fears of a child

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Submitted: November 29, 2017

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Submitted: November 29, 2017




Short story by Keagan Channon


There was once a little boy who was afraid of the dark when it was time for bed for the young spirt he would kick, scream, cry and even hide from his mother because she would always turn off the lights when she put him to bed. His mother on the other hand worried about her little boy because he was not only afraid of the dark but afraid of socializing with the other neighbor’s children so he still to this day has no friends, he also has extreme fear of animals especially cats but his biggest fear was to leave the house so due to this fear he was never able to go outside to play and socialize.

One day the little boy was playing with his toys in his room when he heard a commotion coming from outside, curious by the noise he stood up and walked towards the window in his bedroom he pushed the curtains aside and looked out the window he noticed a bunch of children riding their bicycles up and down the street, kicking around a balls, talking and playing in muddy puddles left from the rain.

A huge smile came across the young boy’s face filled with joy and happiness he raced out of his room filled with excitement boiling from inside him as he ran down the stairs passing the kitchen that was to his left at the end of the staircase. He then grabbed his shoes that were neatly place next to the front door and placed them on his feet as fast as he could at this point his mother came out from the kitchen where she was making lunch and just watched with a small smile on her face as her son stood up and reached for the door handle.

At this point just as his fingertips are about to touch the door handle he holds his breath and feels a heavy weight upon his heart and pulls away his hand from the door handle and starts caressing it with his other hand. The excitement boils down to a cold point and his smile fades as his head tilts downwards, his mother noticing he’s strain and puts her arms around him and gently tugs him towards the living room where she sits him softly on the couch and kisses him on the forehead before switching on the television and returning to the kitchen.

The rest of the hours passed by the little boy’s eyes as a blur as he spent the rest of the day in front of the only thing he’s even known the television. At dinner his mother tried cheering him up but all he did was node and mumble a few words once dinner was done his mother took the plates and placed them in the sink with a sigh and began cleansing of the dishes while her son still sat numb as ever by the kitchen table. His mother put her hand on her son’s shoulder and explained that tonight’s her first night shift at her new job and that she will only be home in the morning. At this the little boy looked at her with fear she quickly then explained to him that his an extremely brave boy and that she will lock all the doors within the house and won’t be gone for too long.

The little boy felt a bit confident that he now gets to prove to his mother that=t his able put himself to bed at that thought a small smile creeps on his face and he then hugs his mom and leaves the table and makes himself to his bedroom.

In his bedroom he puts on his neat and tidy pajamas and removes his shoes from early this morning. The little boy then walks towards his mother’s bedroom where she then kisses him once more. He then follows her downstairs to the front door where she then kisses him on the forehead once again before telling him not to stay up to late and to keep warm.

As soon as his mother leaves he makes it he’s mission to switch on every single rooms light including all the lights in his bedroom before going to sleep in his comfortable bed. Once all lights are on he makes his way into the room where he now makes sure the window by his bedside is closed tight. The little boy climbs into his warm bed and looks one more time around his room and closes his eyes and then whispers to himself that he wishes to overcome his fears so he can make a new friend before falling asleep.

Hours go by and the little boy feels a cold chill on him as he sits up in bed wiping his eyes to get a better view he looks around his room and notices that his bedroom window is wide open he then tries to remember if he closed the window before climbing into bed at this he climbs out of bed to closes the window to stop the cold draft. The little boy then turns around and climbs back into bed before he hears a sound at the end of his bed as he looks down he is face to face with a black tiny cat just staring at him.

At the sight of this animal he jumps out of bed screaming and running straight out of the room and into the kitchen where he grabs the closest weapon which happens to be the kitchen broom. The little boy takes his weapon and slowly makes his way back up the stairs with extreme caution as he approaches his room he begins shaking so much that he drops the broom onto the floor still filled with fear he peeks around his open bedroom door before entering but to he’s relief the cat is nowhere to be found.

A few minutes go by after the little boy has completing searched the room for the intruder he decides it’s safe to climb back into bed. He then once again comfortable in his bed looks again at his window and wipes his eyes as soon as he does this the window shoots open he then stares at the window as his heart begins to race. He does not lose sight of the window and stares at it with caution right at this moment the window slams and he falls right off his bed and dashes in the corner of his room on the floor.

