Hidden in the Immortals

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Chapter 3 (v.1) - Chapter 3

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"Chad Garrison Addams, bring that down immediately!" Serena scolded; shooting daggers at him. "That fence is only so high! We have neighbors!" Chad hastily brought the water back down into the bottle as he glanced at his mom with a sheepish look on his face. As soon as all of the water was back in the bottle I was nearly bursting with excitement to try.

"Can I do it now!?" I exclaimed as I hurried over to Chad and grabbed the water bottle from him. I moved my hand up and down, trying to get the water to rise.

Chad let out a quiet chuckle and grabbed my hand that was in the air. "Easy there, tiger." He grinned. "Let me give you some pointers." With his hand still on mine, he moved mine right over the top of the water bottle. "It's not enough just to move your hand up and down and expect the water to move with it. You have to command the water to do what you want. You really have to focus on making the water do what you want it to do." He instructed and let go of my hand. "Give it a shot." He took a step back.

I let out a deep breath and closed my eyes. I opened them back up and focused on commanding the water to move out of the water bottle. I focused with every fiber of my being; screaming inside my head to get the water to rise, but nothing happened. I looked up at Chad. "What am I doing wrong?" I asked.

He shook his head. "Nothing; water probably isn't your element." He noted. "It's the most common so I just assumed." Chad walked over and took the water bottle back and grabbed the top of the ground and twisted it back on.

"Wait," I started, excitement filling my body once more. "Does that mean I can control other things?! Other elements?!" I sounded like a kid on Christmas morning.

Chad laughed again. "Yeah, earth, air, or fire." He replied. "Most likely earth. After water it's the next most common." He gestured over at Serena. "Mom manipulates air, which is pretty uncommon," She flicked her fingers in my direction and a gust of wind hit me in the face. She smiled at me. "But not as uncommon as fire. Most Vampires won't see a fire wielder their entire life." He crouched down on the ground and grabbed a handful of soil.

I shrugged. "Why is that?" I asked. "Why is fire so uncommon?" Maybe it had something to do with fire being destructive and an Immortal having that kind of ability was dangerous; some Immortal evolution thing.

"No one knows for sure," He walked over to me and placed the soil into my hand. "But a lot of Vampires think it's the rarest because it's the only element that can be produced without them being near fire. Like the Vampire can produce the fire out of their body."

"Sounds powerful." I commented. I would imagine it would feel amazing to have that much control at your fingertips. I'm sure all of the elements feel great to be able to manipulate in their own right, but I think fire would be the best of all.

"Well from what we've been taught, it's not all it's cracked up to be." Chad crossed his arms. "Vampires who wield fire have bad anger and when they get too angry they lose control and shoot fire." Maybe I didn't want to wield fire after all. "All of the elements come with emotional drawbacks though, so it's not just fire. It sucks because the more power a Vampire has over their element, the stronger the negative emotion it comes with." He gestured towards the soil in my hands. "Okay give earth a try; same thing you did with the water." I let out another deep breath and held my hand above the soil in my other hand. I concentrated with all my might to get the soil to move. Yelling 'move' in my head as powerfully as I could. Nothing happened. I gave it another shot. Focusing, concentrating with every amount of strength I had.

"I feel nothing." I threw the dirt onto the ground and wiped my hands vigorously on my jeans. "I'm probably doing something wrong," That had to be it. There was no way I wielded an element other than water or earth. "I'm just stupid." I sounded like I was growling. I was angry with myself. I should be able to do this, but I couldn't.

Chad took a few steps forward so he was inches away from me. "Don't ever say that about yourself." His eyes burned into mine. "You are not stupid. You're not doing anything wrong; you just can't manipulate earth or water." He assured me. He took a step back and then looked over at his mom. "Want to help Julianna learn the basics of air?" He had a cute little smile on his face.

"Absolutely." She said in her motherly voice as she made her way toward us. Serena turned toward Chad, who stood a few feet away from her, and held her hand up. She didn't touch him, but Chad was suddenly shoved back by a large gust of wind. "We need some space." She grinned at her son. He rolled his eyes like this was a something that happened often. She turned back toward me.

"Now air is similar to fire in the way that you will always be able to use it. But it's different because you can't physically force it out of your body like fire wielders." Serena moved her hands around in a circle a few times and I could feel air rushing toward her. Her eyes looked back up at me. "But don't underestimate the power of air; it can be just as dangerous as any of the other elements." She shoved her hands in Chad's direction and he went flying a few feet backward and landed on the ground.

