Night Light Tales: Bad Youth

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Young Adult  |  House: Booksie Classic

Actions have consequences. But what if those consequences got you face to face with your worst nightmare?


Jacob had been grounded for pulling a prank on old man Cracker next door. A prank that caused the old man to be bed ridden.

Jacob, sat staring out his window watching all the other kids trick or treating. His expression was obvious. Jacob was heart broken. He felt his parents were over reacting.

It was just a joke. So what. Can't the old man take a joke? These were things Jacob repeatedly said to himself. He was desperatly trying to relay the guilt.

The next day, for his punishment, Jacob raked all the leafs on old man Cracker's front lawn.

It was the first day of November, the sun had peaked mid-day.

Old man Cracker was vertical and sat comfortably on his front porch, casually sipping a glass of ice cold lemonade, making sure Jacob could see his enjoyment as he suffered for his crime.

Jacob's face was dripping with sweat. Breathing heavily with exhaustion. He could feel the blistering heat upon his neck.

Old man Cracker fell heavily with sympathy after a moment. He watched Jacob nearly fall to his knees several times. He stood up.

"Come inside," Old man Cracker demanded. "Take a load off."

Jacob felt relieved. He wasn't sure how much more he had left in him.

The old man escorted him inside. Jacob's face was beat red from the sun.

Old man Cracker hustled to his kitchen as quick as he could to pour Jacob a glass of lemonade.

"It's like 100 degrees out there," Jabob expressed hastily, wiping the sweat off his forehead.

"It's more like 101," the old man replied, shooting a smirk in Jacob's direction.

The two of them exchanged looks. Jacob picked up from the old man that he was trying to mend the two from the actions that transpired.

Jacob smiled back. He raised his glass to the old man. The old man clinked his glass.

"I'm sorry," Jacob expressed. His eyes had lowered to know he was sincere about his apology.

"It's quite alright," the old man replied, flicking his mustache. "I've done my fair share of pranking when I was your age"

"You did?" Jacob asked curiously.

"Oh yeah. I once set a bundle of hay on fire during one of the hottest summers in the state," the old man said, smirking slightly with pride.

Jacob couldn't believe what he was hearing. It sounded like something Jacob would do.

"What happened," Jacob asked urgently, hardly being able to wait to hear more.

The old man glanced at Jacob with a menacing smile. That look hurled an instant chill over Jacob's shoulders. The old man faced Jacob head on, leaning in, placing his glass on the counter.

"You see, turns out the fire spread. It ended up setting a nearby house on fire. Killing the family inside," the old man told, his eyes darkened.

Jacob's eyes widened with fear.

"What happened?" Jacob uttered with fright, barely getting a breath out.

The old man peered into Jacob's eyes even more.

"I was sent to juvenile hall for three months. By the time I got out, my family abandonded me. I was sent to a group home for troubled young boys," the old man dictated. "By the time I was your age I had been in and out of five different foster homes."

Jacob slowly set the glass down. He averted eye contact so he could hide his fear from the old man. He began to slowly walk backwards.

"Okay well I should get back out there so I can finish up," Jacob stuttered to express. "Thanks for the lemonade."

Jacob was near the door before the old man stopped him in his tracks.

"Ya know the funniest thing about it?" the old man asked, shuffling towards Jacob.

Jacob froze where he stood. His fear rendedred him paralyzed.

"They never asked me if I was sorry," the old man stated, standing directly behind Jacob.

Jacob shrieked with fear. He could feel the old man's breathe upon his neck.

"Were you?" Jacob asked stuttering through his words.

The old man shuffled closer to Jacob. Jacob's palms grew moist with nervousness. 

The old man leaned into Jacob's ear and said..



Submitted: November 29, 2017

© Copyright 2021 Griff D. Con. All rights reserved.

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