Hidden in the Immortals

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Chapter 2 (v.1) - Chapter 2

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Submitted: November 29, 2017



All I could do was gawk at my mother. She had just taken down an Immortal and did it flawlessly. Before I could even say a word she spoke.

"Chad," She huffed, while kicking the dead Immortal's body onto its back; then removed the stake. "And you wonder why I never liked you hanging out with him."

I shook my head in confusion. "Why do you think it was Chad who turned me?" That was kind of a rash judgement to make. Apparently there were Vampires all over the place and any one of them could've done it. It was Chad who did it, but that wasn't the point.

She pointed the stake at the Immortal's body on the floor and looked down at it. "This one came here to avenge Jack Addams and he was just a friend," Her dark brown eyes moved back to me. "I can only imagine how his son must've felt." She wiped some of the blood that had splattered on her off of her cheek. She shook her head in annoyance. "We can talk about you being and Immortal and the hunters and everything else later." Her voice strong and firm. "We need to get rid of the body, now." There was much urgency in her voice as she walked over to the Immortal's feet and began to lift them up.

"Why do we need to do it now?" I was almost certain dad would probably want to know about the Immortal that just tried to kill his wife and daughter. "We can't wait for dad?"

She looked up at me with wide eyes; her expressions unreadable. "No," She said in an almost whisper. "That's the exact reason why we need to get this thing out of here." She gestured with her head toward the front of the body. "Pick it up." I did as she said and picked up my end with ease.

"Mom, I can carry it by myself it you want me too." I had the strength now; figured that was a pretty fair trade for just saving my life. She looked hesitant for a second, but gave me a nod. She let go of its legs and I tossed the body over my shoulder. "Where do we take it?" I prayed to God that we didn't have to go out to the woods somewhere and dig a hole or something. I was fairly certain I was about to collapse from exhaustion.

"The Shipley's." She replied plainly; walking into the entry way. Now I was utterly confused. We were going to bring an Immortal corpse to our neighbors across the street? What were we going to do; ring the doorbell and drop it on their porch?

"For what reason exactly?" I inquired as we walked out the door. My mom held up a hand for me to stop walking. She quickly took a few steps forward and looked up and down the street for a few moments; peering over at houses in the neighborhood. After a few minutes, she signaled for me to walk over to her.

"Run as fast as you can to the backyard;" She ordered me, while glancing over at the Shipley's house for a moment. "I'll meet you back there."

I was still very much confused. This had been the absolute weirdest day of my life and it wasn't over. "But what do I—"

"Just do what I say, Julianna!" I could hear the frustration in her voice as she shouted this at me. She sighed softly; trying to calm herself down. "I'm sorry, but it's just been a very long day. We need to get this over with before your father gets home." The urgency in her voice was subtly resurfacing.

I still had many, many questions; but I didn't press it any further. Without another word, I rushed to the back of the Shipley's house. It had a big wooden fence that surrounded the whole backyard. It looked pretty old and I assumed it had been built at the same time the house was. I spotted the gate and walked over to it; an unfamiliar scent arising as I did so, but I ignored it. Immediately I noticed the strange handle on the gate. It was made of some unusual looking twigs of some kind all intertwined with each other. I shrugged and grabbed it; but at that same moment a very powerful—very painful—shock shot through my entire body. I jerked my hand off of the handle while howling out in pain. What in the world was that?

A few moments later, the gate opened and my mother stood there accompanied by Andy Shipley. Andy was a short, stout man with brown hair that was looking pretty grey these days and blank grey eyes. He was looking me up and down in disgust, while my mother had a sort of apologetic look in her features. Andy had always been almost like a grandpa to me but from the look he was giving me now, I was certain he was a hunter and that relationship was over. "Sorry, I forgot to mention to not touch the handle," I heard actual remorse in my mother's voice, which lightened my mood a little. "It's warded to keep out Immortals." Well that would've been nice to know three minutes ago; I thought bitterly while shaking my still stinging hand.

I let out a small sigh and resituated the dead Immortal on my back. "What do I do with him?" I asked while shifting my eyes between my mom and Andy.

He let out a noise that resembled a grumble and a huff mixed together. "It." He corrected in a low voice. The look he was giving me was nothing but pure hatred. It was probably taking every bit of his strength to not run at me and drive a stake through my heart.