"Mom!" Chad shrieked. He rubbed his left elbow and shot her a glare. "I'm not a test dummy." He slowly rose to his feet and brushed off his pants.

"Today you are." She told him with a grin. Chad was about to protest but Serena pointed to me. "Don't you want Julianna to learn how to manipulate her element?" The tone of her voice suggested that she knew exactly where to hit him to get him to comply. That and the grin still playing on her lips. He groaned but nodded his head. "Good then." She turned back to me.

"Use the same tactic you've been trying with water and earth," She told me. "But this time close your eyes and try to relax as you command the air to do what you want." I did as she said and waited to feel something. To feel the control I had over the air. I was relaxed, but commanding—as Serena had told me to be; and yet I still wasn't moving any air. I opened my eyes and moved my hands in circles the same way Serena had been doing it a few minutes ago. I focused and focused and focused and then, gave up.

"I still can't do it!" There was absolutely no way that I wielded fire; and I couldn't manipulate any of the other elements—I must be a defective Vampire.

Chad and Serena exchanged glances; and Chad shook his head no. "It's not possible." He mumbled. "We just need to try again with the other elements." He started toward his water bottle.

Serena met his side. "We might as well give it a try." She looked back over at me. "Julianna, sweetie—on the off chance you do wield fire, you're going to have to be extremely careful and control it to the best of your ability." She instructed. "You need to focus on making the fire do exactly what you want." She grabbed Chad by the arm and they took a few steps back. "Just a precaution." She smiled sweetly.

"What do I do?" I asked. I didn't have any fire; how was I going to manipulate something that wasn't in front of me? "Should I go find a lighter or something?"

Serena shook her head. "Fire users don't need fire to be able to manipulate it, remember." She looked like she was trying to hide the fear in her expressions; I could hear her voice tremble a little. "I'm not exactly sure how fire wielders channel their element, but I'd imagine it's the same basic principle as the rest of the elements. Start by picturing fire in your head and commanding it what to do." She subtly moved Chad and herself back another half step.

I cupped my hands together and closed my eyes. Not a second after my initial thought of fire; I felt something bubbling inside me. I pressed it further and further until I felt like I was about to burst. At the same moment I opened my eyes, a tiny ball of fire flickered in my hands. I grinned widely and let out a sort of victory screech. I looked up at Chad and Serena who both looked incredibly shocked. Neither of them were moving; their mouths just hung open in disbelief. I looked back down at the fire. It looked like a mini campfire; except much more beautiful. The colors of the flames were more vibrant and brighter than I had ever seen before. A mixture between red, orange, and yellow wrapped around each other, and speckles that were a beautiful shade of blue flickered in it too. The fire wasn't hot and it didn't burn me even though the flames were tickling my hands. It was warm and made me feel cozy inside; peaceful even.

"I—I don't believe it." Serena's voice came out in a whisper. Neither of them moved toward me; probably out of fear. Chad also looked like he was in deep unbelief but also slightly impressed. I let out a deep breath and made the fire go out. The second I did, Chad came running up to me with a giant smile on his face. Then he picked me up and spun me around.

"Julianna, you wield fire!" He exclaimed with a happy laugh. Het set me back down and smiled proudly at me. "You don't realize how special you are. I mean, you've always been special and wonderful, but now..." His grin widened and he shook his head.

Serena approached us with a smile on her face too. "Congratulations, Julianna. You've got yourself a very rare gift." A wave of seriousness flashed across her face. "But you've got to be extremely, extremely careful with it. Your anger is going to be much more intense now and you're going to have to try as hard as you can to keep it under control. If you don't, you could end up accidently shooting fire at someone. Not only hurting them badly, but blowing your Immortal status as well." She explained.

I nodded. "I understand. I'll do my best." I stuck my arms out in front of me; one higher in the air and one below the other. Then I started moving them in a circle while alternating their positions. Barely giving fire a single thought, it sparked out of my hands and began following the movement of my arms. "I think I've got this thing mastered already."

"Julianna, I think you should take it slow with this." Serena said in a calm voice. "Fire is unpredictable and I've had no experience with it whatsoever. Just be careful." I let out a sigh and let the fire die out. Whatever; I had it completely under control. It is my element after all, I think I can manage a few little arm movements without killing anyone... "Just give it some time and a little more practice before playing with it." She added.

