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Chapter 4 (v.1) - Isabella Breeze

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Submitted: December 11, 2017



Fuck you Kelly

Isabella Breeze


Basic Information\

-Full name: Isabella J. Breeze

-Age: 15

-Height: 5'5"

-Weight: 45kg

-Blood type: O(positive)

-Birthday: December 25


-Currently unknown



-Steve (Seriously choose one!)


-Not fighting

-Hanging out with her friends

-Audrey's shenanigans


-Playing the violin



-Being bullied


-Her nervousness


How to get her interested in learning

-I taught her how to play the violin better


-Become a confident girl

Favorite food

-She likes to eat ramen

Favorite music

-Violin music

-To be specific, her favorite song is Viva La Vida

-She also likes to listen to Simple plan


-She joined the Booklovers club like Darryl

Facts about her

-Before her mission, she was extremely nervous to the point of not being able to fight back to bullies.

-I've heard that she tried to kill herself when she was a freshman.(That's true)

-She is in love with both Joseph and Steve

-Although she doesn't want to admit it, she is an Otaku

-She's more indecisive than Emerald when it comes to buying clothes.

-Kelly used to be her best friend but when they turned 12, she became a lot more rude to her

-She and Ben became close friends during freshman and he was the reason that made her stop from killing herself.

-Her childhood friend, aside from Kelly, is Steve. They met at the playground when- What?! (no spoilers!)


-When she first came into my class, she was extremely nervous and shy. She would always shake uncontrollably when she gets very nervous and she always stutter when talking to other people. This was because of Kelly who bullied her and traumatized her, leaving her into this nervous and depressed state. While she hid it, she's extremely depressed to the point where she had tried to kill herself more than once. But, after her mission, she began to show her old self. After her mission, she became more confident and she can actually talk properly. She is quite friendly and supportive to her other classmates, trying her best to help her friends out. 

What she said about her death

"Before I obtained my confidence, I was ready to face death! I was ready to die because no one ever loved me! My parents? Sure, they only care about me when it's in their interests! The closest person that loved me was Steve and even then he betrayed me. But when I regained my confidence and I saw that two people will love and care for me, I don't want to die anymore! I've regained faith in the world and I feel much more.... well..... confident about what I can do and can't do! It's a little cliche now but, I also want to live with Steve and Joseph. I really can't choose between the two and I think they're not bothered by it, I think they'd rather have it the way it is rather than anything else. I'm glad you stayed long enough to hear my thoughts, sir, but I need go now. Thanks again for hearing me out!"

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