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Submitted: November 30, 2017

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Submitted: November 30, 2017





How long does it take to land a bloody plane? He should be here already. I would have never picked him up if I knew he’d be this late!


“Attention ladies and gentlemen, flight BA 2532 from San Francisco has been delayed by 40 minutes. Thank you for your attention”


Crap crap crap. Now I’m really going to be late. Bloody hell. I find it weird how he’s late to everything. Like how does one do that? He was even late to mom’s funeral! He’s such a douche or arsehole. Both. Oh, bloody hell! Not again. His flight can’t be delayed any more than it already is. You’ve got to be kidding me. I think the screen might be broken. The timings of his flight keep changing. Wait. Am I reading the correct info? There has to be something wrong. How hard can reading the correct line be? I feel like an idiot. Not as much of an idiot as I was when Archie’s flight was cancelled that weekend. He forgot to tell me but worse, he was supposed to take care of Granny but she spent a whole weekend on her own because of his mistake. I felt so bad for her that I spent the next week with her. I mind I don’t mind taking care of her but he could have at least told me. Oh fuck, the bloody timings changed again. It’s already 11 and I’m going to be so tired for tomorrow's race. I swear I'm going to kill him. I’m leaving soon with or without him, he’s a big boy he can find a way home. I can’t do this, not to him. I’ll stay. I feel like such a good sister. I wasn’t always tho. Shit. Now I’m the douche. Jesus. That time I  was bragging about getting into Cambridge when he didn’t. I mean I technically wasn’t bragging but still. He always told me that I wouldn't get in, as a joke I never found it funny.


“Ladies and gentlemen, If you are waiting for a passenger on flight BA 2532 from San Francisco, please make your way to the British Airways counter.”


Oh bloody hell, what is it this time?? That’s it, I need my coffee.


Well this is way better than waiting for a bastard. Wait why is she crying. Is she coming from the information counter? Oh shit. She is. I better go check it out. Holy shit, why does everyone look so fucking depressed and why are they crying. The only time I was ever like that was after mom’s death. I literally didn’t leave my bed for days, Archie had to stay in London longer to take care of me. Can these people move, I’m trying to understand what the bloody hell is going on.


‘Can you please keep your calm-”


Well that’s the best thing anyone’s said all evening.


“-I know this is hard for you all but I promise, we’re doing everything in our power to- ”


What the bloody hell is she talking about?!

“-to find out who survived”


I’m sorry what was that?? Fuck fuck fuck!!! I’m going to kill the fucking pilots. That's if they’re not dead already. Why does my head feel so light? And my legs, I can’t feel them? I-I need to see if Arch-.


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