"Well what do I do with it then?" My eyes slowly flickering between Andy's and my mother's. Was there some kind of burn pile in the backyard, or something? Out of curiosity, I looked passed them but didn't see anything that looked even remotely strange. All that was back there was a grill, some lawn chairs and a shack; plus the large pool that was covered with a black tarp.

"Set it on the ground." Andy demanded. This man was definitely starting to scare me. A thought occurred to me then. My mother had told him that I was an Immortal, but that he couldn't kill me. If my mom hadn't told him that I was and he figured it out on his own, he most definitely would kill me. Aside from that chilling thought, I also had a sense of pure happiness and peace sweep over me. Even though my mom was a hunter—and a damn good one at that—she was still looking out for me regardless.

Without another word, I set the dead Immortal on the ground before me. Andy and my mother both grabbed an end and quickly carried it into the backyard. I decided to follow them and see what they planned on doing with him; but before I could even take a step passed the fence, I was yet again struck with an even more painful shock than before. My scream was louder this time.

My mother turned her head slightly to the side. "Sorry honey," She apologized while turning her head back around. "The fence is warded, too." I let out a heavy groan. These were the important details that I should be informed of. Andy on the other hand was grinning from ear to ear. If he wasn't allowed to kill me, this was probably the next best thing. Then they removed the tarp from the swimming pool; but there was no pool there. The entire thing had been dug out completely. It was just a giant pit of dirt. The weird scent I had picked up earlier intensified; and as they tossed the body into the pit I knew what it was. This was where the hunters disposed of the bodies.

Mom and Andy hastily covered the tarp over the pit once more and brushed off their hands. Then they exchanged looks with each other. I had no idea what the looks they were giving meant; but it almost looked like remorse.

"You cannot mention any of this to Jay." My mother finally spoke; her eyes quickly darting over to me and back to him. It sounded like there was a bit of fear in her voice.

Andy quickly shook his head from side to side. It appeared as if there were a tiny bit of fear in his expressions too. "Of course not." He muttered. "Believe me; I would never utter a word about this." He paused for a moment and glanced over at me briefly. "To anyone." Why was everyone so incredibly afraid of my father? Chad couldn't even explain why he couldn't have gone straight to my dad for revenge. The same with this Immortal that tried to kill my mom and me tonight; even he was too scared to go directly to my father. Now it appeared as if my own mother and one of my father's best friends were too scared to tell him about this. About me...

Andy and my mother quietly wished each other a goodnight; and they parted ways. My mother made her way back to me. We walked in silence across the street and back up to our front porch. My father was still not home; which from the heavy sigh of relief my mother let out, was a good thing. In a continued silence we walked into the house. Mom hastily went into the kitchen and cleaned up the little bit of blood on the floor. When she finished she finally looked up at me, but didn't meet my eyes.

"Where's Jana?" She asked in an incredibly obvious attempt at changing the subject. I didn't really blame her though. If you'd been hunting Vampires for God knows how long and you come to find that your daughter is that same creature—that would probably be a subject you'd want to avoid.

"She's spending the night at Chloe's." I answered quickly. Not sure what else there was to say; I walked passed my mother who had risen to her feet, and toward the staircase. "I'm going to go take a shower," I informed her; finally meeting her eyes. Neither of us spoke for a long moment. The two of us just stood there staring at each other in uncomfortable silence. "I—I think we should go over... things some other time." I said finally. My voice cracked a little on the last word.

She gave me a half nod in agreement. I gave her one final sorrowful look, before turning and climbing the stairs. I looked down at each of the steps as I walked up them; my thoughts scattered all over the place. I had so many questions that had yet to be answered. My head felt like it was swimming as I pushed my bedroom door open. I walked over to my bed and saw my black jacket laying there that I regrettably left behind. I let out a sarcastic half chuckle. It was crazy to think that a mere five hours ago my biggest concern was whether to wear a jacket or not. I had been so blissfully unaware of the reality of what was going on right under my nose. My best friend since kindergarten was a Vampire, my parents have been Immortal hunters for probably my entire life, and our neighbors had a large pit in their backyard where they disposed of the bodies of blood drinking creatures that never died.

And those were just the things I knew about. I was almost positive that there were other incredibly ridiculous—incredibly impossible things that were also happening in this town. And my father. What was the deal with him? Everyone feared my father. Everyone; not just Vampires. Was he some kind of hunter president who held an enormous amount of power over everyone and everything in the supernatural world?