I rolled my eyes mentally. "With all due respect, Serena, I think I know what I'm doing," I replied flatly. "But thanks for the concern."

Chad took a few steps toward me with a slightly irritated look on his face. "Hey, no need to talk to my mom like that." His voice calm, but firm at the same time.

I crossed my arms over my chest. "I'm not talking to her like anything. I'm simply pointing out that it's my element and I am completely capable of keeping it under control." I responded sharply. " I don't need anyone telling me what I can and cannot do with something that is none of their business anyway." Speaking this simple truth seemed to fuel my anger even further.

Chad took a few more steps toward me until he was right in front of me. "Lose the attitude, Julianna." He demanded.

Serena met his side. "It's okay, Chad." She insisted. "She's completely right; I have no place telling her what she can do with her element."

I smiled at her. "Thank you." My anger vanished instantly. "Okay I have loads of questions about everything." I informed them.

She smiled. "I'm sure you do." She gestured toward the house. "Let's go inside and I'll answer them the best I can."

We walked back into the house and made our way into the living room. I sat down on the arm chair, while Chad and Serena sat down on the couch. I decided to start with the question that I wanted to know most.

"Why is everyone so terrified of my dad?" I blurted out. Chad and Serena exchanged looks with each other and then looked back at me. The look on Chad's face told me he wasn't going to touch this question with a ten foot pole. Serena sat forward in her seat and looked me in the eye.

"Julianna... your father is a very skilled hunter. He's fast, he's strong, he's smart, and from what I hear an excellent tracker." She paused and placed her hands in her lap. She looked down at them for a moment and then back up at me. "But there's a bit more to it than that. You might not want to hear this...but your father is cruel, cold, and vicious to the Vampires he kills. He's especially known for his art in torture. Sometimes he'll keep Vampires locked up for days while doing horrific things to them before killing them." Hearing her say these things about my dad made my stomach turn. I felt like I was about to be sick. Serena looked hesitant to explain further.

I swallowed. "What does he do to them?" I asked slowly. I was incredibly unsure if I really wanted to know, but a part of me needed to know the truth; the whole truth.

Serena didn't answer right away; a faraway look in her eyes. Then she looked back at me again. "The only way to kill an Immortal or a Vampire is a blow to the heart or decapitation. There is no other possible way. Many hunters, including your father, take advantage of this. From my understanding, he and Roger Nelson are the only two who partake in this in Old Brook, however.

"Very, very few Immortals have escaped your father, Julianna. The ones who have gotten away have given the gruesome details of what they went through. One of the Vampires was a close friend of Jack's. He's still alive for the record and is living with his family a few miles away from Bluedale." She explained, and then went on. "Your father set him on fire and kept him on fire for hours. And that's only one of the accounts. I'm sure there are worse things he has done."

I couldn't bear to hear anymore. I closed my eyes for a few moments; trying to prevent myself from getting sick. A huge wave of relief swept over me from not telling dad I was an Immortal last night. I was now officially terrified to death of him. "So... he's evil." I didn't mean it as a question because I had already determined that for myself.

"He's not evil per se... he's just very passionate about what he does." Serena responded. It was obvious she was just trying to help me maintain a somewhat positive opinion on my dad.

I just shook my head. "How do the hunters manage to bring an alive Immortal to wherever they keep them?" The question dawned on me. My dad was strong, but he wasn't that strong. He and no other hunter were a match for that. They may be able to kill them fairly easily, but essentially kidnapping them?

Serena nodded at my question. "There are these very special, very rare stakes that were first used about fifty years after the original Immortal outbreak. There are only a few in existence and three of them just so happen to be in this town." She explained. "The stakes are infused with a special kind of magic that when stabbed into an Immortal's heart will stop it, but the Immortal will still be alive. When the stake is removed, the Immortal will reanimate."

"That's horrible." I commented. I can deal with my father simply killing Immortals, but I can't deal with his horrible acts of torture.

Serena nodded once. "It really is." She scooted to the end of the couch so she was closer to me. "But don't be mistaken, Julianna. There are Immortals out there that are pure evil. Whether that be by choice or not." She told me.

I gave her a confused look. "What do you mean by choice or not?"

"Sometimes when a human is turned into an Immortal, they lose their humanity." She started. "Which basically means that they lose their sense of right and wrong, all emotions, everything. But not every single one of them go on killing sprees and terrorize people. Some simply just don't care about anything at all; they just live their lives in seclusion."

