The Great Battle of Ian and Ayra

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

There once lived a great Dragon, who thought he owned the world, who thought he was a god. There once lived a great Leviathan, who felt so much hate for the dragon god, that she was willing to give
her life to end his.

Submitted: December 03, 2017

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Submitted: December 03, 2017



The Great Fight of Ian and Ayra


Long, long ago, before the great ocean covered the Earth, there lived a dragon. The dragon was named Ian, who lived on the top of a high mountain, where he could see over all the Earth. Being in this spot made him think to be a great king, even a god, since he knew all that went on. He knew of the people at the bottom of the mountain who shook in fear every time he moved, causing the Earth to shake, and he knew of all the other dragons who lived in fear of him. To the other dragons, he was a king, but to the men living in the valley below, to them, he was a god.

Even though Ian knew all, he did not know of the leviathan, named Ayra, who was approaching him. She wished to challenge him, for he was a cruel leader to the dragons, a cruel god, and he had killed the last of her kind. She was the only one left. She had nothing to lose.

Ian, however, had forgotten all about Ayra. Yes, he knew he had killed all of her kind. To him, they had been a threat. He had left Ayra alive, and Ayra alone so that everyone would remember to never challenge him ever again.

Ian had left Ayra very weak, as to make her never able to challenge him again. She had, however, regained her strength.

Ayra was still a long ways off when Ian saw a small speck of something blue headed towards him. He paid it no mind, and continued to sit atop his throne, and turned his massive head somewhere else.

Some time passed, and Ayra had reached the great desert. With Ayra’s keen eyesight, she saw Ian, she saw his terrible claws, she saw his great red spikes, she saw his terrible, terrible red and black scales, she saw his terrible red eyes, and in that moment all the loathing, the hate and the rage burst through her body and she let out a deafening roar.

Even across thousands of leagues, Ian heard that terrible roar. He turned his head, and he saw Ayra. Ian’s eyes slitted, and Ian remembered how much he abhorred Ayra and her race. So for the first time in almost a century, Ian lifted his massive wings, and flew towards the waiting Leviathan.

Ayra, content that she had tempted the great dragon toward her, readied herself for battle. She saw to it that her scales were as bright as steel, her teeth were as sharp as razors, and her claws were like spears. She also could fight with her long curving body and tail, her poisonous breath, and of course, her ability to breathe water and steam.

Ian had finally reached Ayra, and she sat coiled up waiting for him to arrive. They stood about twenty yards apart, both snarling and puffing steam from their large nostrils.

Ian began with his deep voice,“So we meet again, Ayra daughter of Diana the strong. Have you come to meet your long determined death?”

Ayra snarled and spoke in her raspy accent, “ You great fabricator! You meant never to kill me, but keep me alive to keep as one of your own trophies. Well I have given you no choice. Now you will have no choice but to kill me, or to be killed.”

Ian snarled at her remark, and crouched down into his fighting stance. “ So death it will be, you blasted leviathan.”

And at that, Ayra charged. Nothing could be seen of this fight, because the beasts moved so quickly that you could not see them, despite their size. However, you could see large puddles of startlingly cold blood beginning to form around the battleground.

Now, Ayra was an offensive fighter, and Ian was a defensive fighter. Ayra was always coming at Ian, never letting him a chance to fight back. She slashed and cut and tore at Ian, leaving him bloody and very frustrated and angry. He was beginning to lose his will to fight the leviathan, but he pressed on, unwilling to lose his pride.

At first, it seemed that the battle would be finished on the same day. But then days, weeks, months, and even years passed, and the winner could not be distinguished. Decades, centuries, more and more years. There was no champion to be found.

Ayra was a very patient beast. She had already waited a millennium to challenge her great foe. But her legs were sore, her teeth dulled, and her belly rumbled from hunger. She was tired. She wished to be done. She was only running on her anger now. So she decided to do something rash.

Ayra ran at Ian, for the billionth time, but this time, she breathed freezing salty water all over the beast. It burned his skin. The smell of water burned his nostrils, And it became difficult to breath.

As Ian struggled for breath, Ayra closed her eyes as a wave of dizziness came upon her. She knew that she needed the water she had just breathed as her life source, and she still had more, but she needed to beat Ian. She must. She must. She must.

Ayra, remembering her purpose, snarled and ran at Ian again. She let a wave of unrelenting water wash over Ian. This was too much. She had almost no water left.

Ian, however, was near death. He couldn’t breath well at all. But he would not go down like this. He couldn’t. He couldn’t. He couldn’t.

Ian, with the last of his strength, breathed fire. He cover Ayra with his horrid inferno. Nobody had ever lived through that hell.

Ian knew that he had lost, but he knew that Ayra had not won either. Knowing this, Ian fell to the dry desert sand, breathed his last, and entered into eternal bliss.

Ayra, having no life source left for her to heal and live on, fell as well. But she did not breath her last. No, she did something so that nobody would ever forget her, and so that she could still live on to a degree.

Ayra cast a spell that would show her blue scales, that would show the whiteness of her teeth, that would show the coldness of her blood, and would show her restless spirit, that would never sleep, and never show mercy. But she did not cover Ian, so that nobody would forget his loss of that day. And with this spell, Ayra fell into a deep void, never to return, but never to be gone either.

You can still see this place. This great battle field. If you look to the west, there is a great ocean. It’s a restless ocean, one that never sleeps, one that is as cold as death, one that shows white spray, and has a startling deep blue. There is also an Island there. This Island is like an inferno, one that perseveres even though the great ocean surrounds it, never showing mercy. There a great dragon and a great leviathan will battle, even in death.

The End

© Copyright 2020 Rosesmoke. All rights reserved.

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