Chasing the Rabbit

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Two men come across a rabbit in the wild. Both have different intentions.

Submitted: November 28, 2017

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Submitted: November 28, 2017



Hop.  Hop.  Hop.  A lone little rabbit hopping through the clearing.  A rabbit with fur as dark as soot that had an alluring sheen like that of a diamond.  A rare sight in an area crawling with predators just waiting for such a delicate creature to come their way.  Not that any of them could catch this rabbit.  Many have tried but the rabbit was always too elusive, too agile, always just out of reach of anything wishing to harm it.  Foxes, wolves, hawks, all have tried to make a meal of the rabbit but none could ever catch it.  Every day the rabbit went around minding its own business, eating its fill of vegetation and hopping through the forest and plains without a care in the world.  Until one day the rabbit encountered a new challenge that it had never seen before, and little did the rabbit know that things were about to change in a big way.

Towards the south end of the clearing was a burly man with a rifle, a hunter out looking for his next trophy.  While out looking for bigger game, the sight of the rabbit mesmerized him .  His eyes became glued to the rabbits fur and he wanted it, stuffed and on his mantle for everyone to see.  He wanted others to be able to gaze upon the rabbit's shining beauty but most of all he wanted the rabbit to himself.  He reached for his rifle but as he took aim realized that a shell that size would leave nothing left of the rabbit.  He couldn't have that seeing as he wanted the rabbit to be preserved how he saw it.  He ruffled through his pack looking for anything he could use to trap the rabbit as carefully as possible.  he had a few traps and a net that could all be useful to capture the rabbit alive, so he started to think of the best possible ways to use them and corner the rabbit.

The rabbit just stood there nibbling on a thick patch of a grass, unaware of the hunter's presence.  At first the hunter thought this might be an easy catch, so he grabbed his net and slowly crept up behind the rabbit.  Step by step he inched towards it slowly until he was close enough and then, he tossed his net to ensnare the rabbit.  Just as he took his final step forward to throw the rabbit however he stepped on a branch, startling the rabbit.  His net flew through the air and right as it was about to the land the rabbit bolted off in a dark streak towards some nearby trees.  The hunter cursed out loud and after grabbing his net started going through his pack to figure out how to catch his prize.  It would end up being more difficult than he originally thought but worth it to have such a beautiful creature for everyone to admire.

To the north in the tree lines was another guy out and about.  He came around often to escape from life and collect his thoughts .  He loved to climb the trees and just relax in the shade with a nice breeze.  While climbing one of the trees a limb broke and he fell back down to the ground hard with a very painful thud.  He laid there for awhile before he noticed the jet black rabbit hop towards him.  He too was mesmerized by the beauty of the rabbit, but unlike the hunter he wanted the rabbit to cherish.  The sight of the rabbit filled him with a calmness he had not felt in a long time.  Such a carefree creature and so beautiful, but so alone in a dangerous world.  He wanted to protect such a beautiful rabbit and gain a companion in life.  He was alone and felt empty but looking at this rabbit and he felt a warmness he hadn't felt in a long time.  He slowly got to his feet and stretched out his hand towards the rabbit, speaking softly to let the rabbit he meant it no harm.  He inched closer but right as he was within arm's reach he heard a gunshot and just like that the rabbit was startled and hopped offfurther into the trees.

The hunter during all that time had been plotting and preparing how best to catch his prize.  He set up a couple cages with food for the rabbit, he placed a trip net in a narrow pass that would go off if the rabbit passed though, and he even went so far as to set up a pitfall baited with even more food.  The hunter thought he was clever in setting up all these traps and after everything was in place he fired off his gun to make sure the rabbit would run scared into any one of his traps.  He stood just outside the trees at first, just to see if the rabbit would run past so that he could redirect it towards its fate.  He stood ready with the net just in case it decided to make an escape past him in fear.  After awhile of waiting he decided to make his way further into the tree line, watching closely for the shining black streak of his prey.