He nervously peeks from the side of the bed carefully watching the window after a few more minutes he decides to build up a bit of courage to come out from hiding, as he approaches the window for one last time he then in under a few seconds decides to rather make a run for it and dashes for his bedroom door as his about to leave his room the door slams shut and the whole room begins to shake and the lights begin to switch on and off. The little boys only choice is to dive under the bed as things start to fall off the shelves, underneath the bed the little boy starts to panic and struggles to catch his breath for his heart is beating too fast.

He closes his eyes to control his breathing and to relax underneath his bed he then opens his eyes and everything goes silent not knowing if everything is fine he creeps from underneath the bed and grabs one of his teddies that had fallen from one of the shelves.

Heart still pacing he slowly stands up and looks around his room and then turns to face his bed where he then finds the cat from before sitting once again on his bed looking straight at him. The little boy had no idea what to think so he starts backing off from then bed but then the cat starts taking steps forward the little boy starts to hear the bed crack and the beds legs begin to bend and snap as the cat starts turning into a large creature of some sort.

The little boy throws his teddy at the beast and runs for the bedroom door and swings it open as fast as he can as he exits the room he falls over the broom and starts to crawl towards the staircase. The little boy hears a load roar from his bedroom and a huge thump, the walls begin to shake and the lights start going on and off.

The little boy jumps up in terror and races down the stairs and then hides in the closest close to the front door where guest would usually hang their coats.

 Once inside the closet the boy sits down and begins to rock holding his breath with both hand as he hears the beast footsteps, tears fall down the boy’s face and then silence he doesn’t hear the beast’s footsteps and the household is once again calm.

The little boy opens the closet door slowly peeking around the door to see complete darkness throughout the house. He then exists the closets door and walks towards the staircase carefully looking around the corners.

The little boy places one of his feet on the first step of the staircases and then pauses and doesn’t continue to proceed up the stairs he turns around still with one foot on the stair to notice the front door that was supposedly locked to be wide open he stares at the front door and can see the front yard, the street and he can only see one flickering burning light post in the distance otherwise the rest of the neighborhood is covered in darkness.

The little boy faces the staircase and looks up towards his bedroom and notices the beast sitting and waiting there at the top of the staircase there was a slight pause and then the boy dashed through the front door barefooted through the damp grass and straight into a muddy paddle on the street before jumping into the light at that moment he bends over trying to catch his breath and wraps his arms around his body from the cold when he then feels a blanket been dropped around his shoulders. As he turns around he’s face to face with the beast and from exhaustion he passes out.

As the little boy starts to fall down the beast reaches out with his giant claw like hands towards the boy and picks him up in his arms. The beast then carries the boy back into the house, up the staircase and places him into his bed. The beast then rubs the boy’s hair before turning back into an originally cat.

The little boy opens his eyes facing the window where the sun rays are shining through as he lifts himself up he the suddenly realizes something about last night events and hears a meow at the bottom of his bed. The little boy gets out of bed puts on his shoes and picks up the cat and makes his way out his room. As walking he notices that everything is back the way it was before his mom left. He continues down the stairs and sees his mother in the kitchen.

The little boy approaches the front door and without hesitation opens the door and walks outside onto the grass of their front yard that is when he places the cat on the grass below his feet and begins to run around on the grass, rolling and laughing while this crazed events are happening a bunch of the neighbor’s kids come out of their houses to see what all the commotion is and start running towards the little boy to join him in this crazed moments.

The little boy continues to laugh and starts playing with the other kids at this moment his mother rans out the house to see if everything is okay and starts to cry at the sight of her child outside and talking. He then notices his mom and runs up to her and tells her that while she was gone he overcame his fears by a little bit of fear, he escaped the house in complete darkness, ran outside for a first time in a long time and because of the beast of the night his able to talk to the other children.

His mother not knowing what to say or think about her son’s crazy story rather accepted it as a dream and just simply asked who is this beast after this question the boy bend over and picked up the little black cat and lifted it up to his mother and said this is the beast with a huge smile on his face and then with tears in his eyes told his mother that this little black cat is his very first friend.



Short story done by Keagan Channon

© Copyright 2018 K.Channon. All rights reserved.

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