in plain sight

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an intriguing story that may catch your eye. start of straight into the action then rewind right back at the beginning.

Submitted: December 01, 2017

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Submitted: December 01, 2017



In Plain Sight


The darkness’ reign grew darker and darker, leaving remnants of dark matter scattered across the rough hills…


Oh. Hello, let’s rewind, shall we? So it was just a regular old day of school: Jack’s alarm clock wailed and screamed throughout the whole house. Only slightly keeping the neighbors in their luxury of sleep. He released an on-going yawn without even knowing he did. The door slammed open, Jack was not only yawning but let out a loud shriek. “If you are late for school, I will make you late home.” stated mother. ‘B-but’ stuttered Jack as he wrapped his ragged blanket around himself once more. ‘No BUTS!’ shouted mother. ‘Now, I should expect you in your uniform and downstairs ready for school by 7.’


Ugh, the uniform looks-” the door slammed once again before he could even finish his sentence. Gradually slipping himself into his uniform, Jack’s eyes widened as the horror of his little sister began. Hearing her come down the hallway was like a tsunami of cars colliding with the traffic. The only time she would even have the slightest thought of entering Jack’s room was when she had something to brag about or try to get him into deep trouble. The door slammed open for the 3rd time yet it sounded a bit more powerful. “Yeah. Ok. Alright. Yeah, of course, I will call you back Lilly, okay. Bye.” His face turned green over the disgust of her sister and her girly friends. “Guess where mother is taking me today?” She ensured that we call her mother instead of ‘mum’ for an unknown reason. She swept a thin brochure beneath Jack’s nose creating a whiff of wind. “I don’t care! Now get out!” Demanded Jack but this time is was him closing the door. Jack walked over to the window and reflected on his poor surroundings as the rain hammered like dancing nails.


Jack glanced at mother when he caught her stuffing his bag with possible unneeded items like she was ensuring that I have a good day at school.

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