The Wolf of Hallet: The Witch's Revenge

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First in a new series. The Wolf of Hallet revolves a Werewolf named Mark McDonald who lives in the town of Hallet. Mark must cover up his true Lycanthropic nature as the people of Hallet despise
all supernatural creatures, whilst helping them battle the monsters that want to finish them.

In this adventure Hallet is under attack from an old enemy who wants to make its people pay for the sins of its founder. Can the Wolf of Hallet stop it in time?

Submitted: December 01, 2017

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Submitted: December 01, 2017



Carla hadn’t slept all night. A combination of fear, guilt, and shame had prevented her as well as tormented her every waking moment. She didn’t think it made a difference anyway if she got any sleep. Nothing could ease her pain.

Carla was a mere shell of her former self. She had once been a highly skilled Demon hunter. Indeed she was the last person you’d expect to find curled up in a little ball afraid of the dark.

Demon hunting had been in Carla’s family for many generations. In fact everyone in the town she had lived in for her entire life called Hallet was at least aware of the supernatural.

Hallet, a small town in the Southern states of the USA had been founded sometime in the 17th Century. Its founder who was called George Hallet, was a notorious Witchfinder. He despised all supernatural creatures; believing it to be his duty to exterminate them all. He racked up an unbelievable body count of literally hundreds of Vampires, Demons and Witches. Whilst he had no supernatural powers, his expert knowledge of the occult made him a truly dangerous enemy to all of the paranormal.

Unfortunately whilst Hallet did do many great things throughout his life he also slaughtered many innocent’s too. Witches, Warlocks, even Demons who had never done anyone any harm; he rounded them up and burned them just the same. He was also more than happy to harm and even kill people too if need be too. He viewed all sacrifices as being worth it for the greater good.

Whilst many viewed him as a hero, a good number of people saw him as an absolute monster too.

Eventually Hallet would retire from battling Demons and found his own town. He did this because he felt that he was not making any true difference in the fight against evil. Vampires, Demons and Witches would always emerge no matter how many he killed. He could seemingly wipe their numbers out in one area, only for the monsters to somehow return later.

He had a full breakdown before he decided that he would try and build one area that would be safe from the unnatural’s reach. This town, which he came to name after himself; was originally populated mostly by members of his old Demon hunting team. They numbered over 60 people, and consisted of many men and women.

Occasionally people from outside Hallet’s team, stray travellers, people whose own villages had been destroyed by Vampires, Demons etc. Would be allowed into to the town, but they would have to learn a substantial amount about the paranormal in order to be accepted.

The hunters naturally passed their knowledge of the occult onto their children, and their children would pass it onto their children and so on.

Hallet himself did not stay in the town for long. Eventually his hatred for the occult drove him to once again travel the world with a renewed desire to exterminate them.

The town he built would live on however. It did become a target for many Demons and Vampires. Some attacked the town out of revenge against Hallet, whilst others simply wanted to make a name for themselves, by bringing down the legendary, anti Demon town.

Though there were some devastating attacks on Hallet, such as the Vampire attack in 1930, which saw the death’s of over 50 of its inhabitants. Ultimately the town always managed to persevere. Whilst the rest of the world would become unaware of the paranormal, this one little isolated corner still knew how to fight them.

In many way’s this town was Hallet’s greatest legacy. A place where people could genuinely live without fear of supernatural creatures.

Sadly however the town inherited Hallet’s dogma and prejudice too. They would kill any supernatural who came near the town. They were also just about the only place in America that still had witch trials into the 1960s, which is when our story takes place. Beneath the town hall, there was also an underground base where Demons were kept, studied and even tortured. Sometimes the torture was to see what could harm the monsters, whilst in other cases it was simply for their captors own sadistic amusement.

Carla’s family was part of one of the main families of the town, who were known as Guardians. They were Hallets elite group of warriors and defenders. Whilst everyone had to be made aware of the occult in Hallet, the Guardians of whom there were 60 roughly; were its elite group of Demon slayers. They were all trained almost from childhood to battle the forces of darkness.

Carla had actually not wanted to carry on her family’s legacy at first. Her first ever encounter with a Demon was on her 8th birthday. Her father Alistair, took her to the base beneath town hall to see a captive creature.

It was a low tier Demon. As single minded as an animal. It had ventured near Hallet just to feed, but had been captured by Alistair himself. The sight of the monster horrified the young Carla. The Demon was fearsome looking, but what really disturbed Carla was the look of torment and fear on the beasts face.

It writhed in its chains, screaming and howling, its body was covered in cuts and gruesome wounds too. As its screams became louder, one of the Guardians entered its cell and started beating it very badly until Carla ran from the room wanting to be sick. As she ran down the corridor she saw more Demons, shackled, beaten, and tortured on either side of her.

She didn’t want to speak to her father afterwards for a long while. Alistair tried to convince her that those creatures deserved the brutal treatment they were given, but Carla didn’t think anyone deserved that. Pressure from her father and the rest of her family would ultimately convince her to follow in her father’s foot steps and become one of the defenders of the town.

Most of the rest of her childhood and all of her teenage years would be spent training to the peak of physical condition, learning all she could about the paranormal and becoming ready to carry on her family’s legacy.

Deep down however she never wanted this life. Unlike all of her ancestors, she took no pleasure in slaying Demons. In some ways she simply wasn’t cut out to be a Demon hunter. Not because she wasn’t brave, but simply because she didn’t have the stomach for murder. Even as an adult, she yearned one day just to run away from Hallet and never look back.

However she never did as not only would it have been difficult for her to do so, but a perhaps misguided sense of loyalty to her family and town ultimately prevented her from doing what would have been best for her.

Her latest encounter with the paranormal however made her regret the decision not to leave Hallet more than ever.

Carla and Alistair had both gone to investigate paranormal activity just outside the town in an old Church. This Church had been abandoned during the Vampire attack in the 1930s. On the first night of their 2 month onslaught against Hallet, the Vampires held a slaughter in the church of men, women, even children.

They subsequently made the Church their base of operations during the attack. These Vampires were not of course vulnerable to holy items, and they enjoyed crushing the town’s spirit this way by desecrating their house of god.

The Vampires were finally driven from the town after an intense battle inside the Church, which was very badly damaged as a result. After the Vampires defeat the villagers abandoned the Church, believing that it was now a house of evil. They left it to rot for 30 years, but eventually in the 60s, the Mayor of Hallet decided to rebuild it.

He was determined that the Vampires would not have the final victory over the town, by depriving them of their most holy place. However not long after he had begun work on the Church, then construction workers suddenly began to vanish.

Two of the Guardians who were sent there also vanished, and later a small family that had been having a picnic just outside the village. Carla had been close friends with the mother of the family, named Liz. The two had known each other since they were children, and Carla had also been close to her daughter named Alice, who was only 6 years old.

The town began to panic. Many were scared that perhaps one of the Vampires had returned. Not all of them had been slain in the battle. Then again it may also have been possible that one of them had been trapped in the ruins of the Church and inadvertently freed by the construction workers?

Carla and Alistair were assigned to find out what was really lurking in the ruins of the old building.

In some ways Carla was relieved that it was Vampires. She had never encountered one before, but she had read extensively on them. From what she had read, she believed them to be the most disgusting creatures and wouldn’t have any problem with killing them. She was also determined to find out what had happened to her friends. She didn’t have much hope, but she still felt that if there was even a sliver of a chance that they were still alive, then she should do all that she could to help them.

When she and her father neared the Church they could see very little work had been done on it before the construction men had disappeared. It still looked run down, desolate and depressing.

Whilst Carla was eager to slay the Vampires, Alistair ironically was somewhat scared of the prospect of facing them. Though he did conquer his fear as he had done in the past. Unlike his daughter he had actually witnessed the previous Vampire attack on the town. He had even taken part in the final battle in the Church, and therefore knew full well what the monsters were capable of.

As they both explored the Church however they found no Vampires. They searched the entire building 2 times, as well as the surrounding area. Yet they not only found no sign of any Vampires, but of any traces of their victims either.

Alistair naturally began to believe that the Vampires had fled. Maybe they had just wanted to stir up trouble again for a short while? Vampires were often cowardly and never liked a fair fight.

Still it doesn’t seem likely that the Vampires would not leave any pieces of their victims behind for their loved ones to find either. They often liked to let people know when they had been around.

Alistair began to consider that ironically this might not have been the work of a Vampire at all. Despite the coincidence of this being the sight of their attack 3 decades ago.

The first concrete clue of the perpetrator came when Carla noticed something about one of the statues in the cellar of the Church. She had passed it before, but hadn’t paid that much attention to it. She assumed it was just an old statue of an Angel, but now when she took a closer look at it she saw much to her horror that it had the face of Alice.

The statue had a look of absolute terror on its face. Carla knew that it had to be her, but how? This was clearly not the work of a Vampire. Carla tried to get a better look at the statue, but as she got closer to it, she could hear something. It was very faint, but when she was standing right next to it, she could hear ever so slightly Alice’s voice; crying pitifully “help me“.

She jumped back in horror. She had seen many things in her time, Demons, Monsters, but this chilled her to the bone.

The thought of the young girl, trapped in solid stone, completely aware, but unable to move, barely able to cry out for help almost made her burst into tears. However she had been taught by her father never to show weakness and so she held her grief in.

Before Carla could fetch her father, the walls began to shake. Carla actually felt fear because she had no idea what this was. She slowly stepped back towards the door when suddenly, she heard a screaming. She flipped round in the other direction, her sword unsheathed and saw… nothing.

The screams persisted but she had no idea where they were coming from. Just when she thought she couldn’t take it anymore, suddenly a face appeared in the dark. It was Liz.

Liz looked as though she was in terrible agony, but she managed to speak to Carla.

Get out of here now! There’s an evil in this place, its, I have no idea what it is. Its unlike anything even this town has ever faced. But its trapped me here, in a state of constant pain. Me, my husband, my little Alice. You need to get out now or it will trap you too!

Carla did not want to leave however despite how scared she was. She couldn’t leave her friends in this horrifying state for a minute longer. She begged Liz to let her help her, but Liz refused.

Don’t you think if there was anything I thought you could do to help my little Alice, I would ask! You can’t face this alone. All of Hallet needs to know about it before its too late. Go now before you end up like us.

Just then before she could say anymore Liz let out an ear piercing scream and vanished. Carla quickly turned to Alice and whispered in the statues ear. She did her best to assure the poor little girl that she would be back and find a way to free her.

Just then Carla heard more screams coming from outside the cellar. Clutching her sword she quickly darted out into the hall outside only to find it completely empty.

Yet she could still hear screams all around her, the screams of multiple men. Clearly these were the other poor souls that had been trapped by whatever horror was lurking in the church. Carla called out for her father, terrified that he had perhaps joined them. Suddenly the screaming stopped. In its place came a horrifying cackle. Carla again looked at either side of her and saw nothing, though the laughing sounded as if it was coming nearer and nearer.

Though she couldn’t see anything, it sounded as though it was coming from her right hand side. She threw a dagger in its direction, but it simply became stuck in the wall. The laughing continued. Carla quickly decided that didn’t want to face whatever this evil was on its home turf. Here she couldn’t even see it, never mind hurt it. So she fled in the opposite direction to the laughter, down a corridor and into a courtyard. She hoped that maybe somewhere else she might be able to take it by surprise. That is if she could see it!

In the Courtyard she could hear the sound of footsteps coming from behind her and so she quickly hid behind an old rotting wall. As she peered round the top of it, she saw a figure began to materialise in the middle of the Courtyard.

It was a young woman with long red hair, dressed entirely in black. Carla could only see her from the back however. Carla wasn’t completely sure if it was another damned spirit or the perpetrator of these events, but she did have a feeling that this woman, whoever she was, was evil. She had seen enough creatures of evil in her time to know one. There was something unsettling about this woman. As Carla stared at her, trying to work out the right moment to strike, the woman suddenly began to turn around.

Her face was absolutely hideous. It had no skin, whilst the flesh was sagging, slimy and bright green!

Her teeth were mostly broken and loose, but the few that remained were as black as the night itself.

Carla wasn’t sure if she had been spotted, as the monster stared ahead, but not necessarily in her direction. However as Carla began to slowly lift her sword out, within seconds she noticed the monster suddenly standing right beside her.

She screamed for the first time in years, but after quickly regaining her composure she lifted her sword out and pointed it at the monsters throat.

Carla made a futile threat to the creature, demanding that she release Alice. She knew it was pointless. This monster was clearly more powerful than anything she had ever faced before, but she wasn’t going to just lie down and accept her fate either.

Carla’s sword however quickly flew right out of her hand and became embedded in a nearby wall. Carla’s sword was the ideal weapon for slaying Demons. It was coated in several substances that were lethal to many known Demon breeds. It had also been blessed by certain magics too that could allow it to hurt spirits and various other creatures. Finally it could also only be wielded by the person it was made for.

Each sword in Hallet would be given to a protector of the town like Carla only after they had completed their training.

The fact that this Spirit or Demon could literally rip it from Carla’s hands meant that it must have had tremendous power.

Carla tried to use other weapons from her arsenal at the beast, but it tossed them aside. Realising that she was completely outgunned Carla instantly ran back the way she came, into the Church and down the corridor.

As she reached the end of the corridor however, she saw the woman standing at the end.

She didn’t know what to do. She didn’t like feeling helpless. It was a new feeling for her. In desperation she tried to strike the beast, but it evaporated before she could land a blow. She then noticed it standing behind her once again. It was toying with her, but maybe she could outwit it? Play its own game against it?

Carla quickly headed down the corridor where she came to two doors. One led to another corridor, another to the main hall, which was a dead end. She tried to open the door to the corridor, but it was locked. She tried to kick it down, but when she did she found herself being thrown back by a tremendous force. With no other choice she entered the main hall.

As soon as she entered she saw her father lying on the floor, covered in cuts and blood, his clothes torn.

