end of the line

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Submitted: November 30, 2017

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Submitted: November 30, 2017



End of The Line


Dude. I hate this. My best friend, Atticus, ditched me and now I’m stuck in a convenience store with a trigger happy, fat midget guarding over me. Oh and did I mention I’ve got a bullet up my ass. Well not necessarily… up… it’s kinda on the part which is mostly fat. Also before you go around blaming me for getting into this situation let me explain myself.

I’ve never had much going for me. First my parents died in a car crash when I was 2 years old. I have no memory of them so I don’t really feel that bad about it, I’m more salty that my mom’s sister managed to gamble away everything that was left behind. After my parents died, my sister and I were put into my aunt’s care. My aunt promptly took everything my parents had managed to accumulate and gambled it away. Then she died of alcohol poisoning. I was 5 then. Then my sister and I were moved into an orphanage run by a nice white couple that was burnt down 3 months later because of their pro-black views. The nice white couple died. Then my sister died. As well as my dog.

Nope. Too much death I think. I doubt that could even convince a drunkard in the dead of the night. Ah whatever. My ass hurts too much. Shit.

Where are the cops. Like cmon, it’s been like a whole 15 minutes already. I understand that this part of town ain’t the safest but like, cmon. I just wanna go to the jail or whatever. At least I’ll get some sort of medical help that way.

Ahh, I should never have listened to Atticus. To be honest I’ve made a lot mistakes in life and Atticus was probably the worst. Befriending the one dude who is most likely to end up in jail was not a good idea and instead of him ending up in jail, it’s me. Great. Honestly Atticus was always messed up, like he used to steal stuff from the school shop in primary school. And there were rumours of him selling drugs. I never got too much into that. He truly was the worst. But for some reason I had tendencies to be attracted to trouble. And look where that got me. Trouble. My grades were fine and I was doing pretty well in school despite everything but then everything took a turn for the worse.

Actually tho, where is the police. It’s been 20 minutes and it feels like that bullets ripping me a new asshole. It hurts. A lot. Even the fat midget of a shop owner gave up on watching me writhe all over the place and went and took a break in the form of him consuming a double finger of rich chocolatey high calorie chocolate also sold and known in the human world as a kit kat. Sorry. Did I go off topic there? I think I did. Sorry... I’m just kind of like all over the place right now. Actually my blood is all over the place.

I can faintly hear the sirens emerging out of the midday noise that is called “traffic”. My brains telling me this is my last shot to run but as far as I can tell, my ass is telling to sit my ass down and wait. Except that’s just my brain’s interpretation of whatever signals my ass is sending my brain. And that I can’t actually sit down. Well to be honest I’ve always been a sucker for the easy way out and this moment isn’t really doing much to change that. I guess I better prep a killer sob story that’ll allow me to walk outta there. I guess this is the end of the line for this sad ass.

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