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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

Chapter 3 (v.1) - An Unexpected visit

Submitted: November 30, 2017

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Submitted: November 30, 2017



It was weekend and of course I was excited because I can finally laze around and take a break, maybe play video games all day. And so I did my usual routine, after taking a hot shower and eating breakfast? Lunch? I woke up late so I guess brunch? I casually go back to my room and turn on my computer to play video games, and so I booted up a game. It was a sandbox type of game, where you start  from zero and had to build your way up to survive kind of deal. After playing for a little while I suddenly heard a knock on my window, of course I was taken a back but I went to my window anyways. And surprise surprise it was cyl that was knocking on my window, I was honestly more confused than surprised and so I opened my window.

“And what exactly are you doing?” I asked her

“Well I just thought that I would pay you a visit because I thought that you were going to be lonely J” she answered with this really big smile on her face

“Well I’m not and how did you even climb my fence aren’t you scared that the neighbours will see you and catch you for trespassing? You could be branded as a thief or something –“.

 “Eh, that wont be a problem in fact I would actually be kind of happy if they can see me” she murmured and I feel somewhat weirded out but it didn’t really bother me much back then.

“Well can I come in?”

“*sigh* well I guess its fine my mom’s not home anyways”.

”YAY thank you!!! \(^0^)/”

and so she came in to my room. I wanted to ask how she climbed my fence in the first place but her focus immediately shifts towards the game that I was playing.

“So what is that ? A game? What is it called? And what is it about” She asked sooo many questions in a row

“Ok slow down now, I guess I can tell you a bit about it”.

Honestly in normal circumstances I would feel like it would be unnecessary and troublesome to tell her about it but I guess my gamer spirit wont allow that. I mean I never do something like this with my friends so I cant say that I wasn’t excited.

“You know you finally look like you are genuinely smiling”. I paused and I think I actually smirked a little.

“So that’s not a problem now is it?” I said so bluntly.

“No, in fact it’s a real relief….” She said so while having this really big smile on her face…

”Hey can I have a go now?”



“Well I supposed you can, i was starting a new game anyways.” And so I stood up and offer her my seat. “Yay! So how do you play?”. (*sigh* I really have to start from there huh?). “Well its like this…” I proceed in teaching her more about it, hours passed and she actually learned pretty quick, almost as if she was only remembering how to actually play. Somehow this whole situation seems rather nostalgic, because I was tired I actually layed on my bed and let her play freely alone. Not long after though, we both hear a knock on my door…..

”AL? You awake?”

it was my mom, I forgot that she was coming home earlier than usual. We both panicked

“Is that your….”Cyl spoked quietly,

“yes…” I also answered softly. We started going all over the place and before we know it, my mom opened the door and came into my room.

“Al why didn’t you answer me before?” she asked,

for some unknown reason I ended up in a position where I just looked like I was sleeping and wearing my blanket and stuff

“sorry mom I was sleeping a minute ago” I answered with a made up tired voice.

“oh is that so, well I just hope that you are getting enough rest dear” my mom said while being slightly worried.

“I’m ok mom you don’t have to worry too much about me..”

“ok you go back and take a rest again ok?”

“yes mother”.

 And so she finally got out of my room, man I was really afraid that she would caught me and cyl red handed. Come to think of it where is Cyl? I suddenly realised there was something soft and warm clinging onto the lower part of me under the blanket….and so I slowly opened my blanket and there she was the orange hair coloured girl with her light brown eyes staring at me with a slightly reddened face…I was surprised and almost screamed but cyl managed to cover up my mouth so that my voice wont get out and be heard by my mom.

“Sssshh you are going to blow our cover” she says quietly and while being slightly embarrassed, you know seeing her like this actually makes her quiet cute.

“yeah you’re right, how did you end up being in that position” I said softly trying hard not to yell.

“I don’t know it just sort of happened” she answered…

“you know I think its already time for me to leave” she said trying to end this slightly awkward situation.

“yeah I guess so, its getting pretty late too”



I agreed, and so she did go back but before she did she said “Hey can I hangout again here from time to time?” the normal me from before would probably just decline and don’t want to deal with her anymore because it seemed like a total drag, but somehow I actually enjoyed the whole situation so I ended up nodding and accepting her request. Needless to say this was the real start of my relationship between this weird girl that I met in the middle of the mountains..



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