Carla tried to run to him, but she suddenly found herself unable to move. Alistair looked up and saw her. He begged her for help, but she couldn’t respond. Alistair was also completely immobilised by this mysterious evil spectre.

The Woman from the Courtyard then appeared between them. Carla tried to move with all her strength, but it was pointless. The Spirits mental strength was virtually limitless.

The Spectre spoke, its voice full of anger and hate.

“You will all suffer for what you have done. No one born in that wretched place is innocent. You all worship a killer of women and children. You carry on his perverse legacy, and torture and slaughter more innocents. Only one of you will live through this night to let the others down there know what is coming. A monster worse than any they have ever faced before. A monster they created!”

Suddenly two figures entered through the doors Carla had been forced to come through. They were both utterly hideous. Much like the Spectre’s, their skin was rotting, sagging and their clothes were also cut all over too.

Their clothing indicated to Carla that they were the construction men that had vanished. These weren’t  ghosts however like Liz. They were re-animated corpses, but clearly nothing was left of the men they once were. They seemed to be on the level of animals, snarling and hissing at both of the Spectre’s terrified captives.

The corpses circled both Carla and Alistair for a few minutes, before finally tackling Alistair to the ground. As they tore into his flesh, Alistair was still somewhat relieved that his daughter was the one who was spared.

Carla wanted to close her eyes but the Spectre forced her to watch as the Zombies ate her father alive.

After it was done, and all that remained of Alistair were a few stains of blood on the floor, the Spectre released Carla from its grip.

Carla wanted to tear the Ghost apart with her bare hands, but she knew it was pointless to even try. She simply asked it why it was doing this.

The Spectre in response floated towards Carla and placed its hand on the right hand side of her face. It injected all of its memories into her mind. All of the torment it had endured in both life and death. Once it had finished Carla actually felt pity for the Ghost. She still despised it, but ultimately after seeing what it had endured she couldn’t help but still have some sympathy for the monster that had murdered her friends and family.

Every time Carla closed her eyes she saw the pain the Ghost had been through. It was the after effects of the spell the Ghost had put on her. It wouldn’t last for long, but she couldn’t stand feeling the Ghosts pain for three seconds. It was driving her mad. She ran from the Church, through the woods and back into Hallet.

Most of the people of Hallet knew who Carla was and admired her. The sight of her having returned half mad and sobbing let them know that what they were facing was a truly devastating enemy.

Carla managed to regain her composure within a few minutes of her public meltdown. The after effects of the wish began to fade. The horrifying images left her mind, and she soon felt ashamed for breaking down in public. She was supposed to serve as an example to the people of the town being one of its Guardians, but now she had in her mind appeared weak in public. Unable to cope with everything that had happened that night, Carla quickly ran to her house and shut the doors.

She didn’t want to face the outside world and so she spent the entire night in her house, sitting alone, terrified and miserable. Her and her father had not always seen eye to eye. At times she hated him even as an adult for forcing her into a life she did not want. Still at the end of the day he was her father and he had only ever done what he thought was best for her. She also in spite of her negative opinions of the cruelty of the Guardians had still admired her father, with the two having faced the worst monsters from Hell itself together and saved each others lives countless times  She couldn’t believe that she would never see him again and that after all the great things he had done, he had come to such a pitiful end. He wasn’t even allowed to go down with a fight.

Some of the Guardians who had been alerted by her public meltdown came to her house to ask her what was wrong, but she did not answer. There was nothing they could say, and she didn’t want to talk to anyone.

After a long, sleepless, miserable night Carla came to her senses and realised that she had to warn the rest of the town. The monster that had humbled her and murdered her father in front of her was motivated by a hatred and vengeance unlike anything she had ever seen before. If she didn’t do something soon, it was going to rip Hallet to pieces in a fit of rage. The question was however how could she or anyone else in the town possibly hope to stand against such a monster?

After a long, tiring journey Mark had finally reached his destination, the house he had grown up in. He walked down that all too familiar little path between the garden and his neighbours wall, in the dark, dreary night. Each step was filled with dread the closer he got to the front door.

It was never easy for someone to return home after dropping out of university. In Mark’s case however it was made worse by the fact that he was a Werewolf!

Mark had been bitten by a Werewolf when he was just 11 years old. It happened when he and his little brother Frank were out playing in the woods.

The two brothers were very different people. Frank was somewhat shy and suffered from anxiety, whilst Mark had always been more laid back and easy going. Mark had more friends, and was very popular at school, whilst Frank was regularly bullied. Mark was also a good few years older than Frank. Mark was 22, whilst Frank was only 16.

However one thing that Mark and Frank had in common was their desire to get out of Hallet. Both of them much like Carla viewed the town with disdain. Though they didn’t know it in quite as much detail as she did, they always felt the people of Hallet were by and large cruel. The way they celebrated killings, granted only ever the killing of Demons, but still Mark found it to be in poor taste. Similarly he also felt that the people in general had an air of superiority about them due to their knowledge of the occult.

The Werewolf that bit Mark had been a member of a cult of Werewolf raiders. They belonged to the Lycanthropus Extremus breed of Werewolf. They could morph into their wolf form at any time, unlike the standard breed who could only change on the night of the full moon and the other nights on the week of the moon.

Whilst Lycanthropus Extremus’s could change whenever they wanted, they couldn’t spend too long in their wolf form. If they did then the wolf would take over and they would revert to being nothing more than a savage animal for several hours before turning back. The longer these wolves lived then the harder it was to remain in their human form, and eventually after a certain age they would just revert into nothing but savage Wolf like Demons.

The longest one of these Wolves lived for as a human was up to 65 years. This particular group of bandits knew nothing about Hallet. They believed it to be just another hick town that they could loot. They got a nasty surprise when most of their party were slaughtered before they could even enter the town by its protectors.

One of the Wolf’s however managed to escape, and whilst wandering the woods it came across Mark and Frank. The monster attacked Frank, more out of fear than anything else. Mark got in its way and was infected. Before it could kill him, the town’s protectors arrived, having tracked it.

A shoot out occurred where the monster met its end swiftly. During the fighting, Mark and Frank managed to slip away unnoticed.

As soon as they got home, Mark’s parents were horrified to hear that he had been infected. Sadly they viewed Werewolves as being every bit as much monsters as Vampires themselves.

Mark’s own father, Peter actually contemplated murdering him to spare his soul from being damned. Mark’s mother Amanda felt the same way. They both loved their son, but neither could bare the prospect of him living out his life as a monster. Frank however begged them not to. He even got in the way at one point when Peter aimed a gun at him.

Though Mark tried to convince Peter he had no darker urges since his infection, Peter had trouble believing that this was not some Demonic trick. Nevertheless when Peter pointed his gun, loaded with silver bullets (which everyone in Hallet had, along with a wooden stake, holy water and various Demon repellents). He ultimately found he could not do it. Even if it this Demon wasn’t his son, it looked too much like him. Whilst he didn’t kill Mark, Peter would take Mark out of school for a few weeks and prevented him from leaving his house until he found out all he could about Werewolves.

Naturally this drew the suspicions of many of the townsfolk, but Peter simply said to them that his son was ill.

Peter discovered that the Lycanthropus Extremus breed unlike standard Werewolves did not have to change into the wolf on the night of the full moon. They could go years without changing. However he also found out that they would in the later years of their life be forced to change into the wolf anyway.

Peter told his son that he could have a quality of life for some time, but that as soon as he felt his humanity slip away he would have to kill himself. It was the worst thing a father could tell his son, but Peter did not want to be responsible for the death’s of anyone his son would kill when the wolf took him over.

Knowing that he would live a shorter live than that of anyone around him encouraged Mark to live his life to the fullest. He threw himself into his studies more and became a model student at school.

Whilst he remained close with his brother, sadly his relationship with his parents was never the same. They were always terrified that he might loose control and turn into the Wolf. Particularly when he would go out drinking with his friends.

After he graduated high school, Mark got an offer to study at the University of Pennslyvania. Both he and his parents were relieved in some ways. Whilst his parents didn’t like him being so far away in case he turned into the wolf. At the same time they obviously didn’t want him to remain in Hallet, a place where if it was discovered what he really was then he would be killed as would the rest of his family. Harbouring a Paranormal was punishable by death in Hallet.

Unfortunately Mark’s time at Uni didn’t last long. Finally free from the shackles of Hallet, Mark got a little too out of control, and partied hard, but studied and worked very little.

Whilst he had always been a fun and sociable person even in Hallet, there was always still the fear of being found out hanging over his head. On the outside world however, he felt he could relax more. Though even then he was still always terrified of hurting other people if his wolf side was released.

He flunked out of University after barely 6 months and with no other prospects he was forced to return home to Hallet.

His parents were absolutely devastated, but still Mark somewhat naively hoped that they would welcome him back.

When Peter opened the door, it was with a scowl to Mark. He knew he couldn’t hide his anger or disappointment so he didn’t even try.

Amanda felt the same way. Fortunately at least one member of the family was happy to see him, Frank. Frank had missed his brother dearly so much that he didn’t even care why he he was back.

Whilst Frank tried to make his brother feel welcome, Peter and Amanda quickly began to berate Mark.

Peter said harshly to his son “what were you expecting Mark? Congratulations for failing? For throwing a golden opportunity away because you were too immature and lazy to commit? What are you going to do now eh? Sweep the streets!

Mark was a little thrown back. He already felt as low as he possibly could, but he had hoped that his family might help him get back on his feet.

Instead they were just angry with him. Amanda at one point screamed that Mark was putting them all in danger by being here. He was angered at this statement more than any other. It highlighted to him the real reason they wanted him gone. It wasn’t because they wanted him to do well on the outside world. They just wanted him out of their lives for good.

Mark spoke back to his parents. “You just didn’t want to have to deal with your freak son. That’s why your so upset I’m back isn’t it

His parents went quiet for a few moments, but ultimately they didn’t deny it. Peter said firmly to his son. “Well what if we did? Is it so wrong to not want to have worry about being executed for harbouring a Demon? Is it wrong to not have to worry about you losing control whilst we’re all sleeping? Don’t act like we haven’t been supportive of you getting out of this place. Just don’t expect us to treat you like something you’re not…. Human!

Mark didn’t know what else to say. He knew deep down it was true. His very presence was putting all of his family in danger. Still he couldn’t help being what he was. He had only been cursed in the first place in order to protect his brother. Something his parents had never bothered to acknowledge. Rather than fight with them any longer Mark just went upstairs to his room.

He knew deep down that he was to blame for being back here. Whilst his parents behaviour had been shameful, ultimately the reason he was back in this godforsaken place was because he simply hadn’t tried hard enough.

As he lay down to go to sleep that night he laughed to himself. He had only been back in Hallet for two nights and he already felt worse than he had in weeks. Hallet was still the “charming” place it had always been he thought to himself. Sadly in more ways than one he was right.

It was late. Almost midnight in fact, but Grace knew that she couldn’t put it off any longer. She had wanted to split up with her boyfriend, Richard for a few months now and had intended to meet him earlier that night but she had been delayed for several hours at her job. She was a nurse.

Richard had become too overbearing, needy and possessive. He had always suffered from low self esteem. At first she thought his shy awkwardness was somewhat cute but it had become too much now. He was always scared she would leave him, and she just couldn’t take it anymore.

Deep down she did still love him, but he had really more been staying with him out of pity for the past few months. Grace dreaded telling Richard that she didn’t want to see him anymore, both because what it would do to him, and the scene he would undoubtedly make. Richard was never violent, or even aggressive, but he did love to make a scene to show how upset he was with something. It was a form of emotional blackmail he often used against her. Nevertheless she knew it was for the best and was resolved that by the end of tonight she would be free of this toxic relationship.

However as Grace neared his house. Her attention was suddenly diverted to what looked like two figures, one huddled over the other in the middle of the road.

She could barely make them out in the pitch black of the night but she could hear a crunching sound. Suddenly a car stopped right in front of them. A large, burly man stepped out of the vehicle and began to berate the two figures in the middle of the road. As Grace tried to get a better view of all three of them, the figure that was standing over the man in the road suddenly grabbed the burly man.

Grace heard another crunch followed by a screaming sound. When she ran over to the two of them the figure who had been in the road suddenly turned around. His skin was bright green. It looked like it was sagging, whilst one of his eyes was missing. His mouth was also dripping with blood and he appeared to be chewing something!

Grace was literally frozen with fear. She knew that it had to be a monster of some kind, but she wasn’t sure which. She had heard about the Guardians breakdown in public as well as the warnings about a Witch, but she had not taken them seriously. She thought it was just another Demon attack that the Guardians could deal with. This mistake was about to cost her dearly.

Grace backed away slowly so as not to startle the abomination. The driver the beast had grappled was already dead. The monster had ripped his throat clean out!

Clearly whatever this thing was, it was constantly after fresh meat. It had instantly abandoned its previous kill for the live driver and now that he was dead it was going after Grace.  Grace wasn’t sure what it was exactly. A Vampire? A Zombie? Some kind of Demon? She had never really paid that much attention to learning about the occult in school. Now she wished she had!

What terrified her was the way despite the fact that it looked human. It seemed like little more than an animal. Snarling, hissing, it looked as though there was nothing going on underneath. Other than sheer, insatiable hunger!

As Grace was backing away slowly she failed to notice the burly man who had now risen behind her, having transformed into the very monster that killed him.

Grace suddenly heard the monster behind her hissing but just as she turned around it grabbed her and sunk its teeth into her throat. She let out a scream, but it was no use.

The two Zombies pinned her to the ground and started biting at her legs, her arms and ripped chunks out of her stomach. The last thing she saw just before she faded into unconsciousness was her own intestines in the monsters hands as it was chewing on them!

Richard had heard her screaming and quickly ran outside. His mind as it often did had instantly jumped to the worst conclusion, but tragically in this instance he would be proven right.

He saw the two monstrosities hunched over a mass of torn, mangled flesh and broken bones. All that was left of Grace. He was sick immediately on the pavement. The creatures hearing him instantly turned their attention towards Richard, the latest piece of fresh meat.

