A Friendship Betrayed

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A true story about past foolishness

Submitted: December 01, 2017

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Submitted: December 01, 2017



A Friendship Betrayed

There are many things in life that makes a man take thought of his younger years, especially in old age. Time enough to change is past, and in the older years one can only try to do better while awaiting his departure from this Earth, hoping that the multitude of mistakes will be covered by love and compassion from The Lord above. I only want to sit and rest from this life and make amends to those I have hurt. All I can do is let them know I am sorry and ask for forgiveness. Many many times I have beat myself up mentally and hurt so much over this life I have wasted while a younger man. If only I could go back through time and know what I know today things would be different for me and the people who have suffered because of a young mans' foolish ways. One of the most haunting for me is, a man came up to me years ago while I was speaking to a friend and asked for a cigarette. I told him to get a job and buy his own but at that time he demanded a cigarette. I turn around and hit him with my fist in the face. I must have blacked out because I do not remember what happened next. About three weeks later I saw that man and he started walking towards me at a fast pace. When he drew near to me it was then I recognized it was my friend whom I called Jocko. I could tell he had been beaten and was in a lot of pain so I asked, "Jocko what had happened and who had done this to you?" I will never forget his face and eyes when he told me, "You did this about three weeks ago" "Me" I said in a loud voice. Jocko then proceeded to tell me of what had happened and I was ashamed of myself and felt lower then dirt. He told me that he had a broken nose, right cracked cheekbone, and also four cracked ribs. I could not believe my ears at the sayings that were coming from him. "You were in a rage and it took four policemen to subdue you" Then Jocko surprised me by saying, "I have forgiven you and I harbor no hard feelings." A tear came to my eyes as I hugged him and sobbed out loud. I did not see at that time how someone could forgive such an act of brutality. That happened forty-five years ago and I relive it everyday it seems. I was arrested by the police and paid dearly but I have not seen my friend, I hope, since that week so long ago. Jocko told me that he forgave me but I think at times that maybe God has not, and I will have to answer when I stand in front of His Great White Throne of Judgment. I know I have spoken a lot about Jocko, but in me letting you know this, you will have known me by my actions in the past. I am not proud of my ways and believe me I suffer every day reliving it in my thoughts. The problem is that I cannot forgive myself and have peace from within. I only pray that God has Mercy on my soul at that Judgment Day. With this I close with the hopes that someone will take heart and read these words of wisdom with care and see the message that is embedded. If this helps only one Praise God.


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