After coming so close to the rabbit the lonely man began looking through the pack he had brought, digging around the lunch bag he to see if there was anything he could use to help him calm the rabbit and earn its trust.  He had some vegetables he packed for a snack and tore apart his sandwich for a little more.  After hearing that gunshot the rabbit was bound to be terrified and could be hiding anywhere.  The lonely man started heading in the direction he saw the rabbit take off in and carefully kept his eyes peeled for its black fur that would surely stick out in such an open wooded area.  It was mid day so the place was well lit and the only things around were green foliage and some daisies.  The grass was just long enough that he could tell where the rabbit was heading based off the imprints it left behind.  His only thought was finding the rabbit and protecting it from anything that wished it harm, including whoever fired off that gun.

The hunter, tired of waiting, decided to move in further to the tree line.  He was eager to catch his prey and in his mind nothing was going to keep him from it.  As he moved in more he fired off his gun again to make sure the rabbit kept running scared.  At this point the rabbit either had to run past him or one of the traps he set up deeper in the thicket and one way or another he would catch his beautiful prize.  He started to snarl with excitement thinking about where best to mount the rabbit, someplace where everyone would see it right away.  He had a nice fireplace right in dining room, that would surely be the most ideal place.  Everyone would see it when they sat down to eat and it would make for an excellent conversation piece as well as something delightful to gaze upon to make the meal that much more enjoyable.  Just then something shook him out of his delusions, a rustling off about 30 yards to his left.  He readied the net as the rustling got closer.  He steadied his breathing and hid his presence, waiting for just the right moment.  Waiting.  Waiting.  Almost.....Now!!  He threw the net once more and this time it hits its mark!  He ran towards it to claim his prize that he waited so patiently for, his heart racing with excitement. That excitement quickly fled as he drew closer and saw that his net only landed him a damn squirrel trying to find the nuts it had buried the previous year...

A second gun shot.  The lonely man knew he had to hurry to find the rabbit but also knew he had to be careful as to not startle it more.  After searching for almost an hour he finally followed the tracks to where the rabbit was resting.  He nearly missed it but the sun had shined through the branches at just the right angle to make the fur of the rabbit glimmer in the whiteness of the daisies.  He immediately stopped and grabbed the food out of his pack.  He grabbed one of the carrots he brought along and tossed it gently towards the rabbit.  The carrot landed just outside the patch of daisies and caught the attention of the rabbit.  The frightened rabbit slowly made its way out from under the daisies, sniffing around to make sure it was safe.  The rabbit finally hopped out from its hiding spot to nibble on the carrot.  The lonely man took this as a good sign to move closer, grabbing the lettuce and celery he had in his little plastic bag.  He moved closer and closer to the rabbit as it finished the carrot.  The rabbit began sniffing around again catching the scent of the other vegetables.  Hop.  Hop.  The rabbit got closer and closer to the lonely man, stopping just one step short of him.  The man slid forward just enough for the rabbit to begin eating the vegetables in his hand.  As the rabbit enjoyed its tiny feast the lonely man reached out with his other hand to pet the rabbit.  The rabbit was startled by the sudden touch but did not run.  After a couple seconds the rabbit calmed down and let the man pet it more as it enjoyed the attention and food before it.

BANG!!!  All of a sudden there was another gunshot, much closer this time and the rabbit bolted off again.  The lonely man looked up to find the hunter standing before him.  The hunter glared at the lonely man with a rage that if able would set fire to the surrounding area.  How dare the lonely man intrude upon the hunters prize.  The hunter had spent so much time setting up all those traps and luring the rabbit towards them only for some nobody to come along and put his hands on what he thought was his.  The hunter, furious, aimed his rifle at the lonely man.  He was determined to catch that rabbit and no one was going to get in his way.  The lonely man, terrified, ran off behind where the trees were thickest to try and just stay alive.  The lonely man thought this hunter was obviously crazy, obsessed even.  All the lonely man could think about now was finding the rabbit before such terrible person could ever do it harm.  The lonely man was most assuredly terrified for his own life but all he could think about was the rabbit.  The rabbit, though hard to explain, made him feel a wholeness he had never felt, complete almost.  The hunter was dangerous and the lonely man wanted to make sure the rabbit ended up safe.  All of sudden the lonely man tripped over a log hidden underneath a pile of leaves.  As he hurried to pick himself up he noticed the rabbit, that unforgettable black sheen, trapped in a cage that the hunter had set up.  The lonely man rushed to let the rabbit out but the latch was stuck.  He fumbled around as his heart was racing, wanting to escape but not wanting the rabbit to be trapped and left to such a terrible man. 