Richard wisely turned and ran back to his house, managing to shut the door behind him. The monsters strength however proved to be so great that they tore his front door down in a few seconds. Each and every house in Hallet had its own defence system, which was made up of various spells to stop intruders. None of them even slowed the creature down.

Fortunately for Richard whilst he wasn’t sure exactly what these things were either he managed to get to his gun from his weapons chest (that all of the townsfolk had) and he fired several rounds into the two beasts. He did suspect they were Zombies and so his first few shots went into their heads. Nothing!

One of them managed to grab his arm and sunk its teeth into it. He screamed and tried to pull away but the brutes strength was overwhelming. As the other monster came closer behind it, Richard realising that he had no choice pulled his arm out of the monsters grip, ripping off massive chunks of flesh in the process.

The pain was unlike any he had felt in his life before and he almost passed out, but his fear kept the pain from overwhelming him. He knew that if he passed out now he was dead. He managed to scramble his way up the stairs and into his bedroom, shutting the door behind him.

Once again the monsters tore the door down like it was nothing, but Richard managed to scramble out of the window in his room in time.

He hid the ground so hard that he broke his arm. Fortunately for him it was the arm the creatures had already tore chunks out of! As he got to his feet he saw another one of the monsters standing there. The monsters original victim that had stopped Grace and the other driver had now risen as one of the monsters. At that point Richard finally gave up. The pain from his broken and mangled arm was too much and he didn’t even know why he was bothering anymore

Grace was gone. The woman he loved, torn to pieces in front of him on the pavement! He put his head in his knees, not wanting to face the monster coming towards him.

Just then he heard several shots. Richard looked up and saw the monster now attacking two heavily armed men who were firing constant rounds into the creatures face. Once again it was doing nothing to deter it and it managed to grab one of them and sink its teeth into his neck.

Just then Richard heard a thud behind him and turned around to see Grace’s two killers, having jumped from the window behind him. Though he no longer cared about living anymore his instinct drove him to run towards the other man with the gun. His partner was already dead. Lying on the floor with his throat torn out, his carcass being chewed on by the monster.

Richard and the heavily armed man whose name was Stephen both quickly ran to Stephen’s vehicle. Stephen didn’t really have time to see Richard’s wound. He had been ordered to slay these monsters and rescue any civilians and right now that was all he cared about. And saving himself of course!

Unfortunately as he attempted to drive away the two monsters quickly jumped in front of the car and managed to actually stop it in its tracks. They tore the bonnet of the car off and started ripping into the engine.

Paniced Stephen instantly reversed, losing chunks from the front of the vehicle the monsters were holding on to along the way.

Whilst the car was damaged it was still able to function to some extent and Stephen quickly drove past the monsters and down the street away from them.

Stephen was new to the job. He was only in his early twenties, but had spent his entire life looking forward to the day when he could become a monster hunter and protect his home town. He couldn’t believe that on practically his first mission he was fleeing from the monsters, but he wasn’t ashamed. He knew that he stood no chance against them. There were attacks like this going on across the entire town. The creatures had literally sprung up out of nowhere and were now multiplying, the more people they killed, the larger their numbers grew.

Normally they wouldn’t send such a young novice on a dangerous mission like this, but the Guardians were obviously desperate. By facing these creatures in the first place he was doing more than most others his age! That plus the fact that he had already pulled a civilian from the monsters clutches meant that he felt no guilt over fleeing the scene of the crime.

Richard meanwhile couldn’t hold on any longer. The physical and the emotional shock of everything that had happened to him in the last few minutes finally overwhelmed him and he passed out in Stephen’s car.

Stephen turned around and saw his wounds. He contemplated just shooting Richard right now. He knew that these Zombie bites were infectious and thus Richard was dead anyway. However he decided to spare Richard as he believed that he could be useful in finding out more about these creatures.

These Zombies were unlike any the town had ever encountered before. There were many different types of Zombies, but these were virtually indestructable. If not held in check they could destroy the town in one night!

Stephen hoped that if he could get Richard back to the base, and they could restrain him before her turned, then they could use him as a test subject. They could find out what, if any weaknesses these monsters had. It would be far easier than trying to capture one of these monsters in the wild, and so Stephen hurried back to the base, keeping his eye on Richard in case he turned.

Fortunately for Stephen he managed to make it back in time. He dragged Richard, bleeding from his car and through the doors of the entrance to the Guardians base . Richard began to wake up. Dazed, confused and in tremendous pain, he wondered where he was for a few moments before the nightmarish memories returned.

He didn’t have the strength to escape Stephen, but at this point he didn’t want to. He foolishly thought the Guardians would try and help him at this stage.

Stephen simply threw him in a cell and locked the door. Richard had no idea what was going on, but he still clung onto the idea that Stephen was going to get help for him and he waited patiently in his cold little cell, completely unaware that the Guardians he had looked up to his entire life were merely watching him die.

Carla was among the Guardians at the base.  She strongly protested against Stephen’s decision. She couldn’t believe that Stephen and indeed the other Guardians who had all without exception agreed, would be so callous as to allow someone to slowly die and become a monster. She argued that if they couldn’t help him they should at least let him die as a man rather than a thing.

The others did not agree however. They argued that it was the only way they could discover any weaknesses in this unknown breed of Zombie.

Deep down Carla knew they were right. As much as she couldn’t bring herself to admit it, she knew they had to leave Richard to die. In this case there were no easy answers, but this just reminded her of why she had always wanted to leave this godforsaken town.

The other Guardians though remaining respectful on the surface. (The situation was too serious to have any kind of divisions now.) Had begun to have doubts about Carla. Her breakdown the previous night in public, and the fact that she had waited for hours before warning the others that a new and dangerous Spectre was on the loose. Since she had warned the Guardians, 4 men had been sent to the Church to exorcise the monster but none had made it back.

Whilst the Ghost was clearly beyond anything the town had faced for quite a while, the Guardians couldn’t help but be angry at Carla for wasting precious hours. A Guardian even in the direst circumstances should still serve as an example to the rest of the town and never put it in danger. Carla not only had by not telling them in time, but now she was threatening to again by wanting to deprive them of possibly their only chance to find out any weaknesses about the monsters that threatened Hallet.

After this horrible mess was over the other Guardians were going to have a chat with Carla about her performance.

As time past, Richard began to panic.The pain began to go away, but he knew that wasn’t a good sign. His body was slowly changing into that of a Zombie which was why he couldn’t feel anything.

He began to thump against the walls and door. He could feel himself getting stronger as his hits clearly made more of an impact. It still was not enough to even dent the wall however.

Carla couldn’t bare to hear his screams for a second longer. The Guardians were monitoring Richard via a camera in his cell. They were taking a huge risk. For all they knew this new breed of Zombie was even strong enough to break free from its cell. They had to be ready if that happened.

Richard screamed and cried. He begged the Guardians to help him but his screams fell on deaf ears. Carla was the youngest of the Guardians there. Most of the others had become used to making these kinds of decisions over the years. Ensuring the towns safety sometimes meant that sacrifices had to be made. Any Guardian who didn’t realise that wouldn’t be there for very long.

After what felt like forever for Carla the screams suddenly stopped. Carla looked up at the screen and saw Richard standing there. She couldn’t believe how he looked the same yet completely different. His body had not gone through that many physical changes. His skin was slightly paler, his eyes had also become snow white too with no iris or pupil. Nevertheless what really shocked Carla was how there was nothing of the man left. She didn’t even know Richard but even she could tell that what was standing in the cell was simply an empty shell.

This had been Carla’s first time watching a man actually transform into a Monster. Before she had only ever encountered Zombies after they had changed, but seeing it up close and personal was new. She was witnessing for the first time how the supernatural were able to hollow a person out and replace everything they were with nothing but darkness.

Suddenly Richard began to scream and froth at the mouth like an animal. He banged against the walls harder than before. He even began to make small dents in the surface which paniced the Guardians. They instantly put up the defences. Each cell had built into it various weapons that prevented the monsters from ever escaping.

They all opened fire on the monster at once. Some of the weapons did manage to cut through the monsters flesh, whilst others were completely ineffective. Still none of them were able to bring the monster down or do lasting damage. The Zombie was able to heal from all of its wounds in no time.

Fire, bullets, magical enchantments, they all failed to fell the beast who continued to pound on the walls and door of his cell. The monster began to make serious dents in the door. The Guardians knew it would only be a matter of time before the beast broke its way through. They kept throwing everything they had at the monster, but at most they only managed to slow it down for a few seconds. The monster managed to smash the door down  with the weapons still firing on it.

Now free from its cage the Zombie began to search for fresh meat. With no humans around it instead ripped the door off of the cell next to it. In there if found a Scerlox Demon. Scerlox’s were low level Demons who generally tended to feed on animals, though they were known occasionally to snatch children. This particular specimen had been caught feeding on a small family who were merely passing by Hallet.

One of the beasts victims had been an infant child. The Guardians as a result would often take a particular pleasure in torturing him. The Scerlox could never hope to stand against the Zombie, but it was weak from its latest torture session and severe malnutrition anyway and thus it was an easy meal for the Zombie. The Demon was as helpless as its previous victims in the face of a greater evil that tore it screaming limb from limb.

By the time the Guardians made their way to Richards cell he had already eaten three Demon captives!

They instantly opened fire on the monster as it charged towards them but once again it did little to deter him.

The Guardians next tried to use their swords against the monster. They attacked it at once, hacking and slashing away. The beasts limbs went flying through the air, but once they had been sliced off, they instantly regrew. The Zombies head was parted from its shoulders during the fight but it made no difference. A new head actually began to emerge between its shoulders, roaring, hissing and biting.

Just when it seemed like nothing could kill the monster then suddenly it froze. It had been the work of Boone the oldest Guardian there following Alistair’s death. He had used a freezing spell on the Zombie. The Guardians had not used a freezing spell for many years. It was an often unpredictable spell which had to be performed very delicately or else it may end up freezing the person who performed it as well. Thus it was often useless in a close combat situation. A freeze spell when performed on any non Demon or Supernatural life form would be instantly fatal.

Boone however had enough experience of magics that he was just about able to perform it without any consequences. Even then though he took a huge risk not only to himself but to everyone else in the room as well.

Many of the younger Guardians such as Carla had never even seen a freezing spell before so they were quite taken aback at the sight of it. Just then however the frozen Zombie began to twitch and shake. It was actually managing to break free from the spell! Fortunately however before it could Carla struck the frozen monster with her sword shattering it into a thousand pieces on the floor.

Carla was shocked that it actually worked whilst Boone said in a dry and sarcastic tone to the others “Well that’s a weakness.

Of course despite his little joke he knew that this was not an ideal weapon to use against the Zombies. It was deeply unstable and would probably end up killing someone.

However they were running out of time. The Zombies were growing in number. Within a couple of hours they would have completely ravaged Hallet. Boone was racking his brains trying to figure out how to harness the spell in a safe way. He needed time to try and work something out, but that was something they didn’t have.

Once again Boone had to make a hard decision for the good of the town. He asked the Guardians to hold off the Zombies whilst he tried to work on the spell. In fact he had to work on two spells. The Ghost had proven to be immune all of Carla’s weapons. Her sword was normally able to destroy even the strongest spirits, both Demonic and human. The fact that it didn’t even face this vengeful Spectre meant that Boone would have to conjor up the strongest possible exorcism spell against it. Carla had learned key details about the Ghosts life when it shared its pain with her.

The Ghost had in life been George Hallet’s archenemy named Cassek. Originally the Witch had been a champion of her home town named Leran. She protected them from Vampires, Demons, and various other monsters alongside her mother and sister who were both Witches.

Despite this however George Hallet still viewed her as a monster. He knew he could never defeat her through force alone. She was not only too powerful for him, but also beloved unlike all of the other creatures he had faced.

Even if he did somehow manage to kill her then the people would turn on him and never let him leave Leran alive. So Hallet sought to find a way to turn the people against the three Witches. He also felt that if he crushed their spirit by turning the people they loved against them, then it would be an easy victory.

Whilst George despised the black arts, he was not above using them if need be. Many have derided him as a hypocrite for this.

Over the course of several months George was able to frame the three Witches for a series of curses on the town. In one instance George even went as far as to curse a child and frame it on the three Witches. He was always able to cover his tracks brilliantly so no one ever suspected him. Indeed no one was even aware that he was in the town.

The people ultimately turned on the Witches. They attacked them in the middle of the night when they were sleeping. The villagers were armed with weaponry that could harm the Witches that had been supplied to them by Hallet. Hallet had been sent for by the Mayor behind the three Witches back. The Mayor of course was unaware that Hallet had been in the town for months.

Hallets weaponry was effective against the Witches, but again he needed larger numbers than his team which was still relatively small at that point. Even with the element of surprise and the weapons the Witches still didn’t go down easily. Really it was the fact that they had sworn to protect the villagers more than anything else that led to their defeat as the Witches ultimately held back. This was of course another reason that Hallet chose the villagers to help him.

The Witches were overpowered and clapped in chains devised by Hallet that suppressed their ability to use Magic. The mother was the first to be executed at the behest of the Mayor himself. It was an act of compassion as he did not want her to see her two children die first. Not even the Witches deserved that.

Cassek being the youngest was the last member of the family that they intended to kill. However she was spared by one of the guards whose daughter the three Witches had earlier saved when she had been possessed by a Demon. The fact that she was the youngest, and only a teenager also undoubtedly influence the guard’s decision to show more compassion to her.

Cassek fled the village and spent many years honing her magical abilities with the sole purpose of making George and the villagers pay. She cursed the village, making every single person in it suffer except for the guard who had released her and his family. She had tried to put the past behind her when she first escaped, but the pain and hatred sadly consumed her and destroyed the noble hero she had once been.

