Hidden in the Immortals

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Prolog (v.1) - Prologue

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The town of Old Brook was founded in 1912 by four families: the Nelson's, the Mercado's, the Shipley's, and the Reynolds'. Two years prior the entire globe was, without warning, attacked by vicious creatures who had the appearance of man, but fed on the blood of the living and had the power to manipulate one of the four elements to their will. The people were horrified; they hadn't a clue how to stop these creatures, or if they could even be stopped.

As the months progressed, people discovered that the creatures could only be killed by decapitation or an injury to the heart of any kind. This information spread quickly from coast to coast. Hundreds of thousands of brave men, women, and children took a stand against the creatures. Many were killed; both human and Immortal—which is the name they were eventually given. The Immortals could also turn humans into Immortals by draining every last drop of blood from their body.

The big question everyone was asking was this: How did the Immortals even come into existence in the first place? And for a while, no one knew.

Two years after the Immortal outbreak, as we know; Old Brook was founded. It soon became a well-known town for Immortal hunters to move to and gain in numbers; as well as a safe haven for people in general. Henry Nelson soon became elected mayor of Old Brook; with Arnel Mercado, Peter Shipley, and Sam Reynolds as his right hand men.

Another two years passed. One evening Henry and his wife Grace, were disturbed by a knock on the door. On their doorstep was a beloved, elderly woman in the town by the name of Mabel Lewis. Mabel had lived in Old Brook before it was even founded. The house she lived in was very old and was passed down for generations and generations in her family.

Henry immediately noticed the large, very old looking book in her arms. Mabel told the Nelson's that she had vital information she had to press upon them. They ushered her inside and they sat down at the dining room table. Mabel told the Nelson's that the book she had out on the table before them she had found earlier that day. She said she was in her attic doing some cleaning when she looked over at a chest that she had up there. She informed them that the chest had been up there since she was born, but had never looked inside it in her life.

That day when she was up in the attic, she became curious as to what had been in the chest all those years. In it she found love letters between her parents when they were in their teens, old family heirlooms, and even some pictures she had drawn as a child that her parents must have kept.

At the bottom of the chest however, she saw the book. The moment she opened it, Mabel sensed something very dark and very evil.

The Nelson's were listening intently to Mabel's story and she opened the book again. Immediately a chill swept through the dining room. Mabel picked up a piece of paper from the book that she had ripped out and looked as if it were hundreds of years old. She slid the paper over to Henry for him to read.

There were words that were clearly a spell or curse of some sort, but it was written entirely in Latin. They did however manage to make out a few words; 'incantationibus', 'elementa', 'immortalis' and 'daemonia'—as incantation, element, immortal, and demon. At the bottom of the page was a very disturbing drawing. It was of a creature with long claws for fingers and hooves for feet; along with dark, black dead eyes. The creature was sinking its long fangs mercilessly into a woman's neck. It was dated 1753.

Mabel took notice to other spells and curses that were in the book. Some of them had been slightly changed here and there by someone else; most of them dated in 1810. Including the one with the drawing of what seemed to be an Immortal. That was exactly 100 years before the Immortal outbreak. The three of them agreed that it was not a coincidence. Someone had enacted this curse 100 years ago.

Now there were some Immortals who were good natured and still seemed very human like; despite having to drink blood to survive and having the unusual abilities. They could still feel joy, sadness, anger, love, and hate like any human can. These Immortals only fed on the blood of animals, instead of having to harm humans. Many of them were still friends with the people they were before. They confided in their loved ones about them now being an Immortal and a lot of the time were accepted back with open arms. But some were on the opposite end of the spectrum. They sensed that their families would not be as open minded as others were. They hid their Immortality from their friends and family for as long as possible in fear of being executed by the hands of the people who they loved most.

It also quickly became apparent that at the same time the curse began, every baby that was being born at that second was infected. Now the "Immortal" babies were different. They would age as a normal human would and would eventually die of old age; but they still had the enhanced senses, could manipulate an element and still needed to drink blood to stay alive. This type of Immortal could live a full life to 70+ years, but they were still "Immortals". They too, could only be killed by decapitation or an injury to the heart while alive.

Sometime later, people thought it was inappropriate to call this kind of Immortal, an Immortal. That's when the term Vampire was created. This term quickly caught on and the Vampires started using it for themselves; and even some of the "good" Immortals used it to describe themselves too. However, the hunters still grouped them all into the same box and referred to them all as Immortals. They figured if they were still unhuman and drank blood, they needed to be killed.

The reproductive aspect amongst the Immortals, was where things got a little tricky. Vampires could have children with both Vampires and Immortals alike. However, two Immortals could not reproduce with each other. Of course, the offspring of a Vampire and an Immortal would one day be older than one of the parents; but none of that mattered, the families had as much love and care as any other did. Neither Vampires nor Immortals could reproduce with humans. It was an impossibility between the two species.

All of the Vampires and Immortals loved having super strength, super speed, and enhanced senses; but it was a very well-known fact that they all loved being able to manipulate an element even more. The elements that the Vampires and Immortals received when they were born or turned, were completely random and varied in commonness. With water being the most common and fire being the least.

Fire is the only element that a Vampire or Immortal could produce at any moment. Which many speculated was the reason it was the rarest of the elements. Of course, air users could always use the air around them, but they couldn't necessarily use it from their own bodies like a fire user could. The same with water and earth users; if they weren't around water or earth they wouldn't be able to use their element. Like every good thing though, there were drawbacks. Each element came with an intensified negative emotion. It was depression in water users, pigheadedness in earth users, anxiety in air users, and anger in fire users. The Vampires and Immortals soon became aware that the more control one had over their element, the worse the negative emotion was.

As we know, everyone in Old Brook loved Mabel Lewis and were heartbroken when she passed away 25 years after Old Brook was founded. Mabel's son and his wife then moved into the home she had left for them. The founders had no problem whatsoever about letting them move into Mabel's house without having them pay a dime for it. They respected Mabel's wishes to give the house to her son. Like Mabel and her ancestors, there was another family that lived in Old Brook before it was founded as well.

The Addams. No one knew much about them; they mostly kept to themselves and never really socialized with the other people in the town. Then one night while out on a nighttime stroll, Peter Shipley and his wife Ruth spotted one of the members of the Addams' household crouched down by the side of his house drinking the life out of a rabbit.

Peter immediately alerted Henry and the other founders about what he had just witnessed. The four of them then rushed to the Addams' residence and confronted the man. He quickly explained that he and his family were peaceful and would never kill a human. The founders' first instinct was to deny his request completely and execute their entire family; including their two young Vampire daughters. The man and his wife begged profusely, and the founders eventually agreed they could stay; but on one condition.

They had to make a pact. The pact stated that the Addams' and their ancestors could continue to live in Old Brook for as long as they wanted without being harmed. However, if an Addams hurt a human in any way, he or she would be killed.

Everyone agreed to this pact and the Addams continued to live in Old Brook for another century. Along with the Nelson's, the Mercado's, the Shipley's, and the Reynolds'.

As the years went by, the Vampires and Immortals became more and more silent. Eventually the generation that knew about them died off and so the secret of the Immortals died with them. With the exception being the Immortal hunters. They passed down hunting to their children and they passed it down to theirs. The Vampires and Immortals lived on though. Having families and living their lives amongst the humans.

And that's where our story starts. It begins with Julianna Mercado; descendant of one of the original founders of Old Brook and daughter of one of the most notorious Immortal hunters in the country; awaking as an Immortal.


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