starstruck fire and ice

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glitch character brakes fourth wall yay why

Chapter 8 (v.1) - Back at the boys base (perspective kam)

Submitted: December 05, 2017

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Submitted: December 05, 2017



“So… what now we got are base are army so”i said “o o i have a idea we train and make a plan”said sans “good idea son”said gaster “ya brother i will set traps”said papyrus”that's another great idea”said gaster “when will you guys stop that”said flowey”ha says the person with no soul” said frisk “hey,”said flowey”ya thats true”we train it wasn't easy i saw someone trying to kill me but kept messing up it was funny now it's time to make a plan “so who has an idea for a plan”said jack”i know let's let the leader decide”said pat i reply”um…”then I can help you just d-”no dude no”i said everyone looks at me confused “um who are you talking to kam”said sans”o it’s nobody”NO IT'S NOT JUST DO what i say “ok ok”  ok so raise your sword gentle touch you head and then let go of it”ok if you say so”i said then I raise my sword then let go “FInally out of your head ok”said ? then he floats to a training dummy and touched it “OK a body this will do for now”said the dummy HEY i am not a dummy change that sorry already happen CHANG IT NOW ok ok said ninji ok that's better  “ok here is the plan half the army will go on the left path and the other half will go to the right and in the middle is three people cameron kam and savage ok got is”said ninji then he went back in the sword and the plan will begin tomorrowI hhh hope He WoN't Do TTT THe woronG THI T T THING.


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