Sadly George Hallet proved to be a more dangerous enemy for the vengeful Witch. Whilst Cassek had improved on her magical abilities, George Hallet had also improved on his knowledge of how to combat them. Added to that Cassek had never been the most powerful of her family. Whilst together they probably still could have dealt with Hallet and his team, on her own sadly she simply wasn’t in his league.

In her first battle against George’s expanded team she was lucky to escape with her life which led her to form her own team of Demons and monsters to try and combat Hallet’s. She initially did not like working with Demons. She never worked with Vampires. Even in her darkest days she still found them to be utterly disgusting. Still as time went on she grew close to some of her Demon followers, and eventually fell in love with a Demon named Grisak.

Whilst Cassek was never able to make Hallet pay for his crimes she did prove to be his most relentless and dangerous adversary. Indeed she was the one foe that Hallet was actually scared of. Part of the reason that Hallet never had a family or even got close to anyone was out of fear that Cassek would use them to hurt him. Sadly for Cassek this would prove to be her undoing.

She and Grisak later had a child together named Qia, who Hallet was able with the aid of the town he founded in his name; capture. Cassek had continued their feud long after Hallet had given up on his war against the supernatural, and made many attacks against the town of Hallet. In the early years of their battle with one another, Cassek had always made sure that no people she regarded as innocent were hurt in the crossfire. By this point she didn’t care however. She also did not regard anyone in the town of Hallet as an innocent either.

Using her own child, Hallet managed to lure his nemesis into a trap. She was bound in the same chains that had been used to contain her mother and sister all those years ago. Unlike the Mayor of Leran, Hallet did not show any compassion to Cassek and murdered both her child and her husband in front of her.

Hallet first made Cassek beg for Grisak and Qia’s lives in public, before the rest of the town who laughed and jeered at her and her family. He made her get on her knees, cry and beg and utterly debase herself for their lives before cutting their throats. He kept her chained up in the middle of the town for several days afterwards where she was taunted regularly by passing villagers. They’d laugh at her, throw things at her, even spit on her!

Eventually after days of torture, Cassek died at Hallets hands the same way as her mother and sister did, in fire.

Her spirit however lived on thanks to her magics and continued to plague the town. As a ghost she proved to be even more dangerous than before as there was no way to kill her. She was immune to all conventional exorcism spells thanks to her knowledge of magic.

She absolutely terrorised the town for months. The curses she inflicted on its people were utterly horrific and worse for them she blocked off any exit from the town leaving its people trapped.

Cassek could have crushed Hallet any time she wanted but she wished for him first to see everything that he had ever cared about which was the town, the one place he thought was a sanctuary against the occult be destroyed by the very magics he despised so much.

This proved to be her undoing however as it ultimately gave Hallet enough time to find a way to trap her soul.

Even he was not able to find a way to destroy her spirit completely, though some believe that he actually preferred to trap her, as containing the spirit of one of the most powerful of all Witches, his sworn enemy was a great symbol of power. Whatever the case her soul was sealed within a magical amulet.

The town would recover, but not long after Hallet himself would leave to resume his war. Cassek’s soul would remain trapped for centuries, during which her hatred and her madness would only grow.

The amulet that contained her spirit would later be trapped at the bottom of a crypt in the Church of Hallet. The people felt that it was the best place to contain such a dark spirit in the house of the lord.

Over the centuries all knowledge of Cassek would be wiped from the public records. The people of Hallet wanted to preserve the image that no creature could ever overthrow their town. Knowledge of her rampage would be preserved in the Guardians base however in case she ever returned.

When the Vampires overran the Church they were contacted by the spirit of Cassek. Her soul was able to reach them due to the fact that they were also supernatural and within her reach.

At first the Vampires considered releasing her to use as an ally against the town, but soon even they began to see how dangerous she was. The Vampires could feel the hatred and anger deep within her soul. They were genuinely terrified of what she would be capable of if released and so they left her to rot in the amulet.

After the Vampires defeat however the Church would be abandoned for several decades until the 1960s. When the Mayor ordered it be rebuilt the construction workers would accidentally shatter the amulet in their construction.

Free again after centuries of solitude, Cassek was more enraged at the fact that her archfoe Hallet was now long dead and there was no way she could ever truly have her revenge. She still wanted to destroy the town of Hallet however as she wanted to wipe all traces of the man who slaughtered everyone she ever cared about from the face of the earth. Only then did she feel her spirit could truly rest.

In the centuries since Hallet and Cassek’s war with one another the town of Hallet’s knowledge of magics had increased. Boone felt it may be possible to devise a spell that could finally destroy Cassek’s spirit once and for all. However devising it alongside one to freeze all the Zombies in the short time they had left seemed like a near impossible task for Boone.

The Guardians were well aware that the only possible chance Boone could have to create both spells would be if they tried to hold the Zombies off for long enough, though they also knew that not all of them would survive this night, it was a sacrifice that they were all prepared to make.

Boone’s son Jake was among the Guardians he was sending on essentially a suicide mission to face the Zombies. Boone had already lost two children in previous supernatural incursions into Hallet. Now he was facing the prospect of losing his third, but he had no choice. He couldn’t exactly send the others out to face the Zombies but keep Jake in the base with him (a few of the Guardians remained behind to help protect Boone in case any of the Zombies made their way here). Also the base wouldn’t necessarily be safer anyway not just because of the Zombies, but also due to the unstable spells he was attempting to create. The whole base could go up in smoke!

Truth be told there was nowhere that was safe in Hallet anymore.

As Carla left with the other Guardians a part of her was scared whilst another part of her hoped that she would be one of the “unlucky ones” not to live through the night (assuming any of them would actually survive.) A part of her was always hoping that she would be free of her life in Hallet through any means necessary. Deep down a part of her even wished that they would all fail and the entire town would be swept away. She’d never admit it to herself but still as this town was all that was left of a poisonous man’s legacy she couldn’t help but think the world would be a better place if it was gone.

Mark was suddenly jolted out of his sleep by his father. He had been dreaming that he was back at Uni. Not a care in the world, hanging out with his friends, as far removed from his nightmarish upbringing as possible. To be brought back into the reality of Hallet was heart breaking all over again.

Peter  was frantic, screaming at Mark that they had to go now. Mark could also hear from across the hall his mother waking his brother up from his sleep.

Still half asleep Mark managed to crawl out of bed and headed for the hall. However his father directed him away from the stairs that led to the front door. Instead he took Mark down the hall to the spare bedroom along with his wife and Frank.

He didn’t have time to explain what had happened. Peter and his wife who slept in the downstairs bedroom had been roused from their sleep by the sound of something crashing through their windows.

Peter was shocked and terrified. Each house in Hallet had several spells cast around them that prevented trespassers from entering. The shuffling, stinking, groaning intruder however had walked through the house’s defences as though they weren’t even there!

Fortunately every house had a back up defence system. Sadly it wasn’t working either! Neither was the third back up system. All that was left was the weapons cabinet which every house had as a last resort. Peter had never wielded a weapon before. Though everyone in the town had been lectured on how to slay monsters as children, and had even received some basic training, Peter along with most of the town had never had to put it to good use. The Guardians had always protected them before, and many of the town’s people were not only inexperienced but had even forgotten a lot of what they had been taught as children.

Still Peter he was determined that he wasn’t going to let anything happen to his family. Even Mark. Despite what he had become in Peter’s eyes.  He told Amanda to wait in the room whilst he picked up an axe. Whilst he had never used it before he knew that it was the most effective weapon as it was laced with several anti magic and Demon enchantments as well as being made of an incredibly strong metal.

Peter ran head first at the Zombie swinging his axe. He managed to slice off its arms when it reached for him, but within seconds its arms had already regrown. Peter began to panic but he knew he had to keep his cool as his family was counting on him. He struck his axe right into the monsters skull but it didn’t even flinch. Instead it pushed Peter back across the room.

As Peter got to his feet the Zombie came charging at him with his own axe. He was narrowly able to avoid the monster swinging his own weapon at him which it buried in a wall.

Peter darted back to his room, locking the door behind him. He fetched more weapons though he wasn’t sure if any of them would be of use. This creatures strength was virtually limitless. It had only pushed him lightly but it was enough to send him flying across the room.

Peter picked up a sword and what looked like a wand of some kind that was glowing. He wasn’t sure exactly what it was, but he felt it was powerful. Amanda tried to pick up a weapon too, but Peter stopped her. He did not want her fighting the Zombie, telling her to run whilst he was holding it off in the room and to fetch their children.

Amanda refused, but before they could argue it further the Zombie started to hack through the door with the axe. Peter stabbed the Zombie as it came into the room several times but it of course did nothing. He tried to go for the monsters arm again, but this time the Zombie struck Peter’s sword with its axe shattering it instantly.

Peter in desperation tried to use the wand. Sadly he didn’t know how to work it however. He tried waving it at the Zombie but nothing happened. The Zombie struck it out of Peters hand with its axe. Now completely powerless against the monster, Peter in desperation ran at it whilst screaming at Amanda to run. He managed to knock the monster a little bit backwards, even causing it to drop its axe, but it quickly recovered and threw him across the room.

Amanda had not listened to her husband and headed towards the weapons chest. Sadly however she was just as clueless as her husband at using weapons. She picked up a crossbow and tried to fire it at the Zombies head, but it landed several feet beside the monster in the wall.

She fired several more arrows at the beast but they all missed. She was lucky that she didn’t hit Peter!

The monster headed in her direction, but even as it got closer Amanda still wasn’t able to hit the Zombie. Peter paniced and with no other weapons around as the monster was between him and his weapons cabinet, Peter once again picked up his wand and aimed it at the creature. Still nothing. He screamed in frustration. Why did they bother putting this stupid useless wand in the weapons cabinet? Was it a gag weapon or something?

Just then as his anger grew, fire suddenly shot from the wand and not only consumed the Zombie but sent it flying through the air and into a wall. Peter was a little confused? As far as he was aware he had done nothing differently, yet suddenly the wand had shot fire?

Little did he realise that the reason the wand had worked was because it was powered by emotion, specifically anger. Ironically Peter’s own frustration and anger at being unable to save his wife because of a stupid, useless, seemingly gag weapon, had actually powered the wand.  Of course as a child he had been taught how the weapon worked in school, but he had simply forgotten about it in the years since.

The Zombie had been thrown by the fire, but it wasn’t actually hurt. It got back on its feet whilst still on fire, completely unfazed! Peter and Amanda didn’t stick around however and ran out of their room in a heartbeat

The two headed up stairs to wake up their children. They knew the flaming monster would be following them up the stairs, so there would be no way of going back. The only way out for them and their children was the window in the spare room upstairs.

Sure enough the now burning Zombie came charging down the hall towards the family. Peter shut the door to the spare bedroom behind him, and with Mark’s help pulled a cabinet in front of it.

Sadly it did little to deter the Zombie who smashed through the door and the cabinet in very little time.

Amanda still hadn’t even gotten the back window open before the beast came crashing into the room. Peter again waved his wand at the creature but it did nothing. Fear was the emotion that had gripped him at this point, not anger. However as the monster cornered his wife and youngest son, Frank, huddled in the corner together, Peter lost his cool and screamed at the weapon to work.

Whilst his anger powered the weapon unfortunately he was not holding it at the Zombie at the time. He had been waving it around in frustration and when the flame came firing out it hit the roof instead. Debris fell from the burning roof and knocked Peter out cold. Though Mark was fortunately able to pull his father out of the way before more debris fell on him, the smoke began to choke Amanda and Frank.

With the Zombie closing in on his loved ones and no other way to help them Mark did the only thing he could. He transformed into the Wolf. Mark had spent years suppressing his wolf side. He always knew that at some point he would have to use it. Even if it meant getting found out. There would come a time when the dark power inside him could be put to good use.

He slowly began to morph into the wolf. He only wanted a partial transformation at this point, hoping that he could gain enough strength from it to over power the Zombie and then quickly change back.

However as soon as he began to change he couldn’t control it. Within seconds he morphed into his full wolf form. It was a terrifying experience for Mark. Surprisingly he didn’t feel any pain. He had always thought it would hurt when changing, but in fact he could hardly feel anything which was more terrifying. It was so relaxing, he could see how easy it was to give in to the wolf side. It didn’t fight you, it made you feel at peace with yourself in a way almost nothing else could. Still Mark remained in control. In his wolf form he roared at the Zombie drawing its attention away from Amanda and Frank as it was within seconds of closing in on them.

Amanda and Frank were more terrified at the sight of their loved one, now a huge, bestial, hairy Demon! Mark lunged at the Zombie and in almost the blink of an eye sliced the monsters head clean off its shoulders. As its head rolled onto the floor still a blaze the beast seemed to barely notice its own decapitation. Mark managed to get the better of it again however by simply tossing the firey abomination through the window and out into the streets below.

Though he had saved their lives, Amanda and Frank couldn’t help but stare at Mark in terror and anguish. They weren’t sure if it was even Mark anymore. To see Frank look at him this way was particularly hard for Mark. Frank had always treated him as a man in spite of what he was, but actually seeing his wolf form had been a shock even for Frank.

Behind Mark, Peter began to awake. His reaction was even more heartbreaking for Mark. Peter literally began to cry at the sight of his son as a monster. He didn’t even consider that his son had just made the biggest sacrifice to protect them all, by risking his very humanity in becoming the wolf to fight off the Zombie.

Just then the troubled family were distracted by the sound of howls and moans from outside. Amanda looked out the window and saw to her horror a whole mob of zombies staggering down the street. It was like a sea of disgusting rotting corpses and they had already reached the front door of the family’s house. There was seemingly no way of escape.

Peter, Frank, and Amanda huddled together in fear as they could hear the sound of smashing windows down stairs. Mark rushed to join them still in his wolf form, but all 3 of them backed away, with Peter putting himself in front of his wife and son.

The three of them looked at Mark, the same way they looked at the Zombies now. With revulsion and horror. Mark knew that even when he morphed back into his human form things would never be the same with his parents. Now they had seen the wolf side in full.

