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Submitted: December 01, 2017

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Submitted: December 01, 2017



It feels like AGES...since we've known each other.

Because our lives changed completely after we met.

It all started this way...

I was in swamp and needed a hand to pull me up..

was on the verge of extinction..

He came like a rope and pulled me up.

He changed my life and tramsformed me to what I am today.

I was selfish at first because I needed his support badly..

But only his support alone felt like WORLDLY..

I know I left a life behind..

But I am too free to be..


It sounds like he was a miracle that happened to me..

But for me he became a beast.

Things are not happening the way they should..

I wanted things happening with him be good.


But who knew he also had to leave a life behind..

He is not in peace with me.

Understanding is the most scarce  thing between us..

With growing love differences grew between us.


He was a man of his words..

A person who was inspiration to all.

Only a few months made him fall like hell.

It was for me he fell.


He gave up all his success for me

Now its my turn to be there for him..

But it feels like ages now

That I have lost my strength long ago.


When it was his turn he gave it all.

But now its mine to give it all.

I dont know will I be successful or not..

I too need the strength to strengthen him up.


All these happend within a few months..

These few months feel like ages now..



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