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Chapter 11 (v.1) - Darryl Fong

Submitted: June 28, 2018

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Submitted: June 28, 2018



Looks can be decieving

Darryl Fong

Basic Information

-Full name: Darryl A. Fong

-Gender: M

-Age: 16

-Height: 5'11"

-Weight: 65kg

-Blood type: O (positive)

-Birthday: November 14


-Currently unknown


-Luke's shenanigans

-Hanging out with his friends


-Helping out his friends

-Going out with his girlfriend


-Luke's shenanigans (wait what?)

-Travelling to other worlds

-Doing homework




How to get him interested in learning

-He wanted to be a teacher so I gave him some advice about being a teacher and what it means to be one

Favorite Food

-He likes pancakes

-Like all of Luke's posse, they enjoy the food known as "Siopao"

Favorite Music

-While having no favorites, he occasionally listens to death metal/metal

Favorite Subject



-He joined the language club

Facts about him

-He was Luke's first friend

-Despite his appearance, he's actually quite the nice guy. 

-He was the first student to finish his mission. 

-So far, his relationship with Cassandra is strong. 

-He likes to hang out with his friends but he spends more time with Cassandra

-When he was a child, he once saw a terrifying picture of a panda, hence why his hate towards them

-He can be pessimistic at times but he can be easily convinced to remain positive about something

-Because of how his classmates are supernatural, he began to miss the old days where there weren't that many supernaturals


-Despite of his appearance, Darryl is actually not a delinquent. While yes he is in the last section, he has a good heart. He's friendly, being the first person that greeted and befriended Luke at the first day of school. Even if he's kind, he does participate in some antics Luke does but also sometimes stops him. One thing about him is that he has a hard time finding confidence to get a girl without his friends. He'll be pessimistic when it comes to that and needs the help of his friends when it comes to finding confidence. 

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