Keep Breathing

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Am i dead? Or am i alive? I'm fighting for my life.

Submitted: December 01, 2017

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Submitted: December 01, 2017



  Digging. I'm digging and I can't get out. There's sand or mud - sand inside my mouth. My head it throbs, was I hit? I dig and I dig, one hand out the other hand in. 

  I hear something. I pull my hand back and look with my good eye. I can see the dark sky but there is no moon to shine. I hear it again. Rustle. Is there somebody in the bushes? Or in the trees? Wait, where the hell am I? Stop thinking just scream.

  I'm afraid to scream, I'm afraid to move, but if I want to live there has got to be something to do. I shove my other hand out at last I can move, my legs, my chest, my breath is kind of smooth. I breathe in the sweet and cough out the cold.

  Free. I am free and out but, wait. I hear something, again. It drags behind me. A shovel? A rake? Shall I move? Or just wait? My head it throbs, I touch it its slimy, just isn't that odd? I smell nothing but taste the blood. I've been hit, oh my am I getting killed?

  Closer. It's getting closer. Look goddman it, but I'm frozen like a stone. I try to move, I shuffle a little. But with one eye up, I see it, it's coming. I - 


  Somebody please tell me, am I dead yet? Or am I just dreaming?   Or worse have I been burried alive once more? 

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