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Chapter 10 (v.1) - Coco

Submitted: June 28, 2018

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Submitted: June 28, 2018



People are sometimes worth giving a second chance


Basic Information

-Full name: Coco

-Gender: F

-Age: 18

-Height: 5'4"

-Weight: 39kg

-Blood type: B

-Birthday: November 5


-A deceased mother


-Raniel (I ship it!)


-Exploring new worlds


-Helping her class

-Riding dragons






-Evil people

-People who bully Raniel


-Currently unknown

Favorite Music

-The sound of battle

-She has taken a liking on classical music. 

Favorite Food

-Dragon meat


-Currently unknown

Facts about her

-She was raised by Ariana when her mother died from fighting Dopplegangers

-She has taken a liking to Raniel who was the first person to show her what love is about

-She, like Richard, has an angelic voice and can sing really well. (But not as good as my Richard)

-She sometimes sing Luke to sleep (I'M TELLING EMERALD!)

-She resembles Emerald in some ways. They both have the same voice, they both have the same eyes and look alike. The only difference are their hair. 

-She was once loyal to Ariana but after finding out the truth of what she was doing, she quickly changed sides and betray her.

-She was the strongest Valkyrie that wasn't a Csernis, although she rarely use her full potential

-She had once took a liking to Luke, the first person she fought when the class arrived at The Celestial City


-Coco is stern, loyal, and follows orders obediently. She's the ideal soldier in The Celestial City who doesn't question orders and fulfill them without hesitation. That was her before she joined 3-f. When she joined 3-f and after she had her date with Raniel, she became a lot kinder, believing that some people despite being evil, deserve a second chance. Her loyalty remained however as she will do anything to protect the one she loves the most, Raniel. She is quite enthusiastic about anything and when the time comes, she will put on her old self and fight with great ferocity.

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