The Silent Love Story

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A mysterious doll is given life once for a whole day. He will meet a mysterious woman named Dawn who will warn him that he has to choose between saving the world, or his mortal silent love story
Elena. My entry for ShadaStorm's Short Story Contest and also The Booksie Story Story Contest.

Submitted: December 01, 2017

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Grave's View, One Year Ago -

On the single day that made us human beings, life we were seeing. It was the only day of the year I could touch her skin properly. The same day every year we get to live human to continue. It is the one day we get to continue our silent love story. Her heart is brought alive, a monster that's human by wearing make-up. But she is no monster because she is the love of my life always. We are two souls that found forever, our day that will last one whole year. It's the one day we feel the sun on our skin, one day I always win.

You could say that we are cursed, beings always classed as being the worst. Three hundred and sixty four days of the year we live silent as dolls. Our transformation into being human is flowers without rain. The first thing we do is communicate by touching our human hands. Her skin feels like butterfly wings, humanly flying into my cocoon. I trap her the first time, predator of her love without a wasp's sting. Holding someone you love is the greatest thing alive through human eyes. Our day alive is not a perfect one, Mother Earth is nearly gone.

I know that our world is dying, but no one will hear her soul crying. The last few years that we have spent our day human the earth becomes worse. It has nothing to do with us; it's the way humans damage her soil. In spite of that we spend our day together like it could be our last. Our story is poetic and mythical because only we know. Her eyes are looking at me, she made my heart go from wood to human. In her eyes I see her love, she's turning my blood into new colours. She is the colours of the rainbow, in each colour my love will show.

The days we spend as dolls is cruel, a person makes us a duel. He is unaware of our curse because he is never around us. Never around when we become human to continue our story. When we are plastic he will throw us against walls but we feel nothing. I have no idea why he does this but I hope he fucking dies. My mind is empty boxes of crosswords, clue to the answer cryptic. We feel pain when human, being plastic our cure to human disease. Elena is looking like an angel, she's becoming my white hell.

We are living our element of life, air is breathing like a knife. I remember last year how places of sand just begun to appear. It seems each year we become human a place of the world becomes lost. It's like God gives earth amnesia so places forget what they once were. Elena grabs my hand and we will walk to The Romantic Forest. We walk out of our home, air becomes tornadoes inside plastic lungs. People have stayed in their homes, it seems today they all live in curfew. Our silent love story is romance miming, our hearts have good timing.

The Romantic Forest is where most hearts go, it's where true love can show. It is surrounded by lushest greens that make a girl's eyes emerald. Trees reach the height of the skies to get the perfect blessing from heaven. Animals run free forever because no one tries to harm their home. The greens are a flower of marriage, people say yes without a ring. Grave and Elena have the forest to themselves to write poetry. Every step walked in this place, another word added to the poem. In one kiss they romance, it's like walking on the moon for the first dance.

This the only place not affected by sand, a place that's miles of land. Animals run by them forging the sight of freedom into their legs. An artist couldn't paint this picture because his landscape is just colour. Many people have proposed here and the forest has never said no. Me and Elena are not engaged yet because it's not Halloween. A strange day to propose on, any engagement ring is not a mask. But I can't propose on Halloween, that day our mask will be plastic. This day next year I will propose, being human and with a real rose.

When something begins it also ends, a shadow comes and doesn't befriend. I know his face because he is the one who harms us when in doll form. He stops to block our path so that we can't proceed with our love story. I have no fucking idea why he is here but he is no friend. Elena is getting scared and she is trembling in my arms like death. He hides his hands behind his back, genre of romance now a horror. His shadow on the ground getting larger, the full moon murdered the sun. I am not strong but I will protect my girl, he will not harm my pearl.

Her hand leaves mine the moment she will fall, her love departs and will crawl. The person blocking our rose path goes by the name of Sadistic Sam. He doesn't care that the world is slowly becoming a wasteland caress. More and more civilisation is just becoming shards of glass sand. I feel her pain on the ground and the presence of evil must cause it. I kneel beside her, when in pain I have always been her hospital. She has never liked evil, it turns the love in her heart into sand. I'm just glad she is not bleeding, I stay the one that she is needing.

