Walking a Few Miles In My Shoes

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Have you ever wondered what it was like to be somone else, even for a breif moment. How about you the feeling of wanting to know what soemone feels in a certain situation.

Submitted: November 28, 2017

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Submitted: November 28, 2017



Your eyes slowly opened and you were blinded by the sunlight from the window. A small groan emits from your throat and you sit up rubbing your eyes. The night before you didn't get much sleep only about an hour or less, better then nothing you thought. You folded your legs under you and rocked back and fourth, your mind was taken over by all the problems and stress you had the day before and the day before that.

Your mind has been driven to the mass capacity  of thoughts and you opened yours eyes and quickly got up. Walking to the kitchen you could see the dropping of the dead leaves, squirrels chasing each other up the trees, kids running to the bus stop and the sound of the wind carrying the fall smell. You fix yourself a cup of warm coffee, taking a deep breath in and continued to look out the window.

You look down at the bottom of your cup and walks over to the sink and puts the now empty cup in there. You walk back into your room and lays down on your bed and closes your eyes, your mind is close to drifting off. All the sudden your brought back to your correct state of mind by a loud knocking on the door. You sigh and get up out of your bed, walking through the house the knocking gets louder and louder until it almost sounds like its inside your head. When you finally reach the door you yank it open and glares at the person in front of you. 

Your mind is clouded over in confusion when the persons mouth starts to move as if they are talking, but you don't hear a single word. Your eyebrows furrow together and you put your hand up and the persons mouth stops moving and you try to talk as well but you can hear yourself talking. You excuse yourself from the person at the door, shutting the door and walking to your room. You look at your radio and then the window, you walk to the window and opens it slowly. You can clearly hear the sounds of the rushing water of the creek near by, the birds jumping to other branches and chirping, the sound of the wind blowing the leaves around. 

You close the window and look at the radio and walks over to it slowly, you turn it on and you can hear the music as well as the voices singing. The radio person starts talking after the song and you can hear them as clear as you could when you opened the window. You sigh in relief, sitting on the bed and looking around the room. Your heart beat quickens and your breath hitches, you look out the window and there is nothing there. Staring out the window you become frantic and you rush out of the room as it starts to fade away, the rest of the house starts to fade. 

Running to the front door of the house you quickly open it then you stop moving. Four white words are in front of you and you whimper as it reads " You lost the game". Everything fades as you start feeling as if you are falling, you keep looking upwards as the four words stay there but get farther and farther away from you. You turn your head to look behind you and you see pavement. As you body get closer to the pavement you get the sinking feeling in the middle of your chest and you close your eyes. Your mind is blank as you hear the rushing of the wind, you take a deep breath in. 

Your body jolts up and you sit upright in bed, you breath ragged as you wipe the sweat off your face. You look up and your breath hitches  the four words are there. 

You Lost The Game"

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