"But the hunters don't care about any of that. They kill whatever has fangs; even if it's a kid." Chad chimed in with an almost growl to his voice and glanced over to the pictures that sat on a bookshelf. Serena placed her hand on Chad's back and kept it there for a moment. "It's unfair." He continued to gaze angrily and almost sorrowfully at the pictures.

Chad looked at his mom and she gave him a sympathetic smile. "You're right that it's unfair sweetie, but it's been eight years and the anger you're holding onto is unhealthy." She spoke in a calming voice. "There's nothing we can do to bring him back; we just have to move on." She and Chad both looked back at the pictures.

Eight years. "A-are you talking about Caleb?" I asked in a hesitant voice. I wasn't sure if now was the time to bring him up. They both looked at me and nodded. "It's really been eight years since he was kidnapped?" That question seemed to suck all the air out of them room. It was still and silent for a few moments.

Serena got up from the couch and walked over to the bookshelf with the pictures on it. She picked up one of the pictures and walked back over to the couch. She sat down and showed the picture to me and Chad. It was of Chad and Caleb when they were kids. Chad looked about nine, which would put Caleb at twelve. The two of them may have been brothers, but they looked nothing alike. Chad got most of his features from his mom. He got her freckles, but didn't inherit her full out red hair, but his hair was such a light brown that when the sun hit it just right there was a red hue to it. I had always imagined that if Chad were a girl he would look like a mini me of her. Caleb on the other hand had inherited most of his features from their dad. Dark brown hair that matched the color of his eyes, and not a single freckles on his face. In the picture they had their arms around each other's shoulders and both wore wide toothy grins. "Julianna..." Serena started in a sorrowful voice. "Caleb wasn't kidnapped. He was killed by a hunter." This information felt like a slap to the face.

"H-he was killed?" My voice came out as a squeak. I'd gone eight years believing that Caleb was kidnapped. I always hung onto the little bit of hope that he was still alive somewhere out there and that one day we'd find him; but now that hope was gone. Caleb was dead. He had been dead this entire time.

Serena nodded solemnly. "We had to tell people he was kidnapped; there was no other way around it. Jack and I decided it was best if we went with that story because we didn't want to get caught up in something we couldn't get out of. With us being Vampires things could've gotten fishy and we didn't want people asking questions." She looked down at the picture in her lap and rubbed her thumb over Caleb.

"But what about the pact?" Serena's head perked up to me. Two Addams' wrongfully killed in the town that's supposed to be a safe haven for them. The thought made me sick. "I doubt that Caleb hurt or killed anyone. He was thirteen."

"You're right, he didn't." Serena confirmed. "The hunter that killed Caleb did not live in Old Brook; he was just visiting your father and the others. But he was aware of the pact, all of the hunters are. He just didn't care." She let out a deep breath and continued. "Jack took Caleb to the lake one day to go fishing. What he didn't know was that this hunter had been tracking them the entire way there.

"Jack and Caleb had hooked up the boat and were all ready to go, but Jack had to go back to the truck to get some things he forgot. He was on his way back to the lake and he heard Caleb yelling. It took Jack a few seconds to run down the trail and to the shore. He got there just in time to see the hunter run a stake through Caleb's heart." She paused; the look on her face told me she was trying to collect herself for her next sentence. "Jack was so distraught that he fell to his knees and couldn't stand. He watched the hunter throw Caleb's body into the back of his truck."

I didn't know what to say. There probably wasn't anything I could say. Chad had witnessed the death of his father; Jack had witnessed the death of his son. I couldn't even begin to imagine how he felt in that moment. Knowing the truth about what happened to Caleb seemed to open yet another vault of anger inside me. So many hard truths had been revealed to me these last two days; and each one of them made me even angrier.

No one spoke for a few minutes. The silence was becoming increasingly more uncomfortable. I didn't want to be the first one to say anything. The topic we had just been discussing was too heavy and I wasn't about to change the subject. Serena cleared her throat. "Is there anything else you wanted to know, Julianna?" Serena asked, finally breaking the silence.

I didn't know if it was appropriate to keep asking questions after that. But I did still have questions. "Do you know why the other hunters seem to be scared of my dad?" I decided to just go for it and try to remove some of the tension from the room. "Even my mom acts like she fears him."

