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Chapter 3 (v.1) - Emerald Winters

Submitted: December 06, 2017

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Submitted: December 06, 2017




I only get three hours of sleep

Emerald Winters


Basic information

-Full name: Emerald D. Winters

-Gender: F

-Age: 13

-Height: 5'4"

-Weight: 39kg

-Blood type: AB

-Birthday: August 8


-Edward D. Winters



-Luke (A lot!!)


-Attending early


-Making her dad proud

-The show "Gravity Falls"

-Being with Luke


-Whatever Luke doesn't like





-Luke being with another girl

How to get her interested in learning

-Teach her how to draw better


-Make his father proud

Favorite music

-She likes love songs a lot

-She is also a fan of KPOP. (Like me!)

Favorite food

-She likes a lot of desserts

-Her most favorite is ice cream

-She doesn't like eating junk food


-She joined the hobbyist club because she couldn't choose one and Luke showed him to that.  (or it might be that she just loves Luke)

Favorite subject

-All of them

Facts about her

-She only gets 3 hours of sleep

-She is extremeley determined, even to the point of gaining ridiculous strength. 

-If she's reading or doing anything, she'll be focused on that to the point of not even knowing that she's breaking an arm

-She wanted to know my identity before I revealed it to them

-She's the only one who can restrain Luke

-She's the only one who can get angry at Luke and get away with it

-She's the smartest one in class


-Emerald is the smartest person in 3-f, according to her classamates. She does display intelligence never before seen in a section as low as 3-f. But her intelligence comes with a price. While, yes, she's smart, she never got that easily. She studies really hard everyday to the point where she never gets enough sleep and sometimes fall asleep inside the classroom. But all of her hardwork does paid off, as she was able to get recognition from her father. Even if she's smart, she does not get it over her head and remains quite friendly to her classmate. Another thing about ehr is her extreme determination to anything she does. Once she's set on something, she will give it her all until she completes it. 

What she said about her death

"It's quite sad for me! I wish you didn't tell me about my fate. My father killing me, I now wish that I won't die or I'll die in some other ways. Am I crying? It feels like I'm crying. Heck, even if I didn't die by my father's hand, I still want to live! I know Luke will mention this again but, I want to live with him when we graduate and become adults. I love him! I love him because of his personality and because he's.... well... adorable when he doesn't know what to do or what the subject is. I'm rambling again but the truth is, I don't want to die yet and I wanna live my life to it's fullest. We may look like we want to die but that's only because we feel bad if we tell you what we truly feel."



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