Secrets of Storytelling

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The secrets you seek are cloaked in illuminated manuscripts and golden oldies - the haunting voices of the past illustrate scintillating treasures of staggering power!

Submitted: November 30, 2017

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Submitted: November 30, 2017



Bubonic Plague, Mortuary, Undertaker - if you want to grow as a storyteller, research the death pandemic of medieval dark ages plagues. Then research the catastrophic tragedy of the Hindenburg disaster; particularly observe the choked emotion strangling the voice of radio journalist Herbert Morton as he cried out an anguished live report of the shocking dead loss.

Ask yourself if such dark episodes in history are truly accidental, or sabotage, or loathsome publicity stunts clandestinely plotted to mask over the release of alien-human hybrids into the general population of planet Earth.

How many UFOs were covered up in such gruesome fates because of the unprecedented number of rotting corpses clogging the narrow lanes of medieval villages? How many strange lights in the sky were subliminally obscured due to the violent real-time broadcast of the nightmare destruction of the Nazi dirigible?

When you gain a deeply profound understanding of the true psychoemotional impact of death and grief on the human animal, you’ll exponentially improve your story writing skill.

Death is a powerfully moving shadow of reality. Whether it be the actual corporeal death of a human being, or an allegorical death of romance when two brokenhearted lovers part ways never to embrace each other again, the diabolical grinning face of DEATH reaches out to readers like no other literary storytelling device.

Nursery rhymes are an endless bountiful source of guidance for increasing your story writing skill. The Lizzie Borden rhyme is a modern incarnation of the time-steeped nursery rhyme motif. Urban legend is born of those ghostly Mother Goose limericks.

Ask yourself why the phrase “man and wife” is so prominent in the English vernacular. Why not “husband and wife” or “husband and woman” or “woman and husband”?

When you bring readers’ attention to the questionable (possibly even threatening) commonplace incongruous patterns of everyday human affairs, those readers will be awed by your genius, because the disturbing thing was “hidden” in plain sight the whole time - literally staring them in the face. Why didn’t they notice it before? This question will haunt them. The fact that you saw it and they didn’t will possess them with a seductive fascination for your mystifying storytelling.

Readers will be passionately eager to devour everything you write because such shocking revelations will give your stories the eerie aura of secret paranormal knowledge.

Studying ritualistic occult dance, such as the Paiute prophet and holy man Wovoka’s Ghost Dance, shall also greatly advance your story writing skill. Do you remember the ceremonial act performed by those mysterious exotic island girls that awoke the dormant Mothra?

Have you ever been snapped to attention by the vexing terror of a sudden unexpected Reality Shift? Have you ever been stricken by the inexplicable fear of not knowing why a personal possession is not where you remember leaving it? Missing Time - this unsettling phenomenon occurs with greater frequency than we think. Writing about such inscrutable paradoxes will serve to improve your storytelling adeptness.

The Hindenburg’s official designation was LZ 129, which is Luftschiff Zeppelin 129. To increase your story writing proficiency listen to Led Zeppelin’s Stairway to Heaven backward (as in backward masking or backmasking) and see if you hear “It’s my sweet, sweet Satan, the one whose little path made me sad, the one whose power is Satan. There was a little tool shed where he made us suffer, sad Satan.”

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