I tried to the best of my ability to ignore these anxiety inducing questions as I entered the bathroom conjoined to my room. I immediately saw my reflection in the mirror; which came with both positive and negative aspects. The positive was that the stereotype about Vampires not having a reflection was false. The negative however, was that I looked like absolute trash. To say the least.

I studied myself closer in the mirror. The bags hanging from my dark brown eyes were pronounced and horrendous. My jet black hair was knotted together and sticking up in every possible direction; which admittedly was only a little worse than usual.

I had inherited the legendary Filipino hair from my father. Our grandpa Mercado, who would always have this crazy mess of hair, always told us that our unruly hair was passed down through the generations to keep the Mercado's humble and unpretentious. It was true, I suppose. I definitely have never boasted about my hair before.

My Uncle Romeo had the very same messy, uncontrollable hair; which he passed onto my cousins Andres and Gabi. Jana on the other hand, had inherited more of the Hispanic features from our mother's side. Her hair was naturally curly and didn't have to do much to it to make it look good. Neither of us seemed to pick up any qualities from our mom's father; our grandpa Pete—except maybe his humor. He was as white as they came; light skin, straw-colored hair, and bright blue eyes. He also made lame jokes and couldn't dance to save his life.

Thinking about my family for that small moment gave me a tiny smile. But then it vanished when I wondered if any of them knew my parents were Immortal hunters; or if they knew about Immortals at all.

I let out a deep sigh as I finally started the shower. As I showered, I was doing a pretty okay job at ignoring my thoughts and questions; but that was before I heard my father's voice from downstairs. I heard him and my mom greet each other and ask about each other's days. Nothing too out of the ordinary. Until:

"We found this safe house way out in the country in Alburn; we got the tip from Lenny," He paused and I listened to the sound of feet walking quickly across the floor, then a chair being moved. "We wiped all of them out but two." Dad's voice was filled with so much pride; but not in a good way. A greedy, arrogant pride that reminded me of a kid getting away with stealing a cookie from his younger sibling.

"That's great, honey." Mom replied a few moments later. Her voice came out weak and unconvincing. "A—anything particularly exciting happen?" She added quickly; trying to cover up for her lack of zeal for his conquest of the evening.

My dad didn't respond to that for a few moments. "Well besides the fact that we took out seven Immortals," He grumbled almost angrily. "Roger got bit in the ear." Whoa; wait. Roger? Roger Nelson? As in my dad's best friend? The guy who I had been calling Uncle Roger since I was ten years old. He was a hunter, too?! Roger Nelson was the mayor of Old Brook. The mayor of the town I lived in hunted Vampires. I rested my face against the shower wall and closed my eyes. I felt like my entire life has been a lie. Everything I thought I knew about my parents, this town, and the reality of the world—was wrong. I had no clue how I was even going to be able to look at my dad after this.

I got out of the shower, wrapped a towel around my head, and tied my bathrobe around my waist. I trudged into my room and over to my bed. I tossed my jacket onto my dresser and sat down. Then I heard footsteps coming up the stairs and down the hall. They stopped and there was a knock on the door. "Come in." I called in a meek voice. The door opened just a crack and my father poked his head in with a gentle smile on his face; before opening the door completely.

I felt like I was looking into the face of a complete stranger; and I kind of was. Essentially I knew nothing about this man. He may have been my father, but I hadn't a clue who he really was.

"What are you doing up so late, honey?" He asked with that smile still on his face. His face, hands and clothes were dirty as usual; but I always assumed it was from working on cars all day. I now knew that I had been wrong all this time; about everything.

I shrugged. "Just not that tired I guess." That was a huge lie. I felt like I was going to pass out at any second. My dad didn't seem to be buying it either from the look he was giving me.

"You look exhausted," He walked into the room and sat down on the bed beside me. "Is something wrong?" His voice sounded sincere and slightly concerned. I didn't say a word as I looked into his dark brown eyes; the same shade mine were. I considered telling him that I knew everything. I knew about Immortals. I knew he and mom were hunters. That I knew that Andy Shipley and Roger Nelson were also hunters. Roger Nelson's oldest son, the only one of his kids I had ever met, was my English teacher. I would bet that he was a hunter as well. And for a moment, I considered telling him that I was an Immortal. But I dismissed that idea quickly when I remembered how terrified everyone was of him.