Mark let out a howl before jumping out of the window into the street below. For that one instant Peter and Amanda forgot the prejudices they had had for almost their entire life and ran towards the window screaming their sons name. Even in his current state they couldn’t bare the thought of him at the mercy of those monsters.

To their surprise however in the streets below they saw their Werewolf son throwing the attacking Zombies through the air as though they were children!

The Zombies all quickly turned their attention to the Werewolf but none of them could land a hit on him. Mark in his wolf form was not only stronger, but faster, more agile and most importantly more intelligent. Using his claws he would first slice his opponents heads off, then he would when the opportunity presented itself grab one of them and literally pull them apart!

Sadly however whilst he was able to incapacitate the Zombies this way, he was still not able to kill them. Whenever he ripped one apart it would whilst he was busy fighting another, simply reattach its torso to its legs.

It was this that made the Zombies such dangerous opponents. Whilst a Werewolf may be stronger, it had a key weakness that the towns folk could exploit, but with these monsters no matter how much you sliced them up, they’d barely even flinch!

Mark knew he couldn’t keep this up for long. Eventually they would not only get the better of him, but devour his entire family too. Using his tremendous wolf strength Mark propelled himself through the air and back into the spare bedroom upstairs where his family was still cowering.

Covered in the blood of the Zombies, Mark looked a far more terrifying sight to his already petrified family. Once again when coming face to face with the reality of what their son had become their old prejudices returned, and all they could see was the monster, rather than the man who was doing his best to save them.

Mark grabbed both of his parents and told Frank to hold onto Peter. Though Frank was still horrified at the sight of his brother like this, he still did as he as he could hear the Zombies coming up the stairs. Seeing Mark speak in his same voice (even if was a little deeper) in some ways was more comforting to Frank, as it let him know that at least a piece of him was in there.

Using his supernatural strength, Mark leaped out of the window, across the street and onto the roof of the other house whilst carrying his family. He then leap from roof top to roof top with them in tow.

Mark had hoped to reach somewhere quiet he could land and quickly change back. He obviously didn’t want to risk being seen by anyone in his wolf form.

Below were hordes of Zombies, smashing into buildings, tearing people apart in the streets. Mark was at a complete loss at what to do. On the one hand if he stayed out in the open as the wolf then someone surely would catch him. With the town in this state, the Guardians were likely all over the streets and would soon spot him, even amidst the carnage. However if he jumped down into the streets he and his family would be swamped by the undead.

As he stood there on the rooftops looking down at the monsters tearing his town apart Mark though to himself sarcastically “Yes its great to be home..”

Carla could barely see in front of her there was so much Zombie blood flying around. She made sure not to swallow it,  not only because she couldn’t think of anything more disgusting, but also out of fear of being infected.

She was cornered. Her back against a wall with nowhere to go, hordes of the undead baring down on her. Armed with only her sword . She wasn’t sure if it was even worth fighting back any more.  The Zombies numbers had grown considerably throughout the town. The Witch had managed to raise the long dead in the town’s graveyard. Furthermore the more Zombies there were, the quicker it took for fresh Zombies to change.

It had been an hour since the Guardians had left the base. Carla wasn’t even sure if Boone was still alive. She also didn’t even know how many of her comrades were still alive. Still she fought on. Despite the Zombies formidable strength, she was able to hold them off with all of her weapons, though again she wasn’t even able to kill one of them!

She kept slicing the monsters arms off every time they reached for her, but they would always regrow. All it took was just a seconds fatigue from Carla for one of the Zombies to grab her sword and pull it from her.

Now completely cornered, Carla knew there was no way she could fight her way through the mob of monsters and sat down. Waiting for the beasts to finish her off.

Just then however another creature jumped down right in front of her. It looked like a Werewolf. Carla instantly assumed that it was there with the Zombies. Something the Witch had conjured up against the town. She didn’t have any way of fighting against it anyway, but she stood her ground, determined that she would get at least a few hits in before it ripped her limb from limb.

To Carla’s shock however the wolf started attacking the Zombies. It threw several of them through the air, and managed to grab Carla’s sword. Tossing it back to her. It then grabbed her and jumped through the air back to the roof top he had come from.

Once he was up there he let her go. Carla and the wolf stared at each other for a few minutes. Both were scared of what the other would do. Carla wasn’t sure if this beast was friend or foe. Had it saved her because it wanted her for itself? Why on earth would any supernatural risk its life for a Guardian? At the same time why did it give her her sword?

Just then however the wolf suddenly screamed in pain and fell backwards off of the rooftop into an alley behind with an arrow in its back.

Carla suddenly heard a woman scream and looked across to see 3 people on a nearby rooftop.

The wolf had been shot with a silver tipped arrow by Jake. Jake and Carla had become separated from each other and the rest of their team mates when a particularly large crowd of Zombies managed to overwhelm the team. All of the Guardians were forced to run. Jake had managed to escape the flesh eating monsters by climbing to the top of a nearby house. Unfortunately from there he was able to see the wolf towering over Carla and instinctively shot at the beast.

From there he couldn’t really make out what was happening and assumed that the family crying in the distance were victims of the wolf.

Mark had caught a glimpse of Carla struggling against the Zombies from the rooftop. Initially he wanted to run as he had recognised right away that she was a Guardian, and would therefore be just as likely to try and kill him as the Zombies. Still he could not leave anyone at the mercy of those disgusting creatures and so he jumped left his family on the top of one roof before going down to save Carla as he hoped that if he and the Guardian had to fight then his family would not get caught in the crossfire.

Sadly Mark’s good deed had cost him dearly. He was lying in an alley way bloody, weak and surrounded by several Zombies. Just as he had saved her however, Carla suddenly jumped down and began to fight the Zombies off. She also quickly pulled the silver arrow from Mark’s back. Carla had been raised to view paranormal creatures as all irredeemably evil just as much as anyone in the town, yet she had never truly believed that.

From when she first saw the tortured Demon on her birthday, she had always wondered who the real villains were. One thing she knew for certain was, this Werewolf had saved her life. Was it so that it could simply prey on her instead?  Perhaps, but she wasn’t going to let it die without knowing that for sure.

Carla slashed at the Zombies with both her sword and the silver arrow she had pulled from Mark who was beginning to recover. The arrow had not pierced too deep and his accelerated healing would allow him to recover relatively quickly, though not instantly. The only reason it had such a devastating effect on Mark had been because it was silver, the main weakness of Werewolves.

Once Mark had recovered his strength slightly he grabbed Carla and managed to jump to the roof of a nearby building. Unfortunately Jake spotted him still holding Carla. Jake had been confused as to why she had jumped down into the alley way in the first place? Was it to finish the monster off? Why bother when the Zombies would do that. She couldn’t possibly want to help a monster he thought to himself?

Jake shot at Mark with more silver arrows, but the wolf managed to dodge them whilst still jumping from rooftop to rooftop. Carla started shouting at Jake to stop, but he couldn’t hear her. Jake thought he could see her screaming in the distance, but he assumed he was mistaken. A Guardian would never show fear, and she couldn’t possibly be telling him not to kill a supernatural, he thought to himself as he kept on firing.

Realising he couldn’t keep dodging the arrows, Mark jumped into the Zombie infested streets below with Carla.

As soon as he landed however he began to stumble. He hadn’t completely recovered from the silver tipped arrow. Whilst Mark was desperately trying to overcome the dizzy feeling, Carla kept slashing her way through the Zombies, chopping their arms and heads off when they got near (for all the good it did)

As Carla fought the monsters off she searched around the near by area for somewhere to run and hide. The only possible place was a small house, that’s door had already been broken down. Clearly it had already failed to protect its occupants, but it was the only place to run too.

Carla seeing that Mark was still weak, helped him to his feet. The effects of the arrow were catching up with him. That burst of adrenaline he had used to save himself and Carla was now beginning to wear off. Carla helped him to walk towards the house, whilst still fighting off any Zombies who came near them. Mark would also use any other short bursts of strength to throw any Zombie that came near them away.

The two made it into the house. The house’s magical defences had shut down, which would only happen if it occupants died. The Zombies naturally followed them in and with no way to block the front door, Mark and Carla were forced to go upstairs. Upstairs there was just one hall, with one bedroom, one toilet and a hatch leading to the attic.

Carla looked in the bedroom and saw what was left of the home’s two occupants. Two skeletons with traces of mangled flesh and broken bones. They had been an elderly couple in life. Carla could tell from the walking stick by one of the two unfortunate victims bedside.

The two had obviously been attacked in their sleep, though they wouldn’t have been able to put any kind of a fight anyway. The Zombies probably stripped them to the bone relatively quickly and then abandoned the house. Had it not been out of desperation for her own survival, perhaps none of the Guardians, whose job was to protect the towns people would have found them.

The Zombies followed Mark and Carla up the stairs, but Carla, still helping Mark to walk, managed to pull the entrance to the attic down and ascend the stairs with Mark in tow, before any of the Zombies could follow them.

Mark began to change back into his human form. Carla didn’t know Mark at all, but when she saw him in his human form, she couldn’t see him as anything but a man unlike his own family.

Carla asked Mark very gently if he was okay. He was still somewhat scared of her ironically. He knew exactly how fanatical and dogmatic the Guardians were. Even though Carla had helped him, for all he knew it was simply so that she could torture him for information she thought he might have about the Zombies.

Mark told Carla that he was feeling fine so as not to show any weakness. It was an obvious lie. He could barely stand and was sweating badly.

Carla walked slowly towards him trying to reassure him that she meant him no harm.

“I can see how helpless you are. Believe me, I’ve faced hordes of the worst monsters from Hell itself. If I wanted to kill you, I would have. Please let me help you.”

Mark was still a little unsure. He didn’t think that one good deed, even it was saving her life could undo a life time of prejudice.

Carla spoke again saying simply “My name is Carla. Tell me what’s your name? I’d like to know who it is I owe my life too?

Mark answered with a silence. He didn’t want to say anything about who he was, so as not to endanger his family.

Carla spoke again”Okay maybe you can tell me what it is you’re doing here? Its not exactly the most friendly place for people with your condition.

Mark responded with a dry “I can assure you. I’m not in this godforsaken place out of choice” Carla smiled and said back “Well that’s one thing we have in common

Mark started to feel a bit more comfortable. He still didn’t trust her completely, but he did feel that perhaps she was a kindred spirit. One other person who could see what an insane and twisted place Hallet really was.

Mark spoke again to Carla, telling her that he needed to go back outside and try and find his loved ones.

Carla however was adamant that he not leave the attic. She told him that he needed to heal first. He didn’t have the strength to argue with her. Jumping across the rooftops so soon after his injury had taxed him. Just before Carla left through the window at the back of the attic she assured Mark that she would help his family on the rooftop.

She didn’t know him, but she had guessed when she saw the woman on the roof cry out after he was shot.

“I can’t promise I’ll bring them back, you know that, but I will do my best. And in case you never see me again, thank you for saving my life. I forgot to thank you earlier.”

The Zombies were clamouring round the house, Peter, Amanda and Frank had been left on the roof of by Mark. Amanda was scared that the monsters might in their ravenous hysteria tear the whole building down. Still her thoughts mostly drifted towards Mark.

She had no idea where he had gone, or if he was even still alive. Still she couldn’t help but feel somewhat proud that he had risked his life to save a young woman’s. Peter felt the same way, but he also felt tremendous guilt at how he had treated Mark. All this time he had to some extent viewed him as a monster because of his curse, but now he had seen how, even in his wolf from his son put other people first.

Mark risked exposing himself to the Guardians all to save a complete stranger even when his own father pleaded with him not to. Peter prayed for a chance to make up to Mark.

The Zombies had crowded round the bottom of the house. Though strong, the beasts were basically on the level of dumb animals and most of them just staggered around the bottom of the house. They knew food was up there, but they just couldn’t figure out how to get to it, that is except for one of them. This Zombie had stumbled into the back garden of the house, Peter, Amanda and Frank were hiding on the top of. There it had bumped into a tree. At first it started clawing the tree until eventually its claws became embedded in the bark . After the monster pulled them free it came to a realisation that it could use its claws to climb the tree, in much the same way as certain animals can master certain tricks. Once the Zombie reached the top of the tree it could see the family sitting on the roof, huddled together in fear and it leaped through the air at the house.

However it didn’t jump far enough and fell crashing to the ground. The noise alerted the family who had been focused entirely on the Zombies at the front of the house.

Peter got in front of Amanda and Frank. He hoped the Zombie wouldn’t find a way up there, but was prepared to fight it off if need be. He knew that he wouldn’t stand a chance unarmed against one Zombie, but he hoped that maybe he could knock it off the roof, even if it dragged him down with it. After falling from the house, the Zombie got up again in a matter of seconds, completely unfazed and tried a second time to jump towards the house.

The Zombie failed again and again, but it didn’t give up and on its 6th attempt the monster managed to grab onto the roof’s edge with its claws. Peter tried to jump on the Zombies fingers, but the beast knocked him backwards with one swipe of its hand.

When Peter got to his feet he saw the Zombie had already climbed up to the top of the roof. Hissing and slobbering, the Zombie lunged at him. Peter tried to tackle the beast, but within seconds it wrestled him to the floor. Peter had never felt strength like it. He struggled with all his might but it did absolutely nothing to deter the undead fiend. Amanda and Frank both grabbed the Zombie and tried to pull it off Peter, but again it did nothing. Just as the monster was about to sink its teeth into Peter he managed to knock it off him by kicking it with both feet in the stomach when it was off guard.

Amanda and Frank went tumbling backwards too, but Peter grabbed Frank before he fell off the roof. The Zombie on the other hand stumbled backwards and tripped, falling off the roof and back into the garden.

Unfortunately the noise it made began to alert the Zombies at the front of the house and they began to descend to the garden. Worse when they saw the original Zombie climb the tree once again, they began to copy its behaviour.

