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Chapter 12 (v.1) - Lydia Turf

Submitted: July 17, 2018

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Submitted: July 17, 2018



I promise I'm not insane

Lydia Turf

Basic Information

-Full Name: Lydia Lhen J. Turf (Don't have to say your second name)

-Gender: Female

-Age: 15

-Height: 5'6"

-Weight: 48kg

-Bloodtype: AB

-Birthday: December 1


-Unnamed mother

-Unknown father


-Doing good deeds





-Comic books


-Helping in missions



-Her other self (Say whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat)

-Bad people

-Being late

-Not helping

-Not doing homework

How to get her interested in learning

-Explain how studying can be fun


-Make a play

Favorite Music


Favorite Food


-Sandwiches, all of them


-Dance troupe

Favorite Subject


Facts about her

-She is a Nephalem, the offspring of a devil and an angel.

-While unknown, it can be safely assume that her mother is an angel due to their similar appearance and her blue eyes which was common among angels

-She's assumed to be the wealthiest student with her family owning a mansion.

-While not showing it, Lydia is a good dancer. She's good at any dance but she prefers hip-hop above all else. 

-She has an extensive knowledge on guns, able to summon almost any of them at will

-Being half angel and half demon, she has access to both magic although she prefers to use lightning and fire geyser the most.

-Her healing ability is different from anybody else. Instead of healing by rewinding time, she regenerates the injured part.


-Lydia's selfless, kind, supportive, and overall a very pure girl. Among all the girls, Lydia is the one who doesn't have any problems with her life and used her mission to help her classmates instead of herself. She is very skill ful in both combat and studies. Having a vast knowledge on guns, she can summon them and use them properly and sometimes, like in the movies. She's also a very skillful magic user, being able to summon massive lightning and geysers. 


Her only problem is concentration. She needs to properly concentrate on what she's doing. If she doesn't concentrate properly, the power of her magic would lessen. She's almost the perfect student which makes her a prime target in school. While only remaining in whispers, Lydia's one of the more hated students in school due to her perfection. 


Another thing about her is her other side where she takes off her glasses and unties her hair, transforming into Nephalem form. This form forgets about her selfless and almost perfect kind and replaces it with a psychotic, bloodthirsty, and insane Lydia that wants nothing more than to kill anything. She does have control over it, however, but sometimes she can't stop herself from attacking her students if they ever see her in that form. 


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