your dogs tell me the tale

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the poem is self revealing

Submitted: December 02, 2017

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Submitted: December 02, 2017



  Your dogs tell me the tale


I know you may show me your mansions high

And I know you will drive by Lamborghinis long

You may show me thy powdered faces

Or your dresses of silk long

As I walk up your streets boy , the  street dogs tell me how thee are

Ye call thyselves  people civilized and refined

I have seen those dogs hungry all

I know ye people have done treatment cruel

All I hear , their laments and wail

A one eyed dog watches me with hope

For they have contracted diseases of thine

They live in miserable environments created by thee

Engulfed by trash and killing polythene

Fish have died  as they added DDT

So did bees as they sprayed pesticide

What have you done to the vultures scavenger

For that too suffocated due to practices thine

Chemicals have added thee to the soil and earthwroms  perished

How do thee call thyselves a great nation

Thee killed thy fellow humans in war

Nukes thy have made to triumph over

Triumph over what?skulls and mortar



© Copyright 2018 Dr Mirza Ahmer Be'g. All rights reserved.

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