Subliminal Sculduggery

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The human mind is being preyed upon by psychoemotional vampires who exploit the glands of the endocrine system for illicit personal gain.

Submitted: November 30, 2017

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Submitted: November 30, 2017



It is an amazing wonder to me that conspiracy theorists aren't shouting to the high heavens about the dark legacy cunningly encoded in the cult film Soylent Green.  I would have thought numerologists would be raving in mad obsession about the lurid truth so blatantly flaunted by the horrific screenplay.  How is it that Soylent Green, ominous portent that it is, has managed for so long to fly under the scrutinizing radar of sociocultural alarm? 

THX 1138 is an equally disturbing view into the rapidly devolving future of human kind, yet where are the guardians of human destiny?  Why do our saviors lie dormant in indifferent silence at the very fateful hour when we most need their help?

Released in April of 1973, the eerily prophetic Soylent Green is literally laden with grimly insidious subliminal messaging, for example, the corpses are wrapped in a color and shape which, when they’re flowing down the conveyor belt, makes them look much like Tylenol capsules.

Soylent, from the film’s cryptic title, is an anagram for Tylenol. It’s true that rearranging the letters in Soylent you get Tylenos, yet the proof that it’s really Tylenol is that L is the twelfth letter of the alphabet and S is the nineteenth letter so that when you subtract 12 from 19 you get 7 which is exactly the number of letters in Soylent.

There’s a scene in this mind-warping lucid dreaming film where an announcer advertising Soylent Green says, “Tuesday is Soylent Green day.”

There are seven letters in Tuesday, same as Soylent and Tylenol. Soybean has seven letters. Soy is supposed to be a reliable source of protein. The word protein contains seven letters.

The founder of the company that would invent Tylenol, Robert McNeil, had a son who managed the company for fifty years. This manager's middle name was Lincoln. There are seven letters in the name Lincoln.

Thinking of Soylent containing seven letters, we note that there are seven days in a week.

Soylent Green combined has twelve letters. There are twelve months in a year.

The film is designed to subliminally suggest Malthusian dystopia. Malthusian of course refers to the early 19th century economist, Malthus. In the name Malthus there are seven letters including the L and the S which are the connecting link between Soylent, Tylenos, and Tylenol.


When it’s autumn and you’re completely lonely, a film engineered to reflect such human vulnerability is THX 1138 because the scenery and plot - in addition to the darkly lurid mood of the characters - combine to simulate human emotional disparity due to the fact that every aspect of the movie subliminally suggests loneliness and the ghostly isolation of autumn.

The ending overtly illustrates human loneliness and isolation - a single human, a single planet, a single star - morbidly lonely.

This film was made with a subtle hint of the iron-gray influence of autumn because when the leaves change color and start falling it’s a feeling of being soul-thirsty standing at the well of Hidden Expectation.  Autumn is connected to the human instinct of allegorical expectation. We expect something philosophically profound, something paranormal to happen in the season of autumn.

The movie THX 1138 has that autumn feeling of expectation of a revelation of deeply moving moment.  To help yourself gain the deepest possible insight into the subliminal agenda of THX 1138 while being completely lonely in autumn read Psalm 91:5-6 and Revelation 6:8, which I’ll type below so you don’t have to look it up.

“Thou shalt not be afraid for the terror by night; nor for the arrow that flieth by day; nor for the pestilence that walketh in darkness; nor for the destruction that wasteth at noonday.”

“When the fourth seal was opened, I looked and behold a pale horse and his name that sat on him was Death, and Hell followed with him.”

To experience the shocking depth of dystopian gestalt encoded in THX 1138, read those scriptures right before the movie begins while you are completely lonely in autumn.

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