Serena appeared to be pondering what I asked. "I don't think it's necessarily fear. I would imagine it's just respect. Your father holds a lot of power in this town and would probably go to great lengths to keep everything in order. I'm sure a lot of the other hunters have learned this the hard way." She said this like it was no big deal, but she looked a bit scared. "He and Roger are so influential, all they have to do is snap their fingers and they could bend things in their favor."

"Do you have any theories as to why my dad hasn't told me about Immortals yet?" I asked. "Or why I've never met any of the other hunters' families?" It's always worked out that anytime a function would come up that the children of the hunters would be there, we wouldn't go. I mean, the Shipley's lived across the street and I never met either of their kids. I know there are two of them and I know they are moved out of the house, but I never officially met them.

"I think it has something to do with sheltering you from the Immortals. One of the kids could let something slip and your dad obviously doesn't want that." She suggested. "Now as to why he hasn't told you, I'm not exactly sure. He might just be waiting until he feels you're ready."

"That seems a little too simple." I commented. "You don't think there's more to it than that?" My entire life he's managed to keep me away from the families of his best friends. It seems kind of hard to believe that he's gone to such extreme lengths just to wait until he felt I was ready to know.

She sighed. "I honestly don't know, Julianna. He's going to tell you eventually, and I'm sure he'll explain everything then."

I thanked Serena for everything and told Chad I would see him tomorrow; then I went home. I pulled into my driveway at about one in the afternoon. Dad's car was gone, but mom's wasn't. I got out of my car and went up to the house. I walked into the entry way then turned to see mom watching TV in the living room. She looked over at me uneasily. I could tell she was still unsure about what to do with me being an Immortal.

"Where have you been?" The tone of her voice sounded like she was trying to make it seem like any other day; which I appreciated. She was looking through the channels trying to find something to watch.

She knew I was an Immortal, might as well tell her the truth. "I was... at Chad's." I replied as coolly as possible. She gave me a look that I was unable to interpret. I so wished she would tell me what she was thinking about all of this.

She sighed and patted the spot next to her on the couch. "Sit down." I was surprised by this, but kind of relived by it. "We should probably talk." She added as I made my way over to her.

I sat down. "Yeah, probably." I had no idea what she was going to say or what she was going to do. Was she as cutthroat about hunting as my dad was? Or would she cut me a break because I was her daughter? I needed to know where her head was at.

"First of all," She began; her voice coming out firm. "Was it Chad who turned you?" I knew she knew this to be a fact; she was just trying to get me to admit it. I simply nodded. "I figured." She shrugged. "It's almost unbelievable to me that he would actually do that though. I knew he would try to get his revenge somehow but I didn't expect him to turn you into an Immortal. Especially since you two have been friends forever," She paused and smiled ever so slightly. "And with him being in love with you."

I rolled my eyes and laughed. This was not the first time I've heard this in my lifetime. "Chad is not in love with me." My voice sounding tired from repeating that overused phrase for about the thousandth time.

"Yes, of course not." She grinned. "We'll come back to this some other time; but we need to focus on the matter at hand first." I nodded in agreement. "On a scale of one to ten, how different do you feel?"

I shrugged. "That's kind of a difficult question to rank on a one to ten scale." There were a lot of things that made me feel different; like the bloodlust for starters. "For the most part I feel the same; I still have my humanity." I wonder if she even knew what that meant. Were the hunters aware that most Immortals stayed the same?

She let out a sigh of relief from this information. "I'm so glad." She looked into my eyes and her face fell serious. "There's something you should know about dad, though;" She paused with a look of grief on her face. "He won't care that you still have your humanity. He won't care that you're his daughter. He'll kill you." My stomach dropped from this statement. I knew now from Serena that he was dangerous, but I didn't think he would go after me. After all, I am his daughter. "I know that's hard to hear, but it's true. He sees all Immortals in the same light; pure evil." I swallowed the lump in my throat. "And if and when he finds out about you; run."

Now I had to be on guard 24/7. I had to do everything in my power to prevent my dad from finding out; my life literally depended on it. "But what about you?" I asked in an almost desperate voice. "Are you going to help protect me?"

My mom looked slightly taken aback by my question. Her brow furrowed as she continued to look at me. "Of course." She said this in a tone of voice that suggested that she had planned on it this entire time.

I smiled bright at her. "Thank you." I adjusted my position on the couch so my entire body was facing her. "Now can you explain all of this Immortal hunter business?" I had gotten a lot of information out of Serena, but I was curious to hear what my mother could tell me on the subject.

