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Submitted: November 30, 2017

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Submitted: November 30, 2017



Interior Monologue: Armstrong

By Oscar McAuliffe

How was it going to go again? One big leap? No. One rung? No. One... No. God it smells terrible in here, you’d think there’d be at least a nice smell considering how expensive this thing is. But I can get over this. I mean what haven’t I overcome. I’m on the moon for christ’s sake. Oops, can’t use the lord’s name in vain. I still have to get off this rock. Um, please keep an eye out for me still. Amen. Being blasted off a planet at seven miles a second wasn’t as scary as this. But why is it scary? It’s one step. One step and then a gentle walk on the moon and then we go home. Don’t you want the title? First man on the moon? That’s about as good as you can get. There’s gotta be something else that goes along with it. A.... Quote? I had it before, it’s just slipped my mind... It ain’t cheese after all? No!


All clear. Over. Buzz says it’s time, so it’s time. He’s not going to have the same title as me, second man on the moon doesn’t nearly sound as good. Depressurization is kicking in ever so slowly and taking it’s sweet time, oxygen is flowing around in my suit, it’s all good. So why is there still goosebumps on my skin? One small step for... No. Everyone, everywhere only talked of the risks, it was all repetition from Gemini. I told them that, they said this is bigger, I said everything has to be bigger to be better. Maybe i’ll bring them all back a souvenir. It’s all fun and games but i’m still terrified. What else is out there? There had only been a sixty degree view through the two windows. What if it goes wrong? This should be a walk in the park. Moon. Sorry, on the moon. Just the moon, nothing else. No biggee. And that’s it. I opened the hatch. Depressurization had done it’s job and it was time to see the moon with my own eyes. There it is, the big white rock. All I should be thinking is how magnificent it looks and how gorgeous it is. But to be perfectly honest it looks like a grey desert. Just like ash.


The ladder is calling but this hatch is a incredibly tight squeeze. I think I hear the pop but there is only me breathing so heavily. One foot out and I can only think of Mark and Eric and of course Janet. Oh Janet. I had to be at my knees and beg to her to let me come up here. I love her with all my heart. I love her and the boys so much that I signed hundreds of postcards that they could sell under my name to make money. Life insurance. But am I dead yet? No. One hop onto... No. Small steps. Small ladder. Big moon. Big achievement. Oh what am I going to say? I have to be on TV and everything. There’s two rungs of the ladder left. The D Ring needs to be pulled, then i’m across every continent, every person will know of the man on the moon. And the name of the man on the moon. ‘Neil Armstrong’. Wasn’t that the first guy on the moon? The D Ring is out and the Modular Equipment Storage Assembly is deployed, and there is the camera. Never did the job description say acting. What can even be said about this place, this journey this moment. A moment to breath. Just one. Two rungs. Two steps. What can be said? And with a hop.


That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.


Neil Armstrong was the first human to stand upon the moon and he did so on the 21st of July 1969. He alongside the other members of the Apollo 11, returned home and became legend.


© Copyright 2018 Oscar McAuliffe. All rights reserved.

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