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It's better if it's black ;)

Chapter 5 (v.1) - Richard Grim

Submitted: December 23, 2017

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Submitted: December 23, 2017



Touch Audrey, and you die

Richard Grim <3

Basic Information

-Full name: Richard S. Grim

-Gender: M

-Age: 15

-Height: 5'9"

-Weight: 61kg

-Blood type: D (for death)

-Birthday: November 1


-Erick Smith

-A beautiful angel named, Lesly


-Audrey (He's just shy to admit cx) 

-To be alone

-Sleep in the middle of class

-To do his homework an hour before class



-Yanderes :(

-Anyone who messes with his classmates

-Annoying demons

-Going to his father's house

-Doing homework with his classmates (Except me!!!)

How to get him interested in learning

-Tell that if he doesn't study, he won't be able to play his games for the entire summer


-Recieve my heritage

Favorite food


-Anything that I like

Favorite music

-Surprisingly, he's in love with some musicals

-He also likes to listen to emo, rock, pop punk


-He joined the school choir because of his angelic voice

Favorite subject

-Science, so I can study the human anatomy

Facts about him

-He is half reaper and half angel

-He's the strongest in class but has a hard time controlling his reaper form

-He is not easily pissed. (Except when people hurt me)

-He's overly protective when it comes to me

-He considers Kathrina as a rival 

-He likes to be alone

-He lives alone in the city

-He has a job as a register at a local convenience store

-He likes hanging out with his father but he doesn't like when he goes to his house

-He won't abandon anyone in class

-He has a habit of sleeping in the middle off class


(I got this!)

-When he's outside, Richard acts like he wants to be left alone and he always wears a frown. Heck, even in class he's at the very edge of the classroom. He's what Luke calls "edgy" because of how much he looks like he's brooding and he wears black! BLACK! But inside, he's quite the tease. Whenever he's with me, he alwas like to tease me and he actually smiles a lot. All in all, Richard's a nice guy, he just has trouble fitting in because he thinks he can't fit in when really, he can fit in fine. He's quite strong which is why I hide behind him when trouble comes. 

What he said about their Deaths

"Father, you know I'll do whatever you asked me to do, but dying for you is something I can't do. I know that you know that I love Audrey and it's too soon for me but I've found my wife. I also want to live and well find my dream. It's not a mission for you to help me, it's my own mission and I want to know what do I want to do with my life. It may only just be Audrey but I still want to know if there's something waiting for me in the future. I also want to control my form and I know a year won't be enough. I want ot protect this world as well, I've found myself attached to it. Thanks for hearing me out" 

Richard dressed as a maid

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