When friends are not just friends

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Hello everyone !! This is akhila from Hyderabad, Telangana currently pursuing her software engineering degree in SRM University, Chennai. I have a keen interest in writing stuff which made me to
write this story. This story is all about how friends can also turn into a family, how important it is how take your own stand and how a lie is not actually aie when it is told for the welfare of

Submitted: November 29, 2017

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Submitted: November 29, 2017



Okay so there are these two crazy friends of mine whom i am blessed with. Without which life seems like a sugarless tea. So in order to make tea tastier you’ll have to add sugar. The same goes with me here too. Both of them add taste to my life and sugar to my tea. Without them life feels incomplete (very cheesy though :p).

Well.. I am a bit nerdy studious kinda person who gets down to the nitty-gritty of every single problem. I have always been taught only two things. One to study well and the other to take care of my health as i have got health issues too. My parents were never into friendship strategy much. Every time they addressed me with the saying that ‘Do not get too much attached with anyone as they have their own ways of tricking you and fooling you so that you get trapped which will eventually hinder your own success’. Everybody is mean to their self. My parents keep repeating this lesson almost every time. I never understood the moral though. I completely respect their thought. In this new modern era no body means anything to anybody. Everybody talks for some purpose. I have been grown in such surroundings where the misconception of ‘talking to people (guys specially) and getting close to them will ruin my life somebody’ used to run in my head like a seconds hand of a clock which never stops because of which i focussed only my studies and my family, nothing apart from that. I felt like making my parents happy and proud by doing what-so-ever is the greatest gift i can ever give them irrespective of my own happiness. So i started doing stuff which they wanted me to. I focussed only on my academics and my health. Everything went smooth until both of my friends happened to me.

I stay in hostel and both of them stay in flats in the same locality. Every now and then i visit their home so that i feel good and pass on the time as i get bored in hostel. I stay at their place at times by giving proxy in the hostel. Once it such happened that i stayed up in my friend’s flat for an overnight. Now since i stay in hostel, staying at somebody else’s home without prior permission is a mistake. That day i thought somehow attendance would be handled by my roommate. But to my bad they had escalated the security which i was unaware of. I thought my roommate would manage it as it had worked out for quite a number of times. I ended up staying at my friend’s flat thinking that everything will work out somehow.

My phone suddenly rings at 10:00 PM creating a disturbance when we three of us were engaged talking to each other. There was complete silence in the room. I was scared to answer the call. It felt like i had done something wrong for which i am running away from it. I did not answer the call. I checked the Truecaller app to get to know about the person calling me. It displayed the name of my hostel warden. Fear ran down my spine petrifying me even more. My friends asked me to calm down. I called up my roommate and narrated whatever was happening around. I asked her to give lame to lame excuses to prove that i am in the room only if someone comes to check my presence. But the excuses seemed to fade as time passed by. Even she was scared to handle the situation. My hostel warden kept calling me meanwhile. My call was on waiting. She had given 4 missed calls by now. I called up my mom and told that i had some project work which got extended for which i happened to stay at my friend’s flat only. I then told my mom if somebody calls from hostel do tell them that i had already informed you. My so called mom instead of understanding me she screamed at me putting forward numerous questions of why me staying there. I somehow hung up the call. I told my mom i’ll inform dad too because dad was out of station for his personal work that day to which she said no do not call dad now. She had her own reasons though. I was like okay cool.

My hostel warden called me up again. I gathered some courage to answer her call. I said hello in a very soft tone even though my voice was shaking. She asked me in a very rude manner where i was to which i said madam i am my room. My fingers were crossed. She then asked me to come to the reception. I replied okay madam i’ll be there in a while.

She again called me after few minutes as i hadn’t turned up to her expectations. The situation was getting in favour of her and i was losing it. I did not understand what to do. My dad calls me in the next couple of minutes and asks my whereabouts as the hosel people called up dad and questioned my absence. To which i said i am not in hostel and that i had already informed mom about it. There wasn’t proper network that day and i couldn’t communicate to my dad properly. My mom then calls me and yells at me for not informing to the higher officials of the hostel and getting them into trouble late at night.

I held a grudge at my mom and cut the call. I couldn’t stop my tears, i started weeping. Those two friends of mine consoled me a lot. I thought i was doing wrong but then they made me realise that living life the way you want to is not at all wrong. They taught me no matter what, learn to take your own stand. They convinced me saying that i lied because i were scared of the outcomes of what would happen if i was not found in the hostel, they added i lied because i knew anyways my parents were not gonna understand me, they continued and said i lied because i was bored of the daily routine of staying in hostel and wanted to spend some with my friends. I then understood that a lie when told for somebody’s welfare is not actually a lie.

So that’s how they made me realise that friends can even turn into a family. That’s how they taught me to live my own life and not somebody else’s life. That’s how they made me understand that happiness lies in living life the way you want to rather than satisfying needs and urges of your surroundings. And that’s how i now believe that it’s absolutely fine even if you do stuff which you want to irrespective of your parent’s opinion because at the end of the day it’s your life and being an adult and matured person you can live it the way you want to. What matters is are you happy or not ? Not that have you made your parents and your surroundings happy or rather how many people you have made happy today.

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