"No, nothing." I replied. He studied me suspiciously for a second, but then his features fell soft and he looked away.

With a sigh he got up from my bed and started to walk toward the door. He spun around and looked back at me. "I have a town planning meeting tomorrow, so I'm probably not going to be around for most of the day." I knew he was straight up lying to me. He and Roger were probably going to go track down those last two Immortals they hadn't finished off. The thought of it made my stomach turn. They were probably some innocent family of Vampires who were trying to hide away peacefully. If there had been any Vampire children there, I prayed that my father had enough of a heart to spare them. I knew there were probably some bad Immortals out there that should be killed; but we weren't all like that.

I gave him a half nod. "Okay." Was all I managed to get out. I didn't know what else there was to say. I knew it wasn't the truth and I knew what he was actually going to be doing.

"Do you have any plans for tomorrow?" I could tell he was feeling uncomfortable from the lack of words I was using and was just trying to make conversation. I did have plans for tomorrow though. Chad was going to teach me my Immortal abilities; which I was incredibly excited for. I wasn't sure what else there was to learn, but apparently there was more.

"I think me and Noelle are going to hang out." I told him. That probably wasn't a total lie; I'm sure we'd probably get together at some point tomorrow.

He nodded slowly at my response. "Just you and Noelle?" His voice sounded somewhat harsh; which he probably didn't intend for by the throat clear he let out afterward. "Not Ben," He paused and glanced nonchalantly over at the photo collage of me and my friends on the wall across the room. His eyes met mine again. "Or Chad?" He always said Chad's name with much distaste and I never knew why, but now I did.

My eyes flickered down to my hands in my lap for a second and then back up at my dad. "Umm," My voice very quiet as I uttered this. "I'm not sure yet." I forced out a yawn and glanced over at my alarm clock. It was 12:30. "I should get to sleep." I told him as I quickly got under my covers.

He nodded quickly. "I'll get out of here then." He flicked off the light. "Goodnight, Julianna."

"Night, dad." I replied, while turning onto my side with my back facing him before he had even shut the door. When I heard it click shut, I moved onto my back again.

All of the thoughts and questions I had been trying to suppress came rushing over me again. Along with the crushing anxiety and the migraine—that was either from stress or sleep deprivation. Probably a mixture of the two. But I couldn't sleep knowing there were so many questions I needed answers to. Who were all the other hunters in town? Who were all Vampires in town? Should I tell my father I'm an Immortal? Would he still accept me? Would he kill me?

And above all; why did everyone fear my dad so much? I was planning on getting my answers soon. Chad and his mother would be able to provide me with answers; I was sure of it. Then I'll finally know the truth; for once in my life.

After a very restless night's sleep, I was suddenly jolted awake by Chad shaking me. I looked up at him in utter shock.

"Wh—" I began, but he held a finger over his lips signaling me to be quiet; then he motioned for me to get up. I wanted to protest seeing as how I had never been this tired in my entire lifetime; but I was eager to learn how to have control over my abilities. I grudgingly rose to my feet.

Chad pointed over at my closet. "Get dressed." His voice came out so quiet that I hardly heard him. I think he was being ridiculous considering the fact that it was six in the morning and both of my parents wouldn't be up for a few more hours. Mom didn't have work today so I assumed she was going to sleep in; and dad had just spent the entire previous night Immortal hunting.

I started over to my closest. "I don't think it's necessary to be this quiet." I said in a much louder whisper than he had used.

Chad silently dashed over to me in a second and cupped his hand over my mouth. "Your dad is awake." He spoke this so silently I was kind of wondering if he had actually just mouthed the words. My heart started pounding. If he caught Chad up here... I didn't even want to think about what would happen. "Get. Dressed." His voice was quiet but demanding.

Without another word, I swiftly and silently made my way over to my closet. I pulled out the first t-shirt and pair of jeans I saw. I then dashed into the bathroom and dressed myself as quickly as possible; catching a glimpse of my absolute mane of hair in the process. I ran a quick brush through it and put it up into a high ponytail; then brushed my teeth. I looked horribly exhausted so I put on a little bit of mascara before bolting out of the bathroom.

