My Final Life

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

Lenny the future female alpha is in a dilemma where Jack and Zane have both fallen for her but what happens when she is not given a choice to love one of them? Can she handle her upcoming role as
the First female Alpha in centuries? Or will the men she loves stop her from her duties?

Table of Contents

Chapter 1

Submitted: November 29, 2017

Preface   I start running from the shadow that calls himself “the slayer” he wants to kill me for ... Read Chapter

Full Moon

Submitted: May 10, 2018

I open my eyes to see who woke me up from a amazing dream with my soulmate…. I think. It was my little sister Leah, she is sixteen year... Read Chapter


Submitted: May 10, 2018

I turn whoever got on me and pushed him to the ground. “What are you doing?” It was Zane what is this? Is he trying to fight me bec... Read Chapter