Your Farewell.

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I laughed any way...

Submitted: December 02, 2017

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Submitted: December 02, 2017



The sun was hot,
the paper fresh.
My tears ran free now.

On my lightest days,
my heart was still caged,
black and cold from then on.

 I went to the  store
and bought a water,
in hopes to make things clear.

The only clear thing I saw,
was that I was alone in the end afterall.

Save your letters,
save your flowers,
I didn't need them anyway.
I can stand still,
and stand tall.
 And when I learn to smile again,
this time,
it will not fall.

A homeless woman
asked me for change,
and the only change I returned with was the one
I felt in my heart.
The change was lonley this time around,
and this end had no restart.

When I told her this,
on this blackened day
she rolled her eyes
and said
"It's not funny."
I agreed,
walking off,
I laughed anyway.

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