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Okay, so if anyone didn't understood the prologue, all the art that will be shown in this book are all drawn by Kathrina Csernis.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Audrey Blaze

Submitted: December 03, 2017

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Submitted: December 03, 2017






I know EVERYONE'S secret

Audrey Blaze

Basic information

-Full name: Audrey S. Blaze

-Gender: F

-Age: 14

-Height: 5'3"

-Weight: 39 kg

-Blood type: O (negative)

-Birthday: October 1


-Alexander H. Blaze

-Elizabeth S. Blaze


-Finding out secrets


-Hanging out with her friends

-Helping out

-Erick (Maybe!!)

-Richard (Maybe!!)

-Meeting new friends

-Doing homework with friends


-Being alone

-Not being able to help

-Acting scary

-Walking home with Jackson

How to get her interested in learning

-Ask her a bunch of stuff she would like to learn. 


- Find her parents

Favorite music

-She is a fan of the KPOP Group known as EKSO

-She is also a fan of jazz music

Favorite food

-She likes cake

-She has a knack for eating a lot of junk food


-Her club is the photography club

Favorite subject

-She likes history a lot

Facts about her

-She is called as the Vampire of Secrets by Richard

-She has the look of a vampire

-When she was five, her left baby front tooth, resembled a fang

-She may or may not know the my identity.

-She's clingy when it comes to friendship


-Kind, enthusiastic, and adorable, Audrey is one of the people that's hard to hate. She essentially has nothing wrong with her say for one but other than that, she's everyone's friend. She has a knack for finding out other people's secret and has developed an ability to tell if one's lying or not. One flaw about her is her love or affection to someone. When she has a crush on someone, she developed this personality in which she will keep him to herself and will hurt others if they so much develop feelings for him. Most of her classmates consider this personality of her as her yandere personality. 

What she said about their deaths

"Professor, is it possible to not die before graduation? I mean I don't mind dying but, I just have so many things that I want to do before my death. I mean, I can use my trait of knowing secrets for good! I can be helpful in solving mysteries in the world! I can solve crime cases, prove suspects innocent or guilty! I..... I want to start a family with your son as well. I know it came out of nowhere but I really love your son and he loves me as well. I love him to the point where I want to live my days next to him. Heh, look at me sounding like a guy talking to his lover's father. That's all I wanted to say, sir, thank you for hearing us out!"

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