starstruck fire and ice

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yay back to the present day of the book also youtubers

Chapter 2 (v.1) - 10 years later in summer vacation(perspective none)

Submitted: December 04, 2017

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Submitted: December 04, 2017



“I hope one day i can see you in person again” said kam“come on kam and Wow what's this thing”said jen( jen a youtuber  goes by the name supergirlygamer) “i think that's a statue of... I forgot”said pat(pat a youtuber goes by the name furious destroyer)

“Yeah”said Richard( a kid who will barely talks)

“Can you say anything besides yeah”

“Than say it”

“Omg just say it”

“Look a cat i’ll name you cloud follow me”

“I’m going to make a boat ok Richard help me build and pat go get items jen you go look for food the cat i mean cloud can help”


“Ok so where's some food food oh look a lucky block i hope it drops food” then she breaks the block ten giants zombies come to attack “ omg run guys run”

“I have a idea jen pat take these puls Richard help me make a trap”

Jen”hear  i am here now hear and hear pat now” arrow berg ha now you can’t see “

“Now come this way guys” than kam lights the tnt “

“What how do we survive this “take this potion the side effects are nasu inviability death”

“What did he say death”
“Never mind just drink it” “ yeah”then they all drink the potion

“Wo what is happening i´m freaking out”

“Ok that's a new one”

BOOM!! The bombs exploded 30 minutes later they wake up on a mountain“Ok is everyone ok we landed at the town with 30 seconds to spare wait take these” kam gives his friends wings that he made to glide He starts running  and jumps of then comes back up flying “come on guys”said kam jen puts on her wings and does the same everyone else follows “cloud no don’t jump,”said jen then cloud jumped of the wing”no no i can’t control my wings.” “oh haha omg  put on your helmet”said pat then they all land “hey guys whats been going on”said jessie(jessie a friend of kams keep tons of secrets the rest is unknown)”hey jessie where's the tournament”said kam out of my way i can’t control this-then she falls luckily she has a helmet on”i’m ok’ said jen”over there hurry“said jessie they all run they make there just in time then “it’s time i tell you that i am in controlsaid ?(? Name unknown nothing is known about him but he’s ME)”no stop you're not in control”said kam “dude what's wrong”said pat”i don’t know did you hear that”said kam “here what” said jen and Richard“never mind”said kam they walk in kam is then hooked up to virtual reality he’s in he looks the same and there's a girl seems very familiar “IT’S HER”said? But is ignored “maybe i should team up with her” “NO KILL HER NEVER MINDthe game start kam heads toward a chest he gets a full set of armor and two swords he looks around he sees the girl doesn’t have one she runs he follows she hears something”who's there,”she said”come out “ “ok hi i’m-”she punche kam doges she does it again he grabs her hand and gives her a sword “as i was saying my name's kam could we team up”said kam (when you team when you when you and your teammate wins and you can’t do damage to each other”um...ok my name is camilla nice to meet you”said camilla(camilla a girl that never felt love in her life even from her parents)”cool someone's coming let's set up some traps”said kam “ok i like a good trap”said camilla”it’s him”said!(! Name unknown another unknown except it’s her) they set up the trap then the group came they fell for every single one it was amazing the duo went on “we should split up but make a secret tunnel to each other's base”said kam”good idea”said camilla so they split up to make their bases the next day they met again “let’s get some food”said camila “ok” that's what they did” a few hours later “oh no there's too many”said camila  she was surrounded “no one's going to save you now”said gamer 1 then kam sees this but he walks back the gamers attack then arrows shot from the sky kam runs in and help “why did you go back” said camilla “i had to make them think i left so they wouldn't expect it”said kam they fought in a blur a mixture of blue and red they won the two against twenty battle that night the only gamer that survived started burning down camila's house kam runs in to save her pushes the guy out of the way and runs in meanwhile outside of the game “wow he ran in a burning building to save her even though he barely knows her that's” said the judge. both ? and the judge's”DETERMINATION.” back in the game kam runs in he grabs her and takes her out of the house “you saved her and you don’t know why said ? “why did you save her you two do have the amulet

You gave each other when you were little after SHE or me did THAT but don’t know each other any more how strange”said ! kam runs to his base and lay her in a bed she seems different like she is hotter in temperature but he just think it’s because of the fire he goes to sleep the next day is the finally of the competition it was now the finally  everyone was fighting no more teams it was a free for all “finally something i like”said ? camilla was cornered by two competitors one not knowing it’s now a free for all one fires an arrow a special one the ice arrow kam runs and jumps in the way and is hit it perses his bloodline but he didn’t freeze it did something else out it into his real life dna “ risked your life for me in a free for all but...but why”said camilla”i...don’t know but i am going to hold on and survive this i will not lose”said kam then the portal to send him back tries to take him but he’s to DETERMINED to lose the portal fails “your pay for what you’ve done” said camilla her eyes turn white for a moment then black “drop the bass let's do this”said camilla turning into something else her body turns white eyes black”your pay for that” said ! “ who are you”said competitor 1”o my names pandaeyesbut you can call me NINJA”said ninja/camilla (ninja a angel type girl weakness ninji)“yaa light fire sword slash” in one hit they lost camilla won but didn’t take the prize she grabbed kam’s body still hanging while in real life he was holding his chest fell over and the virtual reality goggles broke of the machine but didn’t turn of it was still going of the power generator AND YOU MUST KNOW WHY IF NOT KEEP READING in there walk toward the prize and both touched in the both won the damage from the shot kam took somehow affected his real body but the others didn’t she took him to the hospital to see what happen “seems like happen because he felt the pain in real life so his mind remembers it”said the doctor “is he him that boy i don’t know”

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