I sense Sadistic Sam make a move, like he has something dark to prove. I look up to his height in the sky, he's dark clouds on a perfect day. I try to shield Elena but he has a knife that strikes my face. It breaks through my poise and leaves her unguarded without a safe shield. He will stab her once mortally in her stomach and watch blood begin. The knife in her skin looks like a lighthouse bleeding into blue waters. Her blood runs down onto the earth, Mercutio would say "just a scratch." I know it's not just a scratch, this is how the meaning of death can hatch.

The Romantic Forest is now tainted, for romance has now fainted. He releases the knife from the wound and her life is now breathing out. Her blood is a waterfall caused by the great white shark of a cold blade. I crawl to her and she falls into my arms left to die mortally. Sadistic Sam will leave and I fucking hate the element of life. I need to get Elena home, no yellow taxi available. She is covering her wound in bloody hands, suspect of her own crime. I will carry her all the way, for I will not let her die today.
Our time being human is nearly done, and can never be undone.

She is bleeding in my arms as she tries to put pressure on the wound. Elena's hands are covered in blood, make-up fatal to a doll's skin. She is groaning in pain like she's going to fade into misery. I don't know how long we have left but her blood dripping is our countdown. The Romantic Forest not tainted by sand, but by fatal disease. I will not trip over as I begin to run with her in my arms. Blood colouring her perfect dress, like a flower coming under stress.

I'm in a race against time, it's the first time I'm involved in a crime. The life of the world is empty, like the people themselves became sand. I'm huffing as I try to get us back home because her eyes are white. Elena is holding onto life so please keep holding on my sweet. Her blood like red wine and it won't be the last supper before her death. We reach our village and her eyes are still open like the stars at night. The sky is the darkest black, my Cinderella nearing her midnight. People in the village are sleeping, the life in her heart is weeping.

I take her home discreetly, so no eyes from all dark windows can see. Sadistic Sam is nowhere around because he rarely stays at home. I place Elena down in the corner of the room where we will be. I check her wound and there is nothing I can do to ease her red pain. Her hand is on mine, transferring disease onto me instead of blood. I have a few minutes left to clean up so we will not leave a trace. Her eyes don't want me to leave her, our life will become Christmas next year. Not much blood is on the floor, I'll aid her before the closing door.

Her wound is like earth with a hole, the longest short cut to the South Pole. If she doesn't die now she will be fine in doll form until next year comes. In doll form she will be like plastic stone, her skin will be dry cement. Next year when she turns human her wound will be still bleeding with all red. That is how our curse works so please hold on until our transformation. Next year I will be able to save her because romance won't be drunk. She is laying down still awake, pain has become her insomnia. I want to stop her blood now, time almost up so I can't make the vow.

Elena is an earthquake in pain, and her tears are the silent rain. I clean up the best I can so that we leave no trace of existence. I check my pocket and the secret engagement ring I had has gone. I've had it for a couple of years but I must of dropped it somewhere. I feel I have left it in The Romantic Forest and near her wound. I stay by her side, like a loved one saying goodbye to a deathbed. I place my hand on her wound that bleeds, healing hand of God that doesn't work. Time is up and we transform, for now she's saved as plastic life is warm.

Grave's View, Present Day - 

It is midnight and like a sun in the morning, we reach our dawning. No sadistic bastard around so we can transform without the pain. A white light transcends on us like a holy swan that can never fly. It's like pieces of heaven being touched by the white wings of angels. First thing I do as human is to put pressure on Elena's wound. She is in pain like a monster hurt, her wound the missing jigsaw piece. I need to find something to stop the bleeding, life will expire like food. I put a lot of pressure to stop the blood, on my hands red will flood.

