Stage Fragrance

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Submitted: November 30, 2017

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Submitted: November 30, 2017



Stage of thoughts affected .

An odd sensation detected.

Phase in life unexpected.

Where am I going now ?

Feelings swarmed

hitting like a ton of bricks.

My emotions I am warned

This fear has made me sick .

Bury it deep

push it aside

In the end

I'll be alright.

Ignore the frost and it's bite

out of my control

So I just live my life.

Day by day

moment by moment

To the heavens I pray

for my bestowment.

Bodies like an engine

Mechanically impaired

It is what you give them

that helps them become repaired.

Wake by light

sleep by night

Temperature rising

my heart's outside.

Beating strong

Smelling the fragrance

before the winter arrives

and leaves me vacant.

I am strong

Exteriors tough

So come what may

I'll never give up.

Born with pride

A hundred love miles wide .

Where am I going now ?

Where do I reside ?

In a frantic dream world

where anything am I .

A place of pure comfort

where tears are never cried.

One small step

One courageous leap

The world is in debt

because I never lose sleep .

Where am I going now ?

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