Chad had an impatient look on his face and looked down at his wrist as he tapped it twice with his middle and pointer fingers as if he were wearing a watch. "We need to get out of here." He whispered as quiet as ever. I gave him a quick nod as we swiftly crept out of my room. I listened close and could hear the shower running in the main bathroom down the hall. Chad and I sprinted down the stairs, through the kitchen, and out the front door. I spotted Chad's car parked down the road a ways. When we were far enough away from the house, Chad let out a deep groan.

"Your dad almost caught me back there," His voice was panicky. I looked at him with wide eyes. "I was in the kitchen and he started coming down the stairs." He informed me as we approached his car. "Luckily I ran into the entry way before he saw me; but yeah it was a close call." Both of us got into his car.

"My mom knows I'm a Vampire." I told him in a slightly scared voice. Chad did a double take as he started his car. "There was an Immortal in our house last night and she kind of saved my life."

"What did she say?" He asked in a panicky tone. "How is she taking it?" He didn't take his car out of park; he just looked at me with wide eyes.

"Well she isn't exactly happy about it," I noted, glancing over at my house for a moment. "But she hasn't killed me yet so that's something." Before he could comment on that I spoke. "Do you know what the hunters do with the Immortals they kill?"

He shook his head. "I always assumed they just burned them somewhere."

"There is a giant pit in the Shipley's backyard." I informed him; gesturing over to the house across the street. "They dug out the swimming pool and they throw the bodies in there," Chad's facial expressions looked somewhere between anger and about to be sick. I would guess he's thinking about if that's what they'd done with his father's body. "I assume they do burn them after a while. The smell would become too noticeable." Chad didn't say anything to that and pulled the car away from the curb.

"So," I began—changing the subject. "If my parents know you and your mom are Vampires, then why don't they try to kill you?" It didn't make sense to me that the hunters in town definitely knew Chad and his mother were Vampires and let them continue living in Old Brook; living at all for that matter.

He looked over at me and shot me a grin as he pulled away from the curb. "That would be because of the pact," He responded as he stopped at a stop sign for a half second. "It dates back a century. The original founders of Old Brook found out that a family of Vampires had been living in the area before it was founded." He explained, while glancing in the rearview mirror. "The Vampires were the Addams," He shot me a grin. "My ancestors; but the founders wanted to kill them. The Vampires assured them that they were peaceful and begged them to let them live," He paused. "And they agreed. But under the condition that if an Addams' killed or even hurt a human that lived in Old Brook in anyway, they would be killed." He explained. "They agreed that their family could continue living in Old Brook as long as they wanted as long as they didn't break the pact."

"Okay," I nodded. "So my dad broke the pact then," I noted. "Is there a punishment for that?"

He sighed. "Unfortunately there's not," He replied bitterly. "But the pact is highly upheld and respected by the hunters of this town and the hunters that visit this town." His face darkened. "Well... most of them." I presumed he was saying that because of my dad's rash notion that Chad's father had killed a human. I didn't press him on it any longer; not wanting to upset him more.

We pulled up to Chad's house a few minutes later. His house was two stories high and painted a pretty robin's egg shade of blue; with tons of flowers in the front lawn, and a tall, white picket fence that surrounded the backyard. The house was uniquely quaint and I adored it. We walked inside and Chad's mom was in the kitchen making cookies; as usual. Dessert was her specialty. My personal favorite had to be her double chocolate chip brownies. Serena had always been like a second mom to me and I knew she basically considered me part of the family.

She turned around when we walked into the room. She had long, beautiful red hair and a face full of freckles just like Chad. She also passed along the pretty hazel eyes to him as well. "Julianna, sweetie; Chad told me everything;" She glared at him; fury flickering in her eyes. "He had no right to do what he did." She said with her eyes still fixated on Chad; then looked back at me with an apologetic look on her face. "Revenge is never the answer." She didn't add anything more to that, but continued to look at me with what appeared to be sorrow in her eyes.

"It's okay," I began in a slow voice. "Well, I mean it's not okay, but I can't change anything and there's no use making Chad feel guilty for the rest of his life." It was true; I still wasn't overly fond of being an Immortal but whining and crying about it wasn't going to bring back my humanity. "I'm just going to have to get used to it." I added.

Serena gave me a kind smile. "That's very brave of you." But then, a curious look flashed across her face. "Have you known about Vampires all this time?" She asked. From the look on her face it seemed like she was already pretty certain what the answer was.