Now several Zombies were leaping through the air to try and land on the house. The family were trapped. Peter desperately tried to think of a way out of this. Just then one of the Zombies, a small woman that had jumped from the tree, managed to grab on to the edge of the roof.

In the heat of the moment Peter realised their only chance would be to climb down the front of the building and climb through the window. It would be difficult and there most likely were Zombies inside the building too. Still it was the only way forward.

Peter explained to Amanda and Frank that they had to climb down the pipe and into the window one at a time. He ripped one of the tiles off of the roof and told Amanda to use it to smash the window below. He also told Frank and Amanda to go first whilst he tried to hold off the Zombie. They both refused to leave, but he insisted. With the female Zombie having managed to climb up onto the roof. Peter started to rip more tiles off the roof and throw them at the Zombie to distract her. Screaming at Amanda and Frank to go, the two eventually agreed. Amanda went down first, to see if there were any Zombies in the bedroom. There weren’t. It was the first break they had got that night.

Amanda managed to smash the window with the tile. Meanwhile Peter was doing his best to distract the Zombie. The creature was circling him, clearly waiting for the right moment to strike. Peter just needed to keep her attention on him until Frank had made his way to the room.

Peter’s attention briefly wandered to another Zombie that had managed to grab onto the edge of the roof and was climbing up. As soon as he turned back to the female Zombie, he saw she was already running towards him. Letting his guard down for a couple of seconds was enough for the monster to try and take its chance.

Peter managed to dodge the Zombies attack and seeing that Frank had crawled down the pipe and into the window headed for the edge of the roof, with the other Zombie that had quickly climbed up in hot pursuit. Peter in his haste jumped onto the pipe, grabbing onto it with both arms. Unfortunately his sudden weight caused the pipe to break off at the top, and drop slightly towards the Zombie crowd below. Amanda, alerted by the noise, opened the broken window and reached out to try and grab Peter, but he was just a little bit too far away.

Peter screamed in terror. He was only a few feet from a crowd of ravenous Zombies below him. As he tried to climb up the pipe he saw the two Zombies on the roof jumping down towards him. He managed to dodge the female Zombie who fell into the crowd below, whilst the other Zombie landed on the pipe causing it to fall into the crowd.

Just before the pipe fell however Peter jumped through the air, and managed to grab onto the window sill. Unfortunately the Zombie on the pipe also jumped and managed to grab on to his legs.

Peter screamed and shook his legs, stopping the Zombie from getting a good bite, but the monster held on. Amanda however came to her husbands aid, using a large lamp from the bedroom. She began hitting the Zombie in the face. Though it obviously wasn’t hurting the Zombie, it was distracting it enough for it to try and grab the lamp. With its attention more on the lamp, Peter was able to kick the beast off of him by using his free leg.

Amanda then helped Peter crawl through the window. The three had made it off the roof, but they were far from safe. There were Zombies downstairs, and they had been alerted by the smashing of the windows.

The family could hear at least one of them staggering up the stairs and down the hall in their direction.

There was no way out, and certainly nothing that could barricade the door against the Zombies inhuman strength.

Thinking fast Peter shoved Amanda and Frank into the nearest cupboard before he darted under the bed.

The Zombie came crashing through the door. Amanda, Frank and Peter all remained completely still and silent. If they made even one sound it would be over.

Frank could see the Zombie wandering around the room by itself. It was clearly the corpse of someone who had been dead for many years. Its skin was completely rotten, it had no hair, its teeth were broken and yellow, and the stench that came from the wretched creature was overwhelming.

It was hard to believe that it was so powerful. It looked like it was about to fall apart, but Frank knew that it could kill all 3 of them without any effort at all.

Little did the family know that outside of the house someone was coming to save them. Carla had managed to find her way back to the house. She had a promise to keep for the man who saved her life . After climbing out of the attic window, Carla climbed up to the roof top. From there she jumped from roof top to roof top. When she eventually landed on the house right next to the roof top Frank, Amanda and Peter were on, she saw they were gone.

At the same time however there were no traces of them on the rooftop. The Zombies in the crowd below also did not appear to be feasting on any victims either. The only place they could have escaped to was the inside of the house. Carla quickly jumped onto the roof. She could see several Zombies still trying to jump from the tree onto the roof.

Ignoring them Carla climbed down into the bedroom. She used her sword to do so. Stabbing it into the wall and then swinging down on it into the room. She also managed to pull the sword out of the wall as she swung down.

Carla came face to face with the lone Zombie. It hadn’t spotted any of the hiding family, but it knew they were in there. Now however its attention turned entirely to Carla, but she quickly sliced its head off and then impaled the monster with her sword before throwing it out of the window.

Frank and Amanda stared in silence. They couldn’t believe their luck, just when all seemed lost, a Guardian came swinging in and saved them. Peter crawled out from under the bed and thanked Carla, but she told him it was far from over yet. She actually wasn’t sure what to do next, as there were hundreds of Zombies outside closing in on the house. She told the family to wait in the room. She still had no idea what she was doing, but as she went into the hall she saw three Zombies heading towards the room. She decapitated all 3 of them though it only held them up for a few seconds.

Realising quickly that she couldn’t get out that way, Carla went back into the room. Looking out of the window into the garden, Carla could see that all of the Zombies had gathered closer to the front door of the house, with more and more of them entering it.

At the end of the garden there was a car. It was about 20 or so feet from the front door. It was a long shot, but if Carla could reach it then she might be able to hotwire the car and use it save the family. It was their only chance. Carla and jumped from the window just as one of the headless Zombies that she had fought in the hall came smashing through the door.

Peter screamed out at Carla to come back. He couldn’t believe that she was leaving just like that. Of course it never occurred to him that she was still trying to help his family, and actually was taking the biggest risk possibly of her life in doing so.

Carla managed to land on the roof of the car, missing the Zombie horde below. However as soon as she hit the roof with a hard thud, the Zombies turned their attention towards her. She was in tremendous pain, but she had to keep moving as a seconds hesitation could cost her her life.

She crawled off of the roof, smashed the car window with her sword and quickly hotwired the vehicle.

As soon as she got it working however the Zombies had begun to swarm the vehicle.

Carla tried to drive the car through the Zombies but the monsters at the front of the car held it in place with their inhuman strength. Several Zombies at the side meanwhile tore the doors off and tried to pull Carla out.

Carla sliced the Zombies arms off with her sword and managed to kick them away whilst their arms were growing back.

She then smashed the front window and using her sword, she knocked down the Zombies that were at the front of the car stopping it from driving away. Before the Zombies could get up, Carla drove the car over them. Though the Zombies at the back of the car were still holding on to it; the car nevertheless managed to drive away from them, though the parts they were holding on to were torn off as a result.

Carla drove the car into the street, getting a bit of distance between her and the pursuing Zombies before she spun the vehicle round and drove it right through them.

Most of the Zombies were sent flying through the air but a few once again managed to briefly halt the car in its tracks, but each time Carla would reach out with her sword and slice either their heads or their arms off.

Amanda meanwhile in desperation had ran towards the window to see if there was any way her and her family could escape. To her surprise she saw all of the Zombies running away from the house to the car. Jumping out through the window was their only way of escape.

Amanda shouted to Peter (who was ready to face the now several Zombies who had entered the room) and Frank to jump into the garden below.

Peter asked her if she was mad? “Assuming we don’t break our legs in the fall, you want us to escape 4 Zombies up here, by jumping into a whole sea of them down there?” Amanda didn’t have time to explain and simply said that they had no other choice. Not wanting to waste another second as the Zombies in the room drew closer, Amanda jumped out of the window, hoping that Peter and Frank would follow her regardless to make sure she was alright.

Sure enough her husband and her son followed instantly. All 3 of them hit the grass hard, but fortunately the fall was not great enough to seriously injure any of them.

The Zombies from the room followed the family out of the window. At the same time several Zombies from the roof spotted the family in the garden and they threw themselves from the roof. Finally in addition to this some of the Zombies had returned to the garden.

Amanda, Peter and Frank were completely surrounded. All seemed lost, but once again Carla came to their rescue. Driving her car right the way the Zombies and only stopping a few feet from the terrified family.

All of the cars doors had been ripped off, as had its boot. There were also massive scratches made by the Zombies all down both sides of the car as well on the bonnet.

Carla shouted at the family to get in, though she hardly needed to. Rather than try and drive back through the massive horde of Zombies, Carla swerved to the side, out of the garden. There were still a few Zombies out this way, but she knocked them all down (except for one that clung on to the front of right hand side of the car, near the drivers seat itself).

She tried to dodge as many Zombies as she could, but the monsters kept throwing themselves at the car. The Zombie that had clung itself to the side of the car meanwhile held on tight despite Carla’s attempts to shake the monster off. The Zombie kept trying to grab Carla’s leg.

This coupled with the Zombies constantly trying to jump onto the car from all around meant that Carla was constantly swerving violently on the road. During the commotion Frank fell out of the car and went tumbling down the road. Carla didn’t even notice at first, but she stopped as soon as Amanda screamed at her frantically. Amanda had been in the back seat with Frank.

Carla stopped the car suddenly with the jolt sending the Zombie who was holding on flying across the road. Before it could get up Carla drove the car over the monster and stopped it again on top of it.

Carla looked around at the chaos that surrounded her.

Buildings were on fire, mangled bodies lay in the streets, people were running blindly, screaming in sheer terror and panic. In the corner of the street Carla could see two Zombies tearing into a still living, screaming man. There was nothing she could do for him, but Carla still wished she had her gun with her only so she put the poor soul out of his misery.

Carla could see Frank in the distance, running blindly from three hungry Zombies. Telling Amanda and Peter to follow and keep close to her, Carla ran through the Zombies, trying to avoid fighting them as much as possible, not only because it was pointless, but also because she didn’t want to waste any time in getting to Frank. As Carla looked behind her she saw the Zombies had completely torn the car apart. The Zombie she had stopped the car on top of had actually begun to push it off its torso, and with a little help from the other Zombies that had gathered round the car they sent it tumbling over on its back.

Carla wondered why the monsters had bothered with the car when they weren’t in it? Could it be because the Zombies knew it was its prey’s best hope of escape? Perhaps they were smarter than she gave them credit it for she thought to herself. She also thought as she ran through the ravaged town, amidst the screams of its citizens.; how ironic that all the training she had been through, that had taken over her and all the other Guardians entire lives: had proven completely useless in the face of this crisis. She’d be lucky to save this one family.

Carla managed to make it to the Zombies chasing Frank. Taking them by surprise, with one swing of her sword she took the beasts heads clean off. Though this only slowed them down for a few seconds, it gave Carla enough time to impale one of the monsters with her sword and then toss it through the air and over a nearby fence. She then kicked the second Zombie to the ground, and sliced its legs off. Though its legs began to grow back almost instantly, Carla, Peter and Frank managed to flee before it could get back on its new feet.

None of the 4 of them knew where to go. The town was crawling with flesh eating monsters and cursed by the most powerful Witch it had ever seen. Still Carla had a promise to keep, and was determined that the Witch was not going to claim this family’s lives at least.

She fought her way through the Zombies frantically slashing and hacking, and constantly searching for anywhere to hide as more and more Zombies began to pour down the street.

The family stayed close to her. Peter naturally didn’t like being completely useless in defending his family, but he knew that it would be pointless to try and fight even one Zombie unarmed. All he could do was just trail behind Carla with his wife and son, though he made sure that they were in front of him at least.

Just as the foursome had made their way to the end of the street the Zombies suddenly began to twitch and shake. Carla not wasting any time began to decapitate the Zombies whilst they were incapacitated.

Just then within a flash a bright light suddenly swept the street. It lasted for only a few seconds, but once it was over Carla looked around and saw all of the Zombies were now completely frozen. “He did it” Carla thought to herself. Boone’s spell had against all the odds worked, but what consequences had their been for such a massive spell? She couldn’t worry about that now however she had to smash the Zombies whilst they were frozen. For all she knew the spell only lasted for a few minutes just like the spell that had frozen the Zombified Richard.

As Carla started smashing the frozen Zombies with her sword, more people emerged from their boarded up houses and hiding places.

At first they simply stared almost in disbelief at the frozen Zombies. They could not believe that their ordeal was over. Just a few minutes ago it seemed like all was lost and now in practically the blink of an eye the Zombies were no more.

Just then however Carla yelled at the villagers around her including Peter, Frank and Amanda “well don’t just stand there. I don’t know how long these guys are going to stay frozen for. Get smashing!

The villagers didn’t need any extra encouragement.

Frank, Amanda and Peter meanwhile had only one thought. Where was Mark? In all the confusion they didn’t have the time to ask what happened to him. They were all afraid to in case it was bad news, but still not being able to bare not knowing, Peter asked nervously what happened to the wolf that saved her life. Carla smiled. “Don’t worry he’s okay. I’m glad I was able to keep my promise to him.

Mark awoke in the attic. He had passed out for 10 or so minutes. He had begun to recover his strength now. The wound made from silver had taken longer to heal due to the way he had exerted himself physically.

Staggering back on his feet, Mark though still a little bit groggy and dazzled suddenly noticed the sound of cheering from the streets! “I can’t have been out for that long” he thought. Still he could no longer hear the moans of the Zombies, and the screams of their victims. It was over. For the town that is. His identity had been exposed to at least two Guardians. His only chance would be to try and slip away in the commotion.

Mark crept out of the attic, passing by a number of frozen Zombies in the hall below. He didn’t even bother to think why they were frozen, he just assumed that it was the Guardians at work. He also didn’t care either. All that mattered to him was finding his family and getting out of Hallet. He didn’t care that they would have nowhere else to go, he knew that staying in this town was simply not an option.

As Mark reached the bottom floor however he suddenly came face to face with another Guardian, Jake.

