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Chapter 2 (v.1) - Luke Shadows

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Submitted: December 04, 2017




I punched almost everyone at school

Luke Shadows

Basic Information

-Full name: Luke W. Shadows

-Gender: M

-Age: 14

-Height: 5'9''

-Weight: 60kg

-Blood type: A

-Birthday: February 8


-Martha B. Shadows

-Thomas W. Shadows




-Punching people in the face


-Playing pranks on people





-People giving up


How to get him interested in learning

-Teach him how to build a model kit like a pro


-It's a secret ;) (I know)

Favorite food

-He likes to eat sandwiches

-His favorite food is Tomogawa

Favorite music

-He listens to a lot of Rock and Metal

Favorite subject

-Surprisingly, Math


-His club is the Hobbyist Club

Facts about him

-He likes to say to Emerald "Stop being a Tsundere"even if he himself acts like one

-During his second year, he was involved in an incident.

-He will strike at anyone who dares mess with his classmates

-He doesn't hesitate to pull out a gun if Emerald's in danger

-He's apparently good at hiding his feelings

-He's shy and weak when Emerald is the one he's talking to

-He has never tried to woo any girl before

-He can't hide his feelings when Audrey's involved. (Hey!)


-Luke is what most students consider the "Asshole" of the 3rd year. He has a bad mouth and he's not hesitant to punch anyone that annoys him or just pisses him off. He's infamous for being one of the juniors that had formerly joined a gang full of seniors. He, of course, quit the gang but he is known as "The traitor" in the seniors. Outside of the classroom, Luke was the same except when beside his friends. If his friends are in trouble, he becomes a new person that will do anything it takes to protect his friends. While rare, there are times where Luke has opened up and showed a softer side of him. Once, he cried due to her partner dying and another time he cried when explaining his past.

What he said about their deaths

"I... don't want to die yet! Back then, I had no purpose in life. I was a delinquent, I was a dumbass. But when you came and I met Emerald, I now had a purpose! My purpose is to protect her and be at her side everyday and everytime. It's clear to me that I've found myself a purpose and it's one I'm happy about. I know I'll meet her again at the afterlife but I still want to live with her until I get old. It's really weird, who knew love could make me talk this cheesy. Anyway, I'll see myself out now, thanks for hearing me out"

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