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Everything n human life will occur for some specific reason. Every incident is the result of others. This is called butterfly theory. In this script, I'm sharing one of the incidents happened in my
life that changed my life.

Submitted: December 02, 2017

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Submitted: December 02, 2017



It is a lazy evening for Harin, he is sleeping all the day in his bed like a sloth. Usually, in the evening he prepares some tea for himself and drinks it by watching some fun time programs which will be coming in one of the local channels. That day he felt like eating hot onion samosa which will be available for 3 pieces for 10 rs, at the end of the street. He went to the vendor and then he realized that he is running out of money in his pocket. He thought of going to nearby ATM machine and withdraw some money. 
Samosa vendor is a good friend of Harin, and he is saying harin to give money later on and take the Samosa right now, but Harin wants to bring the money and pay his money back. He should cross a traffic junction while going to ATM machine. 
In the junction, one person is riding his old motorcycle which is in a very pathetic condition and looking really clueless how it is really moving in such pathetic condition. Suddenly one heavy lorry came behind him, as the massive truck is very heavy driver lost the glance on that bike and gave a huge hit from behind. But as there is ample ground clearance bike went underneath the lorry and that is last breath for the rider. He is about to got crush under the front wheels of the truck like a lemon. All this happened in the blink of an eye, but all the neurons of Harin are in highly active state when it is happening. 
Then he ran to the center of the road without a second thought and pulled the bike rider out from underneath the lorry, that became the second life for that person who is driving the motorcycle.
"If Harin have slept in his room or haven't felt hungry or haven't felt like eating samosa or haven't forget his money or haven't goes to ATM to get some money. The motor cycle rider would be saved by Harin". All these unexpected actions and activities are because of some other inter related actions.

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