The Dream

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Submitted: December 01, 2017

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Submitted: December 01, 2017



The Dream

It was a bright saturday morning,

When I Woke up from deep sleep.

I took a second to stare at the

Crusted paint on my ceiling, and took in a

Deep breathe.


“Time to start my day” I thought.

In attempts to rise from my bed

I felt.. I could not.


It was as if there was an unknown source of energy keeping me down,

Forcing me to stay in bed.

I could not move.


Not one inch of my body could be shaken.

I shifted my head towards the door.

The creaking door opened slowly.


“I need help”, I thought.

I could hear my heartbeat racing faster and faster.

I was so scared,

I couldn't keep it in so I let out a silent scream.

I screamed and heard nothing…

My lips moved, but sound did not follow.


I could not hear nor  could I speak.

I looked to the hallway to see if anyone was home.

“Please, someone help me.” I said to myself


Through the next room across from mine,

There was a shadow at first.

I could see so much clearer Now.

The fog quickly removed itself when…


I saw two bright yellow eyes staring back at me.

Curious, and waiting.

“But for what”?

It was calm, and creepily perched up on the staircase railing.


It never blinked.

Just sat there, staring.

I closed my eyes shut. Counted to 10,


Then I opened my eyes again.


I looked over and

It was no longer there.


The weight was lifted and I got out of my bed.

When I got up to close the door.

I felt a drip of liquid fall on my cheek..

I looked up.. And there it was..

The creature was standing above my head, mouth wide open. Eyes black as night.


That is when I woke up,

My Bed drenched in sweat,

Confused, I got up, Went to the door and Closed it.

I Looked up to the ceiling, once more and on it was a strange claw mark.


It could've have been dreaming but, After that day I felt like something was watching me. It was disturbing to know that maybe what happened to me that day, wasn’t just a dream.  - Kisha Reinoso R’E


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