Fried Tanned Breast Pillows

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luscious lips that i sip through a straw in my drawers leaving me crawling but I'm not hiding cause I got fish for frying don't even catch me lying got me game on with my forty ounce drink in my
hand Black Label you all understand used to keep a job down next to Hudson Valley wax in cars in their alley one day there was a hold up hommies came by to roll up got capped in me knee had no time
to take a pee was so very late that day for my lady you see must confess I was quite a bit of wreck falling apart at the seams in some twisted evil scheme as high as the bumble bee go to look for
its honey sugar was sweet cause I wanna be the man who brings home the money for my Playboy Bunny

Waxing that ass in the late afternoon hearing an Al Green tune put me in the mood Fried Tanned breast pillows so up your nose with a rubber hose to bring the noise now is the time to shine the
given place by which to ever shine so stand in line bounce to the ounce more cushing on the cushion just don't bring home my second cousin throw her in the oven... Her body was warm with looks to
kill cheap thrills in the back of my car will go far Then after shotting some pool down at Chuck's local bar will go far got my car loaded with the body kit Camry rims so fire fat working too hard
can give you a heart attack... The way she move, the way she grove, they way she come complete from her head to feet

Fast life now living in the zone even when I took my bitch home all alone getting Shop Rite's two dollar pizzas with my own topping what else could deliver any better Sweat from her hair greased
the lining of my hand had licked her snatch twice and she bit me never understands next we moved over to the sofa could treat her none but better put some Keith Sweat on the radio bust a nut in a
rut trying to catch the tempo But man that was ages ago and we had so long to go as an intellectual I had my moments Crusing down to the pier trying to stare through the glare while i smoked fat
blunts Those were the days with a spice of life but it will make you think twice

She had fried tanned breast pillows as she took a lot of time at the beach eating her favorite peach.. Relaxing, basking & laughing We lived through it all now we can stand up ten feet tall cause
we thought we knew it all until the day she was hospitalized with cancer this was not a good answer from my private dancer.. we both sat alone with questions in our mind robbing us blind until we
met the preacher man now we both would understand living for to seeketh self to please out spreading the disease this time we both got on our knees I arose to a brand new me surrendering was our
final faithful plea wasn't ourselves it must have been a dream so today we hold our heads up high give rise to the God up above with his holy humble love

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Fried Tanned Breast Pillows

Submitted: November 28, 2017

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