privilege of being her personal attendant. 

As she was dressing she thought about all the girls and how hard it would be to choose only one.  Katya ran down the staircase and toward the corridor that led to the dining hall. 

After breakfast, she and her father, King Perseus, rode to the market place in seek of her new attendant.  All day they searched and searched but didn’t find a single girl that Katya thought she could trust with her life.  At last they slowly and solemnly rode back to the palace, tired and discouraged. 

That night the queen came into Katya’s room and sat on her bed.  Katya snuggled into her mother’s arms and laid her head on her shoulder. 

The queen stared into her daughter’s eyes seeming to be searching for the right thing to say.  Finally, she spoke up. 

“Katya,” she said, “There is something I need to tell you.”  She explained to Katya the story of how she was adopted and brought to the palace.  She also told her that she had a twin sister named Anya.

Katya was shocked!!














Anya put three of her skirts in her suitcase.  She thought, “That should be enough clothing for my journey to the palace.” She stood up, closed her bag and turned toward her mother with tears streaming down her face.  “Mother, I will work hard and send you every penny I earn.”  Anya picked up her suitcase gave her mother a big hug and walked out the door.























The night before, her and her mother had planned to go to the cottage of her birth to see if her sister still lived there.  Katya had woken up early and now was sitting with her mother in the carriage. 

“Mother, how far away is my sister’s house?” Katya asked.  In response the queen answered, “It will only be a one day journey by carriage, but if you were walking, it would take three days.”

The next day they stopped at an inn for lunch.  As they were eating, Katya overheard two men talking about a woman and her daughter who were struggling.  The man who had been telling about this family explained that the father had died in a factory accident. 

Katya walked over to their table and asked where this girl lived.  The two men told her that this girl lived three miles down the road. 

Not knowing that it was her sister’s family that they were talking about, she returned to her mother and suggested that they go and help the girl’s family.  Once they finished lunch they set off for the girl’s home.  
















Walk. Walk. Walk.  That was all Anya was thinking.  She wanted to make it to the palace by morning.  Behind her she heard the clop, clop, clop of horse’s hooves and the clatter of wagon wheels on the dirt road. 

Anya stopped walking and waited for the wagon to come up to where she stood.  The owner of the wagon, who was a kind, old farmer, asked her if she wanted a ride.  Because of the farmer, she made it to the palace by nightfall. 






















They arrived an hour later to the family’s cottage.  The Queen stood in the front yard and gaped.  She realized that this was the home of Katya’s twin sister. 

Katya stared questioningly at her mother.  Her mother walked up to the door and knocked.  An ill middle aged woman answered the door.  The expression on her face was in complete shock. 

“You came back!!” the woman exclaimed.

“Yes.” Queen Evangeline said.  “We are looking for your daughter.”

“She has already gone to the palace in search for work to provide for me.” she said.




















Anya walked into the palace and headed toward the throne room.  She arrived to the throne room and curtsied to the king.

“Who are you and why are you here today?” asked King Raven.

Anya answered, “My name is Anya Seely and I am here in search for a job so that I can provide for my mother.”

King Raven peered at Anya for a minute.  In a shocked and surprised tone he said, “You look exactly like my daughter, Princess Katya





















Katya pulled her mother aside.  “Mother, why don’t we take Anya’s mother back to the palace with us.  Then we can take care of both of them.  We could make her mother a great lady and we could make Anya a grand duchess.”

“Great idea, Katya.  Why don’t you go and tell Anya’s mother to pack and explain why.” said Katya’s mother.























Standing at the feet of the king, Anya kept remembering names like Queen, King, and a girl named Katya.  She couldn’t piece together how they were so important.

Just then King Raven cleared his throat. 

“Anya, I believe that you are my daughter’s biological sister.”

“Wait, what!”  Anya exclaimed.  “I don’t have a sister.”

Then she put two and two together.  She thought about how she had heard her parents talking about another child that they had lost.  She always assumed that the other child had died, but now she knew the truth.  She had a twin sister!!!



















When they arrived at the palace, they walked straight to the king’s chambers.  Once they had explained to King Raven about the woman whose daughter had traveled to the palace, he summoned Anya into the room.

Anya’s mother took one look at her daughter and gasped.  “Was this really her daughter?” she thought.  Anya was richly clothed in a gown of pure gold silk.  Anya ran to her mother and gave her a big hug.  Then she turned to Katya.  All she said was, “Sister.” and hugged her.


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