Thank You

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

“Thank You” Those were the last words that I heard from her. It was such a simple thing, but you don’t know how much meaning it had, Remembering it back now those events were one of the happiest
and saddest days of my life. I’m pretty sure that you are confused right now, so let me tell you my story. A story of how i met one of the most special girl In my life, and how she changed my very
way of living. Back then I was a boy who couldn’t really care much about relationships with other people, I mean I do interact but just to the point of knowing each other to be…”acquaintances” not
close friends. I felt that I’d rather spend my time alone than interact with other people much, it just seems like a waste of time when I could study or laze around and play video games…(yeah I was
a rather persistent introvert at the time). I mean I even loved sitting around while watching the rain drop, and if you ask me interacting with people is hard. Although if you were to see me, I
would look like any other kid laughing around friends and enjoying life. The thing is though even if I look like that it isn’t how I truly feel, in most cases its just how I feel that I should act.
When I was little I had a weird habit of imagining all sorts of storylines or adventures or what you’d call what if scenarios. But enough of all the personal details, let me actually start the
story for real this time. The story of how I met her.

Table of Contents

The Meeting

It seemed like a normal day, I was walking with my friends on the mountains. And since I really like the peaceful feeling that the nature... Read Chapter

Crossed Paths

Well continuing on to the story,  2 days later I went to the school as usual and i still could not forget the events of that day it ... Read Chapter

An Unexpected visit

It was weekend and of course I was excited because I can finally laze around and take a break, maybe play video games all day. And so I d... Read Chapter

The Two Heroines

Well just like cyl said, she ended up going to my house almost every weekend. And sometimes even on weekdays when im free, it feels reall... Read Chapter

School is the new battleground

Apologies for the delay of the release of this chapter....Finals, and Vacation was a bit hectic haha
Read Chapter

The Struggle Continues

With yesterday’s incident I can only hope that my school days will still go in peace…I explained to Lilith that Cyl was a childhood f... Read Chapter

A New Home

The story continues to when me and Cyl were on our way back, she usually goes back to my house and play…But I never saw her on her way ... Read Chapter

The Chaotic Days of AL

Months later…. I feel like I’ve been very much exhausted with all these things going around day by day , I mean with cyl going ar... Read Chapter

The Beginning of The End

It started off as a usual day, but it felt like something was off from the very beginning. When I woke up, Cyl usually was there either b... Read Chapter

Thank You

Its been a couple of days since I last saw Cyl and its been relatively quiet, everywhere I asked all of my classmates , Kev , the teacher... Read Chapter

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Recent Comments


I saw this in the new books list and I'm intrigued. When I read it well, let's just say that this is a kind of romance book I'm looking for.

I feel like I can imagine it as an anime hahaha, I love it.

Also, the protagonist is literally me. Relationships are a waste of time!!!

Anyways, I'll keep following the story, see where it goes and enjoy it...

Fri, December 1st, 2017 11:24am


Glad that you're enjoying it so far, yeah i actually wrote this with elements that are inspired by animes xD... Hope that you keep on enjoying it as much as i like writing this, will try and make it 1 chapter per week after this due to my busy schedule. Thx for the feedback

Fri, December 1st, 2017 4:37am


Great story! I like this. I shelved it for later!

Sat, December 30th, 2017 12:25pm


Thank you, glad that you are enjoying it so far :)

Wed, January 3rd, 2018 9:11am

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