Her silent pain is an alarm sounding in my heart, and it's the start. My hands look like a serial killer guilty of bloody murder. Each piece of her dress stained in blood is red hell trying to drag her down. I once heard stories about The Romantic Forest holding a cure. Those who are in true love have a good chance of having their lives saved once. It has long been a secret, like playing hide and seek with the whole world. I check Sam's house for medical supplies, the only hospital close. I have no idea what I am doing here, I have lost my fear.

I aid her the best I can with limited knowledge, this is my pledge. I use alcohol to treat her wound, her pain now intoxicated. It stings Elena like hell and she wraps her arms around me to hide. I find a stapler and staple her skin together to stop the blood. She shrieks out in pain and her tears are more drunk than the alcohol was. I wrap a bandage round her body so her wound won't get infected. Blood is still pouring through, being her only hospital I have failed. The pain tries to ease her to sleep, I hope her wound does not get too deep.


Elena my silent love story can you please try to hide for me sweet....I have to go to The Romantic Forest and look for a cure for you....It's better for you to stay here and hide my love, and wait for my return....There is a basement here, and you can hide there and be safe from everyone....I will bring you water, food and supplies, just hope they will keep you alive.... 

The hours of the night still painted black, where dreams will fade and nightmares stack. I will slowly pick up Elena and carry her to the basement. In my arms she looks like a wounded animal that will now be killed. Like an animal that will be took away so that children can't see. In the darkness I walk space is imaginary without bright stars. Opening the basement door, long loading screen on Resident Evil. A hanging piece of string inside, pulling it once the butler of light. Gently placing Elena on the ground, a hiding place safely found.

I will go back up stairs for supplies, and with no one around he cries. I have everything Elena will need to survive with her own wound. Back in the basement I will place them beside her and in a hand's reach. Elena romantically in my arms, dancing with a deathbed. She is breathing slowly, a wasp stinging wind punctures Mother Earth's lung. I will stay by her side until the sleeping eyes of daylight wake up. I will sing gentle lullabies to her so her song will leave no one. Gentle daylight eyes wake up tired, a breakfast of souls it admired.

I will leave her to aid her quest, staying awake is Elena's test. More of the world a barren wasteland and more sand and glass surround all. The same buildings as last year are still on fire because water is weak. It's a sign that the world is ending but people forget the last page. I am on my way to The Romantic Forest looking for two things. The first is a cure for Elena, doctors don't sell illegal drugs. The second is a ring for Elena, the rose can marry the thorn. I have hours but it is not much time, in my heart Elena's the rhyme.

Dawn's View -

A shadow is approaching where I stand, he's running fast on this land. He enters The Romantic Forest and he stops in my strange presence. I can tell my presence disturbs him because he can't keep eye contact. His eyes look like blindness because my presence does not make a good guide. He has blood over his hands and I can tell his eyes have been punctured. He says no words to me, his larynx feels crushed like any silent words. I can tell he's held a flower wounded, they always die in water. My appearance is that of ghostly, I know I need him mostly.

He finds my appearance jading, yet he's the one who has been blading. Minutes staring feel like hours passing by quite fast and illegally. I don't know if he will listen to what I will say yet time runs out. I actually know about this person and why he is here right now. In this forest I am the puppeteer whose strings are roots in all trees. I don't know if I scare him, I'm no deranged killer with a chainsaw. All trees are still breathing in the forest, the one ghost with a windpipe. I now have words for him, chances are slim, chances to save her quite dim.


My name is Dawn, but that is not important, so don't be afraid of me....Look all around you, and you see the outlands covered in dull sand and glass....Beautiful places lost and this forest is the only beautiful place....The apocalypse has begun, well it did years ago, and I need you Grave....


This world has been like this forever, so tell me, how do you know my name?


That is not of revelance right now, the choice I give you is relevant....Her mortal wound will not last until next year, so take that into account....You only have today to save the world, or to save your love, and time ticks....I will give you an extra five minutes in human form to make your choice....The one who is wounded, she will not get an extra five minutes to live....Any choice you make she will die by midnight, so it's the world or your love....


