Mr Linden'd Library

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Submitted: November 30, 2017

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Submitted: November 30, 2017



Mr Linden's Library


It was another summer's day, although the harsh wind did not seem so summery. As Anabelle was walking down the street towards the library a gust of wind blew so hard, so suddenly she thought she was floating. Her feet were swept from underneath her as she looked down she realised she really was floating. As this happened she dropped her carefully stacked books to allow herself to be lighter. They fell to the ground with a quieter than expected thud, almost as though they were placed down. She let the wind sweep her hair from around her face and giggled as it tickled her toes.“Mummy wouldn't allow this,” she thought to herself. “But mummy is gone so what is the point in worrying?” She argued back with her thoughts. Slowly the wind allowed her back to the ground. “I’m sorry,” she said as a single tear slowly trickled down her face.


The wind blew it off as quickly as it came, so Anabelle picked up her books and continued down the road. ‘One, two, one, two, one, two, one, two.’ These words slowly filler her thoughts coping the rhythm of her feet. As she passed the corner store, Mr Wilbur came out of the door, with the same happy expression he always has planted across his face. Anabelle loved Mr Wilbur he always gave her one extra sweet (a new one each week). Although the only reason she knew that he had come out was because of the loud ring that always went off whenever someone entered or left the store. Anabelle thought this sound was very annoying but she never showed it.”Hold on missy" Mr Wilbur chuckled as Anabelle swivelled around on her heel to greet him. "Where do you think you're going in such a rush. without saying hello to me” he smiled as he saw her. Anabelle loved his voice, it was so old you could hear how many stories he had told. "I am awfully sorry Mr Wilbur I was just on my way to Mr Lindens library to return these books." She held the huge stack of books up. "Oh, I see, well have you got enough time to sit down for a cup of tea?" Mr Wilbur asked. "Oh Mr WIlbur you know I love tea, but I just can't, I promised to have these books to Mr Linden by noon and I just cannot break a promise," Anabelle exclaimed. You could tell she was sorry, by the way, her eyes stared into Mr Wilbur's. "Do not worry dear you be  your way now." He said smiling and waving her off. "Bye Mr Wilbur I will see you tomorrow," Anabelle called.


‘One, two, one, two, one, two, one, two.’ she sounds of her footsteps on the concrete pavement as she walked along filled her curious mind. 'Ah, finally," Anabelle thought as she saw the Library up ahead. It looked like a small building on the outside but when you enter it is incredible. Every wall is filled with books that have all been sorted from letters A through Z and each letter has subsections of different authors and the authors have been put in alphabetical order as well. The huge semi-circle counter allows the Librarians to see who enters and exits. Although this library only had one Librarian, Mr Linden. It was his library and he was the only one that has ever worked there. He stacked all the books, did all the dusting, sorted every section and he knew all of the books that were in the library by heart. He also knew exactly where to find it and who wrote it. He was the only man that had read every book in this library. Although Anabelle was only one book away from being the second person to have ever read every book, and at such a young age this was an extraordinary thing.


As she entered through the not so grand doors Anabelle spotted Mr Linden on the moving ladder on the left side towards the back at section 'E' he was dusting off some books in the top row. 'Ah hello, Anabelle." Mr Linden smiled as he walked down the ladder and along the hallway towards the front desk. "Hi Mr Linden," Anabelle said smiling happily to see him again. "I see you have finished all of your books," Mr Linden watched Anabelle go on her tiptoes to place the pile of heavy books on the counter. "Yes, I have" she smiled very proudly, "and right on time," Mr Linden said look at his watch with the hour hand pointing at 11 and the minute hand point at 59. Anabelle smiled up at Mr Linden. "Congratulations," Mr Linden exclaimed after a long pause. "You have finished reading every book in this library, and at such a young age of 11." Mr Linden smiled happily at Anabelle. She looks confused, for a moment she thought that he was joking but then she looked at him and she knew he was definitely not joking.


"But Mr Linden, I thought that there was one more." Anabelle looked up at him. Se could tell something was off, that he was lying to her. Anabelle was good at this, being able to tell when something was off and there was something definitely off with Mr Linden. She stared him in the eye with her piercing stare. Finally, Mr Linden gave up. "Ok, ok there is one more book, but I do not recommend it." Mr Linden said hastily. "Seriously there's one book left, where is it? Please, may I borrow it?" She asked eager to see it. "I am afraid that I can not do that."Mr Linden said looking down at his feet. "Why?" Anabelle asked bluntly. This took Mr Linden by shock as Anabelle was always very polite. "Because I said so," Mr Linden stated back. He looked pleased with himself as he smiled at Anabelle. "Please, Mr Linden this is the final book, then I can be as good as you and take over the library. You said nobody has worked here because nobody has shown dedication but here I am trying to show your dedication. So, would you please show me the book so I can read it and then take care of the Library when you have gone." Anabelle said this so quick like she was afraid of getting in trouble from the smart words she knew she spoke.


"Alright fine." Mr Linden said looking down. Anabelle smiled as she knew what she had done and knew she got away with it. Mr Linden led her out the back of the library into a secret door which Anabelle had never seen before. Through the door was a little room with one table and on that table was a book. Although this book was locked up in a chain. "Why is it in a chain?" Anabelle asked her mind being as curious as ever. "No questions allowed." Mr Linden said firmly, "just know that I have warned you." Anabelle looked at Mr Linden waiting to see to see his happy face, although when Anabelle looked his face was as serious as ever. Mr Linden pulled out a set of keys from his back pocket and pick the dullest looking one. He placed the key in the lock that was holding the chain together and twisted until he heard the click. As the book became free Mr Linden picked it up looked at it miserably and handed it to Anabelle. "Goodbye, Anabelle." Mr Linden said a tear slowly trickling down his face as he turned away. Anabelle looked at him very confused although she knew not to ask questions so she said "Goodbye, Mr Linden." and she walked out of the library with the book in her arms.


When she left the store Anabelle looked down into her arms at the book and realised there was no title or author. 'That must have been why it was in the back because there was nowhere to put it on the shelves' she thought to herself. She looked up and ran all the way back to her home on the way past the corner store she heard the bell ring but did not bother to look back. She had to start reading this book. Once she got home Anabelle ran to her room sat on her bed and started reading. She read and read and read for hours until she fell asleep with the book in her arms. As she did this vine slowly started to come out the end of the book raping them around her.


Mr Linden had warned her,


He had warned her about the book. Now it was too late.


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