I shook my head. "No." I replied in an almost bitter tone. "My parents haven't told me about Vampires, about them being hunters;" I looked down at the floor for a moment and then looked back up at her. "Any of it." I could feel anger start to flicker up inside me.

She nodded. "I thought not." A small sigh escaped her lips. "None of us have mentioned one word of it to each other all these years, but I would think your father would've told you by now..." She glanced out the kitchen window for a few moments; appearing to be in deep thought. Her eyes met mine again. "But on the other hand he might be keeping it from you with reason." Before I could question what that reason might be, Chad spoke.

He cleared his throat. "So, I'm going to teach Julianna about..." His voice trailed off and exchanged knowing looks with his mother.

Serena smiled widely at her son. "Right now?" She said a bit excitedly as she simultaneously wiped her hands with a rag on the counter.

Chad nodded. "She has no idea about it." His tone sounded a tad teasing. I looked back and forth between the two of them who were looking back at each other with huge smiles.

"About what?" Neither of them answered my question.

Serena looked over at me. "Julianna, when's the last time you had blood?" She spoke in a motherly voice.

The word blood instantly made my throat start to tickle. "Last night," I stated; thinking back to the three animals I had taken down. "But I had quite a bit of it."

She shook her head. "It doesn't matter; as a new Vampire you should be drinking blood quite frequently to keep your thirst under control." Her tone sounded urgent as she informed me of this. "Eventually you'll be able to get away with having a bit of blood in the morning and at night; but as for now you need to drink blood as much as you can to prevent you from losing control and hurting someone." She lost her serious facial expressions and a grin spread across her face. "Plus, you'll need the strength to do what you're about to do."

She opened the pantry door that was next to the counter and flicked the light on inside. Then she moved aside some canned goods and pulled out a medium sized lock box at the back of the pantry. She walked over to the decorative tea pot on the counter and pulled a key out of it. She set the lock box on the counter and opened it with the key. She pulled out what looked like one of those blood bags that they used at the hospital; and handed it to me. It read: Old Brook Blood Bank.

"They're all donation." Chad spoke in a light tone with a grin on his face. He peered down at the blood bag. "No, don't give her AB! That's my favorite and they aren't exactly easy to come by." I giggled at his outburst; he smiled back at me. "Give her O." Serena sighed heavily and I handed the blood bag back to her with a smile still on my face. She put it back in the box and pulled out another one. I ripped off the top of it and squeezed the blood into my mouth. I felt incredible relief instantly. Not only did I no longer feel thirsty, but I felt immensely elated; like I could conquer the world. The look on my face made the two of them chuckle.

"Human blood is the most satisfying to Vampires." Serena explained with a sorrowful look on her face. "It's how we were made." She closed the box and locked it with the key. "We try to get out and hunt as often as we can, but it's not always possible." I tossed the empty blood bag into a nearby garbage can then saw Serena give Chad a small smile and a nod.

I looked over at Chad who had a cheesy smile on his face; then he walked over to the table and picked up a water bottle that was sitting on it. He slid open the patio door and turned back around. "Follow me." He walked out and Serena and I trailed after him. We followed Chad off of the brick patio and into the grass. I studied him intently as I waited for something to happen. Then, he unscrewed the top off the water bottle and tossed it into the grass; his hand slightly raised in the air. Without warning, Chad jerked the open water bottle into the air; causing the water to fly out. But before a single drop of water could hit the ground it started to rise. Then, Chad quickly set the water bottle on the ground and then moved his hand in a circle and the water joined together as if they were magnets. The water took the shape of a ball and then it started to move toward Chad; and floated right between his hands as he moved them up and down. I could not believe what I was seeing. "Impressive huh?" He grinned.

"What—?" My voice came out weak. "How—?" Chad was commanding the water to move at his will. How was any of this possible? It was incredible to watch and excitement flooded by body. "That's amazing!" I exclaimed. "Can I do that?"

Chad nodded; his eyes were focused on the ball of water that became a thin stream as he directed it back into the water bottle. When the water bottle was filled again, Chad looked up at me. "Watch this." He grinned. He placed the water bottle on the ground in front of him and stood up straight, then met my eyes again. "No hands." His grin widened as he placed his hands behind his back. He focused intently on the water bottle in front of him and the water began to rise out of it again. But this time as the water rose into the air, it formed a giant spiral that went high above our heads.


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