Being human is the only life we live for, even just for one day....It was by the hand of human life that wounded my love, and makes her die.... 

I think that I can already read Grave, and he is nobody's slave. I think he is making the wrong choice because he is very confused. He walks past me without saying a word and his mind is now made him. I can actually read it yet he keeps his story silent and closed. The red blood on his being is the first cue card never deciphered. His love is a bleeding flower, with water the colours are fatal. He is that water turning to oil, plastic boats only float like wood. I disappear through a portal, Grave has shown to me he is mortal.

Grave's View -

Dawn has made me lose valuable time, finding this ring unbalanced rhyme. She was slightly strange just showing up like that and giving me a choice. I am no genie so I cannot grant the wishes of this torn world. I only grant the wish I promised last year when she was wounded red. Love's not a wish because you don't hide in a magic lamp to grant it. Elena is my genie, she's the reason this puppet is stringless. Need to find a ring and a cure, dolls can't propose or be a doctor. I turn around and Dawn has left her throne, I am now left on my own.

I see bits of blood on the ground, still there in glory and circle round. They have dried up forever like the skin that I wear that is called life. My time as human is colourless because I see the art of death. Elena's that art of death, when she dies the painting was a copy. The greens are lush in the forest but they show no silver engagement. With my loved one bleeding I will sign a pre nuptial agreement. I find nothing in this part of the forest, telescope that doesn't work. Deeper into the forest I go, only blood or a ring will show.

Dawn gave me a choice, but to be truthful I will stay to my own voice. I believe my choice is to either find the ring or a cure for her. I wear no watch so I can only ask the  forest clock for the time. Finding the cure would be a waste because if true everyone would look. I don't have time to save the fucking world so I will not fucking try. All I see is ghostly greens, the things you can't see are more immortal. I check by the colours of flowers, now not a gift to give a girl. The colours are rainbows I do not need, more and more Elena bleeds.

I have been searching for hours, and trust me love doesn't grant any powers. These flowers are not romantic anymore because they break my heart. The smell of their scent turns my portrait heart into a lost landscape ring. I see no sign of blood so my search is a red light on traffic lights. I remember each step we went on last year but my mind is on drugs. My mind's on acid, I'm seeing mirages and I'm not in Egypt. The forest is making me a bad lover, I left my love bleeding. I will move on to our place, time is fading like the smile on her face.

I move to our place where time stood still, but now time just wants to help kill. The forest is a jigsaw built from colours always missing a piece. The stain of red has long been dry just like the truth about UFOS. I'm like a shark swimming in bloody grass because water cannot breathe. I'm killing flowers because with no ring I am gunning down romance. A ring for her finger is lost, marriage critical on life support. My eyes can't find what I need, in blindness my eyes feel nailed to the cross. The ring became a trick with a secret, the loss of it my regret.

My eyes lead me to a familiar face, he found me without trace. The same place as last year when he took a knife and drew a bloody smile. Sadistic Sam drew a unhappy red smile on Elena's stomach. He has the same posture with something hiding behind his back again. Elena's not with me so this time he cannot draw unhappy smiles. He sees blood on my hands and my clothes, I've just disposed of a body. We both return to a crime scene, we leave dead flowers as witnesses. I need to take his knife, if he stops me I will take his life.

I have never been a fighter, I barely make words as a writer. I have no time for games so I will charge at him a dead man walking. Sam easily overpowers me and my back is on the ground. I'm looking to the sky and the clouds are departing from each other. Like snow being separated from heaven to show the golden gates. My eyes follow the departing clouds, the colours of my eyes blank skies. Movement of my eyes is flying birds, crashing into walls then they close. I'm the tree cut down by a chainsaw, the sky will never find the door.

