I aim to please

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Submitted: November 29, 2017

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Submitted: November 29, 2017



Her eyes, framed by gentle strands of brown hair, glistening in the warm glow of a lone streetlight. Her lips, pink and full, curved into a devilish smirk, and teeth like stars in an otherwise dark sky. Her eyebrows, darker than her hair but not as dark as her shadow, raised ever so slightly on her forehead. Her nose, thin and piercing, cutting through the brisk night air like a knife slicing effortlessly through softened butter. Her clothes weren’t particularly out of the ordinary, but they left you feeling like you had dulled edges. She was sharp and sleek, like a perfectly aerodynamic arrow shooting full speed through the air. But her eyes… They were shimmering balls of golden brown, with flecks of green peppered delicately throughout. I could have stood a thousand miles away and still her eyes would pierce me to my core.


“I aim to please,” she said, a hint of some other unknown but vastly enlightening meaning in her eyes. She walked gracefully down the path she had come, and her figure gradually dissipated as she grew further from the light.


I strained my eyes. She seemed to be gone. How could I be sure she was ever here?


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