The Everlasting Unseen Struggle

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There are people in the world that do not have a voice. They are not heard, due to their problems not being visible to the naked eye. This poem, inspired by a friend, is for all those that feel
forgotten and unheard. You are not alone.

Submitted: December 02, 2017

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Submitted: December 02, 2017



This is the story of a world that is blind.

This world cannot see the pain and suffering that it’s people face.

It is a pain that is invisible to the naked eye.

A suffering that cannot be observed from the outside.

Our people face a daily struggle that goes unseen because it is in the mind.

A chemical imbalance that causes our own to face things that others do not care about because it is not them and they cannot see it.

This struggle goes on and on for more than 50% of the world, and yet it is not recognized by society as something worth getting “loud” about.

I am speaking about mental health disorders.

There are many of our friends and family suffering in silence with a mental disorder, all because they are afraid of the judgment.

Others are aware that a mental disorder, to society, is just a way for people to get attention.

Some people tell us, “It is all in your head.” and “Just get over it already.”

These words are as detrimental to us as sugar is to a diabetic or flickering light is to someone with epilepsy.

Just because it cannot be seen, does not make the struggle any less real.

Hopefully one day, the world will recognize the pain and suffering of its people.

Until then, we will be there for ourselves and each other, whether in solitude, online or in person.

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