Mark recognised him from their earlier encounter. Unfortunately for Mark, Jake had a feeling that he was the Werewolf he almost killed. Little did Carla and Mark know, Jake had observed Carla and the wolf from a distance enter the house. Jake had been unable to pursue them however due to the Zombies. In fact much like Carla and Mark he had been forced to retreat into a nearby house where he also hid in the attic. The Zombies had cornered him and he simply had no way of fighting them off. Now that the crisis was over his attention immediately returned to the wolf. He wanted to know if it had been frozen or if it was even still in Hallet. It was possible that the wolf may have fled, Jake thought to himself. Maybe this man he had stumbled upon was just some some poor villager who had to deal with his house being invaded by Zombies and a Werewolf! Still he had to make sure

Mark wanted to leave right away, but Jake started asking him questions. “Excuse me sir. I am sorry to bother you. I understand this must be a difficult time, but don’t worry the crisis is over. There are some questions I need to ask you however.

Mark tried to brush him off “I’m sorry I need to find my family. I don’t even know if they survived.

Jake stopped him again however and said “I am afraid I can’t let you go. I need to know if you are infected. If one of those Zombies bit you, I can’t very well let you go out into the streets where you might turn.

It was a lie. Jake knew there was no chance he could be infected by the Zombies. Everyone who had been infected but not yet turned had also been frozen too. Some people actually tried to protect their frozen loved ones which led to fighting in the streets.

Still Mark did not know this, but he knew that what Jake really wanted was to check for the arrow wound he had made in his back. The wound had not completely healed. Jake told Mark that he would have to come with him and be checked out at the base. Mark tried to keep his cool, and talk his way out of it, but he knew it was pointless. He began to consider just making a break for it. Even with his wolf strength it would be pointless to try and fight a Guardian, who would be armed to the teeth with weapons that could kill him.

If Jake got him in the Guardians base then there would be no chance of escape. Mark darted back up the stairs and up into the attic after which he jumped through the back window in the attic and out into the streets.

Jake had tried to chase him, but he was no match for the Werewolf’s speed. Even if Mark couldn’t outfight the Guardian he might just be able to outrun him.

In the streets below Mark saw that nobody even noticed him smashing through the window! Everyone was too busy smashing the frozen Zombies to pieces, or fighting with each other in order to protect their infected loved ones. Though the Zombie invasion may have been over, there was still chaos one the streets.

Mark pushed his way through the wild mob, with Jake in hot pursuit. Jake clutched his silver knife. He genuinely believed that Mark was as big a monster as the Zombies and was determined that he wasn’t going to escape him again.

Jake shouted at the crowd to stop Mark, but hardly any of them could even hear him and those that did didn’t care as they were too wrapped up in their own problems.

Mark had a good head start on Jake but he couldn’t maintain it forever. He needed to find his family and fast. He too started shouting their names, but again it was pointless as the noise of the crowd drowned him out.

Fortunately for Mark, Carla had begun to make her way back to the house she left him in, along with his family, Peter, Amanda and Mark.

Carla did not hear Mark, at least not clearly, but she did manage to spot him in the crowd, from a distance, running frantically.

She told Peter, Amanda and Frank to wait here. She knew obviously that Mark was in danger and she didn’t want his family to get caught in the middle of any fight she might have to have with another Guardian.

Carla pushed her way through the crowd to get to Mark. She was in front of him, yet he was so busy looking back at Jake. Mark didn’t even spot Carla until she came face to face with him.

Mark instantly grabbed Carla rather roughly and demanded to know where his family was. He still didn’t completely trust her. For all he knew she had only wanted to find his family so that she could arrest them for harbouring a supernatural. He screamed at her to tell him where they could be, not caring that he knew she could probably slay him easily.

Carla was a little taken aback at first, but understood why he was so anxious. She spoke clearly and calmly and told him that they were just up the road and even pointed to where they where. Unfortunately Carla had inadvertently distracted Mark long enough for Jake to catch up to him.

Jake shouted at Mark to get away from Carla. He had been confused earlier when he saw her help the wolf into the house, but he assumed that the beast must have had some kind of hold over the Guardian. Maybe it was magic? Maybe it had someone she cared for prisoner? Whatever the case, it did not even occur to him that she had wanted to help the wolf and he still thought she was in danger.

Jake ran at Mark brandishing his silver knife but he was tackled to the ground by Carla who caught him off guard. Carla shouted at Mark to go whilst she held Jake off. Mark suddenly realised that he had been wrong to doubt Carla and rushed to her aid.

Jake managed to kick Carla off him. She had tried to pull the silver knife out of his hand but his grip on it was too strong. Jake asked Carla why she was helping a Demon? Carla simply responded with “because I owe him that’s why.

Jake was shocked. He couldn’t believe what he was hearing. It had to be some kind of mind control he thought, but he didn’t have time to worry about that now. He needed to in his mind stop this evil monster from rampaging its way across the town.

Mark grabbed Jake. Jake however managed to slash Mark across the arm with his knife. Luckily it didn’t cut that deeply but it managed to throw Mark and make him stagger back in pain.

Jake’s attention was firmly locked on the “wolf” but once again Carla intervened and tackled Jake. Mark overcoming the pain from his wound helped her, and together the two of them knocked Jake to the ground and disarmed him.

Carla and Mark quickly fled through the crowd whilst Jake was still getting back on his feet. Pushing their way past the rioters they managed to make their way back to Mark’s family.

They all embraced. For the first time, Peter and Amanda didn’t care about their son’s condition. They were just so relieved to see him again. Sadly however Jake did feel quite strongly about Mark’s Lycanthropy to say the least. Thus the family’s reunion was cut short and they were forced to flee down an alleyway along with Carla.

It was Mark himself that decided to flee down this alley as he hoped that down there he could change into his wolf form. If he tried in the middle of a crowd, even with the rioting it would still be likely to draw the attention of almost everybody there so he quickly darted into the nearest alleyway to change.

Jake of course followed them down the alley. He was confronted with Mark now in full wolf form roaring at him. Such a sight would terrify most people, but Jake had been facing monsters like this for almost his whole life.

Jake didn’t have a weapon on him however and he knew that the monster could outmatch him in a fight like this. Instead he spoke to the Wolf “Give it up. There’s no way you can escape. Even if you kill me now there are other Guardians” He then tried to speak to Carla “Please Carla I don’t know what hold this thing has over you, or why else you might be doing this, but please remember that you have a duty to protect the people of this town. Not that disgusting, unnatural, twisted thing!

Before Jake could say another word Mark clobbered him over the head. He did not kill Jake however. Even though it probably would have been better for him and the others. Despite the Demon inside him, Mark was not a killer.

He grabbed Frank with one arm and Amanda with another. Peter meanwhile held on to Amanda, whilst Carla put her arms around Mark’s neck and held on tight.

Mark jumped with all of them in tow to the nearest rooftop and then proceeded to jump from rooftop to rooftop. A few people in the crowds below saw the wolf and started screaming in panic.

Again their screams didn’t draw that much attention in the middle of the mayhem in the streets, but for many it would be the first glimpse they would get of the Wolf of Hallet.

As Jake got back to his feet he knew that it would be foolish to try and track the wolf. Besides he needed to get back to the base. Those actually were his orders that after or rather if the Zombies were frozen, then all the Guardians were to return to the base to collect the spell that might vanquish the Witch. Jake hadn’t even thought about his father he was so obsessed with catching the wolf. Now that it had eluded him, reality began to sink in about his father. He knew from experience that casting a spell that big probably meant that his father was no more.

Still he had to overcome his feelings of grief as the Zombies may have been dealt with but the crisis wasn’t over. The Witch behind it, as well as a Werewolf were still out there. He needed to get back to base and inform the others of what happened and try and find a way to deal with the monsters that were threatening his town.

Mark had managed to make his way to the very edge of the town. Normally it would have been impossible for a Werewolf just to slip its way through the town almost unnoticed, but this was of course no normal time for Hallet.

However just as Mark reached the very limits of the town he along with his family and Carla found that they could not leave. Something was stopping them. Mark tapped into all his Werewolf strength and raged and slashed against the invisible wall. Still nothing.

The Witch had cast a spell to prevent anyone from leaving the village. In her mind no one in the village was innocent. They were all to pay for the sins of the towns vile founder.

Mark began to lose his cool. “What the hell is going on? Why can’t we leave!

Carla realised who was behind the barrier right away and why it had been placed around the town. She simply responded to Mark with “She doesn’t want any of us to go. She’s not done yet.

Mark didn’t know what the hell she was talking about, but Carla kept speaking anyway. “Those monsters were merely the tools of a far greater evil. a vengeful Spectre that has more reason to hate us than anything else.

Carla began to tear up as she thought of her father. “That thing killed my father. It made me watch as those disgusting freaks tore him limb from limb

Carla couldn’t hold her pain in any longer and began to sob. At first she felt ashamed for showing her weaknesses like this, but to her surprise Mark began to comfort her. Mark said to her

I’m sorry. I can’t imagine how hard this has been for you. I hope I never have to. This thing whatever it is. Tell me what can I do to fight it?”

Carla told him whilst fighting back the tears “You can’t. I only survived my first dealing with the Witch because it wanted to toy with me“.

So what we just sit her and wait to either be killed by those fanatics, or eaten by whatever monster that gets conjured up next, or cursed by a vengeful Spectre. ”

No of course not“. Carla responded. “I’m going to fight that beast now.” Peter interjected “but you said you wouldn’t stand a chance against that monster?” “I won’t, but what else can I do? The surviving Guardians have their hands full for now, but it wouldn’t take them long to clean up the streets of Hallet and then all of them would be coming after us whilst the Witch will kill us anyway. She turned to Mark. Like you said we can’t just sit around and wait to die. At least this way I go out fighting.

As Carla walked off to the Church, Mark yelled after her that he was coming too.

Not surprisingly Mark’s family were against it, Mark however felt he had no choice. Carla obviously stood a better chance with his help, and he couldn’t possibly let her go to face possibly the worst monster this town had ever seen on her own after she had saved his family. Though Carla protested on the surface, deep down she was relieved. A Werewolf might be a more useful ally, though even then she didn’t think he would stand much of a chance which was why she didn’t want to ask for his help.

Mark told Peter, Amanda and Frank to remain here unless they saw more Guardians coming whilst he and Carla went to face the monster that threatened to tear Hallet to pieces.

Jake had made his way back to the base. He was the only Guardian there. He didn’t know if he was the only one left alive apart from Carla, or if they had been caught up in the chaos of the town.

In the base he could see several frozen Zombies as well as the remains of their victims scattered about the place. Clearly the monsters had broken their way in, and though the Guardians had fought with all their might. It wasn’t enough.

Jake finally made it the room his father, Boone had been performing the spell in when he left. The two doors had been torn down by the Zombies and inside Jake could see the splattered remains of more Guardians.

As he made his way through the room, tip toeing over the mangled body parts, holding his nose to stop the stench from overpowering him,. He could not find his father.

Jake saw the ventilation shaft was lying open. Clearly his father had escaped through it amidst the slaughter and managed to finish the spell in another room.

Just then, Jake could suddenly hear a moaning coming from outside. It sounded like his father. He was alive, but in what state had the magics he had used to save the town left him?

Jake was almost too scared to turn around, but he knew he that he a Guardian couldn’t ever let his fear control him, especially not now of all times.

Jake saw his father hobble into the room. Boone’s skin was bright blue and frozen, and slowly beginning to crack. Jake could also see that he was struggling to breath. He rushed to help Boone, but there was nothing Jake could do but try and make his fathers last few moments comfortable. If that were possible.

Boone collapsed into his sons arms. His entire body was freezing just like the Zombies outside. Boone however in spite of the intense agony he was in was still able to speak, though only barely.

You need to use the Dark Lightening Spell. I, I, I managed to finish it just before I completed the mass freezing spell. The orb that will carry it out is, is” He began to wheeze, His vocal chords and even his lungs were beginning to freeze up. It was possibly only a matter of seconds he had left, but he managed to sputter out a few more words. “Its contained in a small black orb. I managed to finish it in my office when those freaks broke in here. If you break the orb near her it will engulf her, but, my son I am sorry, I did not have time to perfect it.” He then let out a scream as his hands began to crack. “My son whoever uses the Dark Lightening Spell will also be engulfed by its power; I’m so sorry son, I failed you” And with that his entire body froze solid and cracked into thousands of bloody pieces in Jake’s arms.

Jake knew that he didn’t have time to wait for any of the other Guardians. The Witch’s Zombie invasion had been foiled, but she was still up there, plotting in the old church. He had to destroy her before she could strike again. Even if that meant at the expense of his own life.

Mark and Carla couldn’t see any sign of the Witch. They had searched through the entire Church a few times now and sill no sign of her. Carla knew that the monster must be playing with them, but she hoped she would be ready for it when it next attacked. She still had no idea how exactly she was going to fight the Witch, but she just hoped she would be ready for whatever sick joke it was going to play on her and Mark.

Mark meanwhile was a little unsure. He thought that maybe the monster had left. For all they knew the beast could be in the middle of Hallet, tearing it up and here they were wasting time searching the same church from top to bottom over and over again.

Mark said to Carla that he felt they should leave, but Carla was adamant that the Witch was still in the Church. She didn’t know why she thought that, but she just had a feeling.

Mark however was getting somewhat impatient with her.

Why don’t we split up” he said. “You can stay here and I’ll check outside in the forest.

Carla disagreed. She didn’t think it was wise for Mark to go off exploring alone when Jake and possibly other Guardians were looking for him. She also felt they had a better chance together. Mark however still protested thinking that it was pointless just sitting around waiting for the Witch to strike. That is if she was even here.

Carla snapped at Mark suddenly “Fine go. I’m only here risking my life to help you and your family.” Mark was quite taken aback at she how quickly she had turned.on him. He tried to talk things over reasonably with her, but she continued to shout at him.