She stood up and motioned with her head toward the kitchen. "Come with me." I followed her into the kitchen and over to the basement door. I gave her a questioning look, but she didn't say anything. She simply opened the basement door and started walking down the stairs; I followed after her. All that we had down in the basement were a few a few boxes full of miscellaneous objects, my dad's workshop and a big bookshelf.

Dad loved carpentry. It was one of his favorite things in the world; probably less than Immortal hunting though, I'd imagine. He made our kitchen chairs a few years and they were absolutely beautiful. He also made the desk in my room. Quite frequently he would come down here and create something; usually when he was stressed out. I always thought it was admirable that he had a hobby to distract him from the pressures of his life. I just wished it was his only hobby.

"Our family have been Immortal hunters since Immortals were created, along with the—"

I cut her off. "I know; the Nelson's, the Shipley's, and the Reynolds'." I finished her sentence. "Chad told me."

She looked slightly surprised by this. "Oh," It was silent for a moment. "Well what don't you know?" I thought it was nice that my mom was so willing to answer my questions.

"Are Uncle Romeo and Aunt Danielle hunters?" They were always so sweet and kind to everyone and it seemed ridiculous to think they were hunters. "And Andres and Gabi?" I added. I couldn't imagine my cousins being hunters either. It just did not fit their personalities at all.

"Uncle Romeo is," She answered slowly. "But Danielle, Andres, and Gabi aren't." I froze; in both shock and anger. "Romeo gave the kids a choice if they wanted to hunt or not, and they decided not to." She added. "At least, that was the case the last time I talked to them."

My jaw clenched. "Wait... so Andres and Gabi do know?!" My anger bubbled up inside me even further. She nodded cautiously. "Why have Jana and I been the only ones kept in the dark all this time?"

She looked a little hesitant to give me an answer to my question. "Because your father doesn't," She stopped abruptly. "Your father and I don't want you and your sister to be involved in all of this yet."

That still didn't make sense to me. "But why?" The tone of my voice starting to sound irritated. "If dad is so crazy about hunting why wouldn't he want us to be hunting too? Or at least inform us of what's going on?" But not only that; the extreme measures he's taken to keep us unaware of hunting and Immortals was ridiculous. That's what was baffling me. To say that the only reason he's kept this from us our entire lives was because he didn't want us exposed to it and didn't think we were ready to know, was something that I wasn't buying. There had to be more to it than that. I knew there was more to it than that.

"He just doesn't think you guys are mentally and physically prepared to hunt." She almost sounded like she was trying to come up with any excuse to give me. "Hunting is draining to your body on many levels; and you need to be ready on every one of those levels to hunt." I supposed that was probably true; but I still believed there was something else.

"Alright, if you don't want to tell me, don't." I snapped. "I'll figure it out on my own." I didn't know how I planned on doing that exactly, but I sounded convincing.

She walked toward the bookshelf. "I want to show you something." I watched her wearily as she pushed the bookshelf to the side. But behind the bookshelf was a door that I had never seen before. She reached behind the books on the top shelf and grabbed one of the books out. She opened it and picked up a key that was hidden inside it.

"Mom," I started as I took a few slow steps toward her. "What is this? What's in there?" I gestured toward the door. She didn't responded; she simply stuck the key into the lock and opened the door. Then she walked inside and I cautiously followed after her. The room was dark; but I didn't need light to see what was in the room. Before I could open my mouth, mom flipped on the light. The light instantly illuminated the entire room; I had to shield my eyes because it was so bright.

The walls of the entire square room were covered in weapons. Giant swords, daggers, bows, wooden stakes, metal stakes, guns. I gulped as I looked around the room; eyeing every weapon on the walls. "Mom, this is...scary." My voice shaking as I spoke. I spotted a huge map that was pinned up to one of the walls and walked over to it. It was of Old Brook and the towns that surrounded to a 100-mile radius. There were X's crossing out some areas and red string pinned from town to town. I figured this was some kind of hit list and the X's must've been Immortals they've already killed.

"Don't tell Jana about this room." She told me. "And absolutely do not tell your father I showed you it." I noticed she swallowed after she said this; with just a tad bit of terror in her features.

"I'm not going to tell him," I assured her. "But out of curiosity, what would he do if I did?"

The tad bit of terror in her face turned to full out panic. "A lot of things." Her voice shook dramatically. "But let's just say, the best thing he would do is make sure I'm never involved in hunting again."


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