starstruck fire and ice

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yay final day i hope kam doesn't mess it up

Chapter 9 (v.1) - The finally day of the war (perspective none)

Submitted: December 05, 2017

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Submitted: December 05, 2017



Both armies charge kam and cameron run through the middle violence lots of it happens they make it to the castle and to there surprise she is ready “hello.. I’ve been expecting you and if you want to beat me,”said camilla hood covering her face”YOU WILL HAVE TO TRY AS HARD AS YOU CAN”the floor drops they fall kam came prepared for it will cameron didn't and screamed  “AHHH”said cameron and savage readied for the fall lance pointing to the ground falling kam rolls as soon as he hits the ground camilla lands softly cameron falls in a hole into a chair”ow”said cameron then popcorn came out “oh popcorn “and savages lance got stuck in the chair  then the whole army starts falling in  kam and camilla start to fight kam gets it “ha it’s useless i know all your moves”

Said camilla “you know why i alway where this hood”said kam  MEGALOVANIA chime remix starts to play“ha same strength as before i see”said camillashe runs toward kam she hears the part that is different and is surprised as she is thrown against the wall with telepathy to the beat then is thrown to the back wall jumps of THE REAL BATTLE HAS BEGUN… they fight kam eyes glow  thaa thaa whom dada a two GASTER BLASTER appears it happens again one UNDERFELL GASTER BLASTER appears dadadadadadada ting  kam writes in wing dings “hahah”kam laughs two giant hands appears ting they all fire at once camilla surround kam with fire then kam is hit in the air by a rock he takes it as a advendege and shots ten arrows in the air he jumps on them and readies his sword for a downward attack it hitss “i should end this now”thout kam and camilla “STARSTRUCK BURST”shouts kam “HEART BREAKER”shouts camilla they don’t even know those moves but does them “wo how did i do that nevermind let’s end this NOW”they both thought kam jumped on the star and want forward while at the same time camilla did the same but on her heart they charged right when they were about to hit kam jumped off spinning with his two swords camilla was surprised about this and was knocked off her sword was knocked out of her hand kam came up with his sword in the air for a final strike and said “i i...i can’t…i can’t do this”and drops the sword reaches his hand out to help her up but she made a creepy melty face which lowered his guard and was thrown off  into the lava  cameron filled with rage shot two arrows notching the last one kam who is falling thinking “well will i finally die i hope soeyes start to glow “NO!” he notches some arrows his last two and shots one hits the closest arrow to camilla and the other knock the bow out of cameron's hand kam unlocks a power with lighting speed runs up and blocks the arrow “why why did you do this this is a war and you are one of my enemies”said camilla “it it’s be...because well i don’t know either but...please...please just promise that this place will be in peace…”said kam “i i will haha.. Capture the them haha” why HaVe YoU dOne ThAt You Shol…


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