Finally he got the latch open but right as he reached for the rabbit he heard another gunshot.  A bullet zoomed right past his ear and caused the bark on a tree 10 feet away to fly off and spray him in the face.  The lonely man fell down as bark flew all over him, partially blinding him for a minute as he fell down again.  By time he got his eyes cleared  he looked up to see the hunter approaching him, reloading his rifle.  The lonely man's heart was pounding, he thought for sure he was about to die.  He looked around frantically trying to find the rabbit but he couldn't.  He stood up and started running again, hoping that him not seeing the rabbit meant that it had ran away and was safe for the time being.  He ran as fast as he could to put as much distance between him and the hunter as possible. 

The hunter was furious!  He was so close, had worked hard to get that rabbit right in his grasp, and no one was going to stop him.  The rabbit was beautiful, one of a kind, and he deserved it.  He damn sure wasn't going to let a stranger  just walk right up and take what he wanted and had worked hard for.  Only one man was going to have that rabbit and damn it all if it was going to be someone else.  He wanted that rabbit more than anyone and would do whatever he had to, to earn his trophy.  He had just seen one of traps work, the others would work just as well and soon he would have the rabbit he yearned for.  There was no need for him to rush, the traps were all set there was nowhere for either the bunny or the lonely man to go where he wouldn't find them.  All he had to do was wait just a little more.  He fired off another shot into the air to  make sure both the lonely man and the rabbit ran terrified towards another one of his traps.  He had an insatiable lust in his eyes, willing to do anything to catch his prey, even killing another man to do so.

The lonely man ran as fast as he could as he heard another gunshot.  HIs heart was pounding as he ran for his very life, yet all he could think about was the rabbit.  The poor creature must be even more frightened than he was.  He thought the hunter was out of his mind and knew he only wanted the rabbit as a stupid trophy.  He would never truly appreciate the rabbit and all the true beauty in life it had to offer.  As he ran he tried to keep his eyes peeled for the rabbit.  He looked around as he ran full speed but nothing was so much as causing a rustle in the thicket except for him.  He started to panic, afraid the rabbit had found another trap.  BANG!!  Another shot and this one sounded even closer.  At this rate he knew he couldn't out run the hunter so in his panic he did the only thing that would come to his mind, he climbed a tree that would provide ample cover in the leaves.

As his heart was pounding hard in his chest as he heard the rustling of the hunter get closer.  He tried to calm himself and steady his breathing.  he saw the hunter pass below, keeping his eyes peeled for the rabbit but unable to find either.  The hunter kept walking slowly, trying to hear anything out of the ordinary or spot even the slightest movement around.  Unable to find any sign of the lonely man or the rabbit he kept moving ever so slowly through the thicket.  As the hunter moved along out of sight the lonely man let loose a breathe of temporary relief.  He for the time being was safe, but the rabbit, the rabbit was still in danger.  All these terrible thoughts filled his head, thoughts of all the horrible things the hunter would do if he found the rabbit.  His heart started racing again in fear from all these thoughts until he noticed something, something that he failed to notice while in the tree.  At first he thought it was just a branch poking him but after climbing down he noticed his pack was shifting, moving ever so subtly that it was hard to tell at first that there was a constant pressure on his back.  Confused the lonely man took his pack off and looked inside.  To his surprise there was the rabbit, with its sleek sheen, eating the remaining vegetable in his pack.  The rabbit must have climbed in right after he freed it from the trap.  The lonely man let out a huge sigh as all fear quickly fled from him.  He reached down to pet the rabbit, to which the rabbit moved in more as if graciously accepting the attention and being rescued from such a cruel fate. 

The lonely man just smiled and headed out of the thicket the opposite way of the hunter.  He felt safe now and with the rabbit by his side he felt a blanket of calmness upon him.  The rabbit was out of harm's way  and seemed to understand that he meant it no harm.  The lonely man was patient and let the rabbit come to him willingly, though there were times it ran out of fear it had eventually found its way back to the man and to safety.  As the lonely man left the thicket and started down the path through the field the rabbit inch out of the pack just enough to tickle the man with its whiskers as if trying to be closer to him.  The lonely man just chuckled and feeling safe enough, grabbed the rabbit out his pack and held it in his arms as he continued down the path.  The rabbit, content, fell asleep in his arms.

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