I know I am not worth Sam's time, so he will make this a lazy crime. I see what he had hidden behind his back and it was not a knife. He has brought a gun with him and that will make my heart break like sharp glass. He is pointing the gun, the glass windows of my eyes break forever. He is pointing the gun at my eyes, my eyelids are the cheapest blinds. I close my eyes but my life is a home quite easily broke into. I hear no sound from the gun yet I am afraid to open my eyes. With still closed eyes the gun makes a sound, on my body a hole is found.

I open my eyes to see my leg bleeding, Sam's cruelty feeding. My trousers are bleeding like a lake and dye my clothes in bad colours. The bullet has hit a vein in my leg and I am bleeding to death. I believe I have less than one hour before death leaves my plastic bones. My leg is the first colour of the rainbow and it's meaning is blood. Sam just leaves because he knows I will die, never bought life insurance. My leg looks like a painted wall, the catalogue will change next winter. I have less than one hour to find my love, two broken wings of a dove.

I need to get back home, and die like a gladiator from old Rome. The sky of my skin is raining with droplets that are fatal to life. The faster I walk the more I crash to the ground like a breathing tree. I'm crawling along the earth like a drunk centipede missing a leg. When blood is alive it is the zombie walking your life into death. I try to stand up and walk, my movement a broken string out of tune. I crash to the ground again, my heart's awake while my leg is sleeping. I have wasted today, I make one final dash to make her love stay.

I'm walking like a volcano, and lava blood runs down my leg slow. I'm inside the house and I don't see Elena where we live plastic. I remember I stayed with her in the basement because it was safe. I have no ring or cure and together our lives will be the world's death. I turn the light on in the basement and Elena has disappeared. I need to know the time, as death only appears when life is clockwise. I see a broken watch dying, time's sleeping on a dead battery. I now don't have long, only one place Elena would go to belong.

The only place she would go, where everyone is dead and stone will show. I check the time on the broken watch and it's one minute past midnight. Elena is sitting against a gravestone dead from her mortal wound. She is in doll form and will not return human because she has died. I spent all day searching for things that didn't matter and she died alone. Tears from my eyes the right colour, they drown the vision of my eyesight. Less than four minutes to be with her or save the world, countdown of air. I fall to the ground because I am bleeding out, will she hear me shout?

Two minutes past midnight, I barely have the strength and I'm losing flight. I'm trying to crawl to her fast but between us a distance there is. I'm crawling slower than an earthworm and I'm not the one who is blind. Love in my heart is hanging on because my leg is stealing my blood. I'm the one flower on the ground trampled on at a sad funeral. I've only crawled a couple of feet, have no gravity to use mine. My heart no longer a planet in my body, bleeding asteroid. I'm in so much pain trying to crawl, in one hundred seconds I'll fall.

Three minutes past midnight, and my life is falling like a broken kite. I see Elena's plastic life just sitting there a toy never loved. I hope I make it to her in time because because I want to die with her. Please give me another minute Dawn so that I can sit by her side. I want to hold her in my arms as we rest together one last time. My movement is getting slower the more I crawl, I feel the plastic. My eyes only on Elena, the barn owl that befriended the moon. The distance is too far, I will keep crawling before death stops this car.

Four minutes past midnight, and bleeding to death is blinding my eyesight. I don't know how far away from Elena I am but I still crawl. I feel my blood tainting the earth of the cemetery when I crawl. It has slowed down the beating of my red heart below the speed limit. Soon I will be stuck in traffic forever, love will have to hitchhike. Loss of blood instead my own heart, leaving life forever on red lights. I am still crawling because I don't care if I'm jumping traffic lights. I'm at the last few seconds of my life, in death she will be my wife.

I'm over ten foot away, the silent love story will die today. I stop crawling because I have lost too much blood and now I'm waiting. One last time I look at Elena and I failed to die by her side. My last seconds of life I will spend just staring at her plastic face. I have lost too much blood and I fall into a coma before her. I turn to a doll as I die from my wound, my human name John Doe. Now in death our love is forever plastic, the silent love story. My last alive thoughts I borrow, what happens to the world tomorrow?

Word count 4731 approx!! 

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