starstruck fire and ice

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dang it kam i told you not to mess it up welp i tried

Chapter 10 (v.1) - after the battle (perspective kam)

Submitted: December 05, 2017

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Submitted: December 05, 2017



“Wh what happen”i said waking up “ we lost because what you did” said cameron “ why did you do that why did you SPARE her” said savage (savage one of the people that helped in the war)” i...i don’ t know i’ll take a walk and think about why i’m still alive after that shot”i said “ ok” said savage I walk and notice a bandage around my eye i take it off i look in some water once i found a lake and  i noticed then that one of my eyes wore gone i was shocked i wonder what happened then i looked up then saw someone “ah” she says and runs i reply”  hey wait up”” oh no refund me” i start to run toward her i grab her i grab a paper she smoke bombs away i look at the paper it says “wanted chara she is a murder and can do a melty face and can take over someone's body and still can do there melty face while in their body one who can do it too that's what triggered it i ran back to the base and told them the plan...they didn’t listen that night i wrote a note then snuck out I WILL SAVE BUT HOW i got to the castile and got in she was surprised and said” i thought you were dead you were shot in the heart with a arrow” “i know and i am wondering that to” i said she steps back throwing things at me not doing much she fell of the balcony i grab her hand and pull her up I let my guard down on purpose she attacks i dogge she keeps attacking i dogge every single attack she fake hits to the right then hits to the left i block it she raised her sword in the air i saw a glimpse of my brother i winked she was about to slash my brother shoots a arrow and it hits the sword out of her hand she picks it up and my brother jump down”hope i’m not let kam” said my brother i reply” right on time” we both fight her my brother shoots an arrow at her i stop it “ what are you doing” he replied i i say in sign language “ because this is not her”

“ what do you mean” if you want to know how we know sign language well it's because one of are froster is deaf so we had to learn sign language to talk to him well back to the story “well someone named chara or chara possessed her” (there is two ways to pronounce her name)

“Oh now it makes sense we need to find a why to stop her oh i have a idea”  then he notched an arrow but she grabbed the bow and broke it “oops sorry haha” said chara in a sarcastic voice i snuck up for a attack but she kicks me then i remembered something i dig in my bag and grab a stick like thing and say “ camron catch” he caught it and said”a stick what is wo”he presses a button and it turns into a bow he shoots an arrow it hits chara and a chain wraps around her she breaks out instantly “how that chain is pure obsidian”said cameron in surprise he reaches for another arrow as i go for another sneak attack i was hit by her again but this time i hit a bookshelf all the books fell one hit my head i read the cover spells i opened it i read the glossary

  1. Cauldron spells pages 1-100

  2. Wand spells 101-150

  3. Other spells pages 151-180

That caught my eye i start to read it then something else caught my but she quickly disappeared how strange.


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