Warning From The Future.

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

Inside an Old IBM Computer from 1978, i accidentally enabled a coded unimatrix message. It seems like it was written far beyond our own time, its a warning! A warning about cyber criminals stealing
this developed code and holding the entire worlds Global powers hostage, did the Global Powers pay the Ransom? Or was it a total accident when the code propagated into every processor on the

I found this Code inside an Old IBM computer from 1978, it flickered on the Green Screen whilst I was trying to unscrew the port screws at the back of the hard drive.
/If my calculations are correct and this is December the 1st 2017.\ 
Press YES Or NO for the command to engage.
Pressing YES is irreversible and cannot be changed at a later date and will cause irreversible damage to the global economy, stock markets will crash and close down permanently and all global financial institutions will flounder.
Global power grids will be unable to function and the major result will be Power failure all over the Global landscape of the earth.
A further Warning!
Electro Magnetic Pulse’ will emit from over fifty telecom satellites revolving the earth, rendering the Global communication thread useless and defunct, ion and Zeon batteries as well as commercial batteries will also be affected, rendering zero charge within the cells and as such, all transport vehicles being private & commercial will cease to function.
All Hospitals, Airports, government departments & surrounding agencies will cease to operate effectively.
A Final Warning!
Defence systems whether that being foreign or domestic will all cease to function, rendering the Global Infrastructure derelict and the balance of power will suddenly change the Global landscape of the world.
And Finally…This is the most critical Red Warning!
The ‘’Hadron Collider’’ Built by the European Organisation for nuclear research.
It is located beneath the France - Switzerland border near Geneva.
(IF you press YES) the unimatrix particle code will engage and divert as much power as the machine requires to acquire critical mass and in turn it will create a artificial black hole and (it will guaranteed) rip and tear a space within the gravity that all mankind depends on.
The Unimatrix Code was developed for the good of mankind, a Global heist by cyber criminals stole it (‘On August the 19th, 2039‘) and in turn held all Global powers hostage demanding 10 Trillion Dollars’ from each state country.
But because they inadvertently enabled the Unimatrix Code by trying to hand it back to the Global Authorities, they engaged the protocols, thus processing the ‘alive code‘, it in turn spread around the Global internet and every device with a processor enabled the engage process… 
And this is the reason why, it must never be allowed to happen! ‘Again’!


Submitted: December 01, 2017

© Copyright 2021 Left On The Shelf. All rights reserved.

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