How am I supposed to figure out what the Witch is doing with you constantly whining about being in a Church! Think I want to be here? I watched my own father get torn to pieces in this godforsaken place. My best friend was also tortured to death here, and her little girl is trapped as a fucking statue! I can’t help help her anymore than I could help my father. There’s no where on earth I’d rather not be than here, but I have no choice you ungrateful son of a bitch ”

Mark didn’t know Carla, but even he could tell that she wasn’t herself. Just then Carla whipped out her sword and swung it at Mark’s neck. He only narrowly managed to get out of the way in time. This had to be the work of the Witch, through possession, or some kind of spell he thought.

Dodging her attacks Mark continued to try and reason with Carla. “Please, there’s something making you do this. Try and fight it.” Carla wasn’t listening to him however and still swung her sword at Mark.

She actually managed to slice him across the chest. Mark knew even with his Wolf powers he’d be lucky to get the drop on such an experienced fighter and still tried to reason with her. He also did not want to hurt Carla either.

“I don’t know you Carla, but I can’t believe someone who would risk their life to save people she had never met could suddenly turn like this without supernatural intervention. Please whatever it is fight it

Just then Carla fell to the floor in pain. Mark rushed over to help her get to her feet. She was breathless and dazed. Through her deep gasps she said ” Mark I’m sorry, I just , I just don’t know what happened. I’ve never felt a rage like that in my life, and it was over nothing!

A voice came piercing down the corridor. Carla recognised it instantly. It belonged to the monster that killed her father.

I’m impressed. You managed to resist my spell? What are you? Her brother? Her loving husband? If so I hate to tell you she clearly doesn’t like you as much as she gave into my little spell instantly“.

Mark saw the hideous Spectre, Cassek floating in the hall in front of him. It truly was a grotesque sight, yet somewhat pitiful at the same time as Mark could still see traces of grief and anguish on the Ghosts rotten face.

Mark knew the real reason the spell hadn’t worked on him hadn’t been because he had a stronger will than Carla, but simply because he was a Werewolf. The Witch had only cast the spell to affect humans. She could have if she wanted made it affect paranormal creatures, but it would have required more power and she honestly didn’t think she would have too. Why on earth would any supernatural creature defend Hallet?

Even now it did not occur to Cassek that Mark was a Werewolf. She simply believed that she had made a mistake in casting the spell. Mark and Carla both realised that Cassek not knowing the truth about Mark might just well be the only advantage they had over the spectre and so they both kept quiet.

The only reason Cassek had not just simply killed Mark and Carla when they arrived was because she wanted to use them as test subjects for her new curse.

Carla demanded to know from Cassek what she wanted. Cassek smiled and told her. “The Zombies were just the beginning,. Did you really think that my grand plan for revenge against this town would just be a plain old monster attack? That was just to scare and humble you, though I must admit I am surprised it took you the legendary Demon slayers so long to stop a simple Zombie invasion?” “Still“, she continued “I’m going to make this town fight a far worse type of monster now. Themselves. My next curse is going to drive everyone in the town crazy and make them kill their friends, their families. Or so I thought. I used you two as test subjects and you held out on me young man. Why didn’t you smash her brains in!

Carla responded with “well if you’re going to kill us get on with it. At least we won’t have to look at your disgusting face any longer” Cassek using her power threw Mark and Carla through the air in a fit of rage.

Oh don’t worry I’m not going to kill you. I need two people to test each new curse on. You see this next curse won’t destroy the town either. I have all kinds of gruesome spells cooked up for you. I’m going to inflict every piece of misery and agony you’ve dished out to others.

Carla tried to strike the Witch whilst she was talking, but again it did no good and Cassek instead took control of Carla once again.

Unable to resist the Ghosts control, Carla ran towards Mark swinging her sword. Rather than try and fight her and risk either injuring her or himself. Mark fled down the corridor and into the Church courtyard.

There out of the Witch’s view, Mark morphed into his wolf form and jumped through the air onto the Church roof before Carla could even enter the courtyard. Carla who was merely a puppet for Cassek had no idea where he had gone, and Mark managed to conceal himself behind an old chimney.

From the roof he could see the entire town. There were still fires, rioting in the streets, and fighting among the people. Mark knew however as bad as it looked down there, it was nothing compared to what would happen if the Witch got a chance to unleash her second curse. Even the Zombie invasion would pale in comparison.

Mark could see in the distance someone coming through the woods. It was Jake. He appeared to be carrying something. A black orb in one hand and his sword in another. Mark kept out of sight. Whilst he knew that Jake was obviously here for the Witch, at the same time he wouldn’t put it past Jake even in the middle of this crisis to divert his attention to the Wolf of Hallet.

Still Mark kept on eye on him. Ironically his salvation lay with Jake as he was the only one who could destroy the Witch now.

Unfortunately for Jake the Witch had already sensed him coming, or rather she had sensed the power of the Dark Lightening Spell contained within the orb. It was such powerful, raw, dark magic there was no way Cassek could not sense it as soon as it got within a fair distance of her.

She knew that the people at Hallet would have some form of vanquishing spell, but still the presence of the orb still managed to scare her somewhat. She decided to use Carla as her bodyguard (no longer caring about Mark at this point). She called Carla back and told her to wait in the main hall.

Jake meanwhile was not actually wanting to take the Witch by surprise. The orb acted as something of a shield to Cassek’s magics. As long as he held it, it could deflect her magics that were aimed directly at him.

However Jake knew that this wasn’t going to be an easy slay. Whilst the Witch’s magic couldn’t affect him directly, she could still affect the environment around him. She could using her magical telekenisis impale him with or crush him under rubble before the “fight” between them even begun. Added to that in order for the spell to work he would need to get near to her and break the glass. He hoped to lure the Witch into a false sense of security and then smash the glass right in front of her. Sadly however little did he know this would not work as she had already sensed the spells presence.

When Jake entered the Church it didn’t take him long to find Carla.

He was surprised to see her here. He was still angry at her betrayal, but for now he was willing to put it behind him if she could help deal with the Witch.

He spoke to her “Carla, what are you doing here? What happened to the Witch? Is she here? Did she attack you?”

Carla however didn’t answer. She wanted to, but there was nothing she could do to fight the monsters influence. Carla jumped at Jake wielding her sword . Jake managed to block her attack. Unlike Mark he didn’t bother to question why she was attacking him. He realised that despite her treachery earlier there was no way she could be working with the Witch as it had murdered her father. It had to be some kind of magic, but he didn’t care. All that mattered to him was taking care of the Witch and if he had to kill Carla to do it then fine. It was ironic that Jake who had worked alongside Carla for many years had no problem with hurting her whilst Mark who had known her for barely an hour had refused to.

Jake and Carla were evenly matched, but as they fought with their swords Cassek emerged behind Jake who was completely unaware.

Wasting no time she moved a piece of rubble left over from the construction through the air and hit Jake over the back of the head. Jake fell to the floor, but before he did, Cassek managed to catch the orb.

Now with the only thing that could hurt her in her hands, she instantly took control of Jake.

She laughed at the two Guardians, warriors who had been sworn to protect their town who were now utterly helpless in front of her.

You had one chance, one chance to stop me. Even with a Dark Lightening Spell I still beat you whilst barely trying!

She could barely contain her laughter, but ironically Cassek failed to notice Mark coming in. Mark had followed Jake into the Church. Creeping slowly down the roof. He had morphed back into his human form so as again not to let the Witch know what he really was.

He walked slowly up to the Witch. He was careful not make any sound. Cassek was holding the orb in her hand. All he had to do was reach through the Ghosts body and crush the orb.

Just as he reached his hand through the Ghost however, Cassek spun round. She laughed in Mark’s face and mocked him.

“Did you really think it would be that easy? Thought I’d forgotten about you?” she sneered.

Knowing he’d have no chance in a one on one confrontation Mark turned and fled. Cassek however picked up the same piece of rubble that she had used to knock out Jake and impaled Mark through the chest with it.

Mark collapsed to the floor instantly. Thinking he was dead, Cassek turned round to see the two Guardians. Still laughing she continued to taunt her two prisoners. “Don’t feel bad for him. Compared to you and the rest of this town he got off lightly. He certainly didn’t get it as bad as your father did he young lady?

Of course little did the Witch know the joke was on her now. Jake and Carla knew that wouldn’t be enough to kill a Werewolf. Rising up slowly whilst changing into his wolf form, Mark ran at the Witch and this time he did manage to grab the black orb which he broke effortlessly with his Werewolf strength.

Mark and Cassek were engulfed in a black cloud. Cassek screamed in panic. She couldn’t bare the thought of dying at Hallet’s people’s hands. Not when she was so close.

As the cloud wrapped tight around the two of them it began to draw the most powerful magics in the form of a thick black lightening from the sky. This lightening was capable of destroying almost any life form.

Cassek screaming and tearing managed to cut a tiny hole in the black shield. Mark was astonished. He didn’t think anything could penetrate the black cloud that famously traps victims of the black lightening spell. As Cassek tried to widen the hole, Mark intervened.

He knew there was no way he could harm her, but he hoped to maybe distract her for long enough.

However nothing could take Cassek’s attention off of escaping and just before the lightening she managed to widen the rip so far, both she and Mark went tumbling out of the black cloud.

However neither were able to get completely clear of the blast radius. They didn’t feel the full force of the blast but it affected them nonetheless.

Cassek being the spirit the spell was set for was more badly affected. She barely clung to life, having lost virtually all of her power, she was now completely helpless.

Carla and Jake were instantly released from her power, and the force field she had placed around the town vanished. Alice also turned back into a real person too.

Carla walked towards the weakened Spectre who just mere minutes ago had been the greatest evil this town had ever faced. Now she could barely lift her arms.

Cassek pitifully begged Carla to spare her. Carla however just simply laughed. Not out of cruelty, just at the absurdity that she would show any compassion to the monster that murdered her father right in front of her.

I’m sorry for what happened to you. I really am, but that doesn’t excuse what you’ve done. You let the monster that founded our town turn you into a monster. Ask yourself this, if these roles were reversed would you show me any compassion? And I genuinely have never done you any harm.”

However before Carla could bury her sword in the Spectres gut it suddenly vanished. Carla wasn’t sure if the spirit had just evaporated or if it had using the last ounce of power managed to teleport to safety.

Whatever the case Carla let out a scream in frustration. She couldn’t believe that she had come within seconds of avenging her father and missed it!

Jake meanwhile had turned his attention to Mark. Mark had been badly burned by the blast. If he had remained within the black cloud then he would have been completely vaporised. Ironically Cassek had helped save his life.

An ordinary human would have still been killed in his situation. His Werewolf strength was the only thing that was allowing him to cling to life. Still he was too weak too move and Jake had him cornered.

Jake placed his sword on Mark’s neck ready to cut his throat. “Iappreciate the help Wolfie, but I am afraid I can’t let you go. I’m not about to let one evil just wander freely around the town after having fought off another

Carla interrupted “He didn’t just help though. He completely saved your ass and everyone in this town. And here you are going to cut his throat while he’s completely helpless. You should be thanking him

Jake sneered at Carla “The Witch is gone now Carla. Surely you”ve come to your senses. You actually think we can let this thing go? To slaughter more innocent people

Mark tried to speak, whilst coughing blood “ I, I, swear, I’ve never hurt anyone. I never would hurt anyone” Jake interrupted “Wow what a shock, the monster claims he’s not a monster when someone has a sword at his throat!

Carla however quickly placed her sword at Jake’s throat. Jake was not scared. He simply said to Carla, coldly “so you really want to do this?“. Carla responded with “no I’d rather not, but at the same time I can’t let you kill an innocent man. Regardless of whether you even see him as a man or not one thing is certain. You and everyone else in this town owe him your lives. Do you know what created the monster we fought today? Our founder wronged another innocent person who only ever used their un-natural power to help people. Lets be better than he was.

Jake wanted to kill what he saw as just another monster, but at the same time he couldn’t help but feel that Carla was right. This “monster” had clearly not just been desperate to save its own skin as it had sacrificed itself for the good of the town. That contradicted everything he had ever been told about supernatural creatures being selfish, greedy monsters. Clearly there was still some of the man left in this beast.

Jake pulled his sword away from Mark’s throat. As Carla rushed to help Mark, Jake told them both that they could not mention anything about Mark’s condition to anyone else. Mark after thanking Jake told him not to worry as before tonight he had kept it secret for 10 years.

After being reunited with his family, Mark and the others were forced to stay in Hallet. Mark was simply too weak to survive such a long journey. At the same time he was not allowed near the hospital as they would have found out the truth about him being a Werewolf.

Instead he was forced to recuperate in Carla’s house along with the rest of his family (whilst their house was being rebuilt after the fire).

Carla also took Alice in. The young girl had been traumatised by her horrific ordeal, but Carla would do the best for her friend’s daughter and try and nurse her back to health.

There were no signs of the monster responsible for the young girl and so many others pain however. Cassek had simply vanished. The Guardians would search furiously for her, but sadly they found nothing. Some of them came to believe that she was gone for good, but Carla, Mark and Jake would remain on their toes.

It would take Hallet many months to recover from the ordeal, but eventually the town began to flourish again. Though even then its defences were severely depleted. Of the 60 Guardians, only just over 20 remained.

Hallet was more vulnerable than it had ever been before and its Guardians would have to work three times as hard to protect the town.

In the weeks it would take Mark to heal (thanks to his Werewolf powers) he began to think that maybe there was another reason he had come back here. His powers had ultimately saved the entire town. Now with the town more vulnerable it could do with more help.

Of course he didn’t tell his parents that these thoughts had even entered his head. The only good thing about the whole ordeal was that Mark had become closer to his parents. After seeing how he had used his power to help people and how he had always remained himself when he was a wolf.

For the first time since he was infected, Peter and Amanda actually saw Mark as their son, and not just a Demonic burden. Of course they still had a long way to go to repair the old wounds of the past,  but at the very least Peter and Amanda were determined that they were gong to be there for their son whilst Mark in turn hoped that one day he could maybe convince the rest of this town just like he had done his parents that the power of his curse could be used for good.

By Ferne Shelley

© Copyright 2018 Joseph Wilson. All rights reserved.

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